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PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum

There are many vacuum cleaners available on the market, though not all vacuum cleaners work on most surfaces. To provide an example, there are vacuum cleaners that are more suited for spot cleaning jobs. These vacuums can efficiently vacuum hard to reach areas in many parts of a home.

Standard, full size vacuums work best for full fledged cleaning jobs around the home. The problem with using a standard vacuum is that not all ‘standard’ vacuums will work on certain floors. That’s especially the case with using any old vacuum on a hardwood floor.

Hardwood floors, although incredibly durable, need proper care to last a long time. The wrong vacuum can actually impede the condition of the floor’s sheen and polish, subsequently stripping away its more resilient qualities. That’s why it’s important to find a vacuum that won’t damage the surface of your hardwood floor.

While we’ll take a look at the BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Vacuum in our brief review, we’re first going to take a look at the qualities of the best vacuum for hardwood floors on today’s market.


Traits of a good hardwood floor vacuum

It’s hard to narrow down the choice of selecting a good hardwood floor vacuum to just a few choices on hand. Though, some of the deciding factors in selecting the right vacuum often lie in the traits of that same vacuum.

Probably the main trait of a hardwood floor vacuum lies in its vacuum head. That’s mainly because the vacuum head can and will impact the surface of that same hardwood floor. Therefore, you don’t want the vacuum head to have any attachments that might impede the surface itself, like leaving behind scratches or unexpected moisture.

The vacuum head should be significantly adjustable to make vacuuming easier. You also should avoid using brush attachments, especially beater brushes. Softer brushes, on the other hand, might work to lightly dust the surface when vacuuming.

Good hardwood floor vacuums are also pretty lightweight with enough suctioning power to make the job well worth handling. You don’t want a hardwood floor vacuum that will leave behind dust, debris and pet hair after you’re finished! Besides all of that, the vacuum should come with an adequate amount of accessories and attachments to make cleaning more efficient, in addition to being relatively versatile and power efficient.

PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum 2014 PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum 2014

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Should you choose a canister or upright vacuum?

One of the factors that can change a homeowner’s mind about a hardwood vacuum is the type of vacuum they might want. The best known vacuums on the market are either built as canister vacuums or upright vacuums.

For hardwood floors, canister vacuums work best on new hardwood floors, since they place less stress onto the surface of the floor when in use. Upright vacuums, on the other hand, are more suited for seasoned hardwood floors.

They’re usually heavier and tougher to maneuver on the surface than canister vacuums. Since canister vacuums are lighter and generally have more mobility, most people feel more comfortable using that type of vacuum for their floor.


The Best Vacuum Clearner For Hardwood Floors in 2014: BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum

If you’re looking for one of the best vacuum for hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong with this cleaner. It works so well that many people are making this vacuum their go-to hardwood floor vacuum for 2014.

Pet owners, in particular, will love this vacuum. Since it uses plastic guides to help the vacuum efficiently suction pet hair, dust and debris, it clears floors much easier than vacuums with brush attachments. While it can’t suction bigger debris and dirt like pebbles or pet food, it does get up most dust, debris and pet hair on hardwood floors, making it a worthy asset for a pet-friendly home.

The swivel head also makes operating this hardwood floor vacuum much easier than other comparable models. While it efficiently cleans wide surfaces, it does have some trouble cleaning hard to reach corners and other spots. Despite that, the vacuum is pretty lightweight and easy to handle by most users.

While the filter is known to get dirty faster than comparable models, its easy to clean nature cancels that out. It’s simple to take apart the vacuum to brush, wipe or rinse clean the filter and its surrounding components.

Even though it does need frequent cleaning, it rarely clogs during and after operating it. The cord is shorter than most people expect, so this vacuum is best paired with an extension cord.

Despite some minor setbacks, this product is a great hardwood floor vacuum that works well on practically most hardwood floors in homes. If you have a hardwood floor, this vacuum will do a better job keeping it cleaner than if you were to use a broom. That alone makes it a great hardwood floor vacuum for the value.

PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Review PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Review

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