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Is Dyson DC59 the Best Pet Vacuum in 2014?

Overview One of the biggest challenges that pet owners face typically involves cleaning up pet hair around their homes. While innocuous, pet hair can pose a serious challenge to people who are allergy-prone or desire to keep their house clean on a regular basis. Even cleaning pet hair poses a serious challenge, as it can end up in hard to reach places that even the most efficient vacuums can’t reach. That’s mainly due to their bulky size and, sometimes, lack of viable attachments for spot cleaning around the home. So, while there are good Dyson vacuum models (such as the DC24) that do perform well with cleaning whole floors, only a Dyson pet vacuum cleaner can get the spot cleaning job done. The Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is perhaps one of the best pet vacuum 2014 brand names, according to users of the product. It’s lightweight, cordless and ultimately powerful enough to remove pet hair, dirt and debris from most surfaces in the home. It’s also notably flexible enough to reach, well, hard to reach spaces in the home.

new-best-vacuum-for-pet-2014-Dyson-DC59 new best vacuum for pet 2014 Dyson DC59

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Features This Dyson vacuum is best known for its ‘versatility,’ since it comes with many attachments that make the vacuum suited for many cleaning jobs around the home. The main attachment is a motorized cleaning head, which works best on normal carpeting. The non-motorized one is a great alternative for people that don’t want to spend too much battery power or need to clean more delicate areas. Besides those attachments, it also includes a crevice tool and bristle extension. All of these attachments affix directly on the body of the vacuum or on its rigid extension, transforming it from a handheld vacuum to one that’s better suited for normal cleaning. The vacuum’s ‘two tier’ suction system takes a unique approach to vacuum suction by massively improving its efficiency. This system allows the vacuum to filter out the most minute dust particles, and even prevents the vacuum from leaking dust and debris. Dyson-dc50-working Dyson dc50 workingPerformance As a handheld Dyson cordless vacuum, it performs pretty well. The new V6 motor within the device spins at an impressive (estimated) 110,000 times per minute, affording it power similar to a traditional vacuum. Thanks to it, it performs much like its bigger Dyson vacuum counterparts without relying on its ‘Max Boost’ button. That particular feature actually boosts its performance, allowing the device to tackle heavy duty jobs that just need more power.

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Pros and Constrying-Dyson-0DC59 trying Dyson 0DC59 Pros This Dyson pet vacuum cleaner is just powerful for its size. It’s good for cleaning an incredible amount of places throughout the home and will help keep a home free of pet hair (like the Pomeranian), debris and dirt on a regular basis. It’s also great for people that need a smaller, yet powerful vacuum for their household. The versatility allows this vacuum to do practically anything. Cons Its small dust capacity makes it unsuited for larger households. It might need frequent recharging, especially for heavy jobs performed with its Max Boost capabilities activated.   Verdict? While the price tag may be too much for some people, the Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum is ultimately worth its price. It’s versatile, it cleans a wide variety of surfaces and it’s one of the better Dyson vacuum cleaners suited for cleaning pet hair.