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Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Imagine you sit on the sofa and on it there are several clumps of Pet hair. Then you look down on the carpet and find more hair. You try to get rid of it by brushing and vacuuming but all in vain. All you are left with distress and frustration. Pet hair can be in all places of the house can be unsightly and even problematic for some people. Pet hair can cause problems specially for Asthmatics, sufferers of hay fever,Eczema or other types of allergy. That is why a good quality vacuum with high suction power is essential and every household should have one. Here is the solution. Miele S7260 cat and dog upright vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum for pet hair and is at the forefront of Pet hair vacuum market. Here is its detailed review with pros and cons with an aim to guide readers.

Miele S7260-excellent choice for pet hair Miele S7260 for pet hair

Miele S7260-excellent choice for pet hair

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Product features:

  • Bagged vacuum with 6 liter capacity.
  • Advanced Air active filter.
  • Swivel neck feature for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Automatic height adjustment.
  • LED light.
  • Additional parts Mini turbo brush and Active filter included perfect for homes with pet hair.
  • 1800 watts high power motor.
  • Nozzles included with the vacuum are Crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle.
  • Dusting brush.

Still not convinced about the superb quality of this vacuum read these testimonials:

Justin Opinion says

I have used this vacuum only for a short while but am quiet satisfied with the vacuum. I love this machine as it really works and I have tested it on wool rugs, runners and ceramic tiles.

Pricepal says:

It a pricey product but the real deal. It has an amazing carbon filter that works superb and comes with accessories that only take 5 seconds to change.

six beautiful colors-suit your needs! Miele S7260 for catdog

six different colors that suits your needs!

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It has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


  • how-does-it-work-Miele-S7260 how does it work Miele S72601The Miele S7260 is ideal for special land can remove hair from all areas even the small tricky corners where pet hair tends to get stuck. No need for meticulous scrubbing and brushing as this vacuum cleaner can help you remove pet hair in matter of seconds. It comes with all the accessories and gadgets that you may use to clean tricky area and also for sofas and curtains. It is equipped with a high power 1800 watt motor that perfectly does the job providing high suction power. The Air active filter also sucks up dust and pet hair which is not even visible to the eye and can cause itching and sneezing.
  • It is high quality and produced by a well trusted brand. Its design with a long neck provides greater flexibility of movements while operating. Miele S7260 has a great carbon filter and great suction power. It works on all carpets and rugs regardless of their type. It also can work over a large area of 14.3 cm. You are able to change the accessories from one to another in a Matter of seconds and your house will be amazingly clean. It has a automatic height adjustment feature.


  • It is a Bit pricey(sorry currently i have not found any other disadvantages of that).

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Meile S7060 is one of the topnotch and the best vacuum for pet hair cleaning. Asthma sufferers can face long term problems such as attacks of wheezing and breathlessness if pet hair is in the room. Also Hay fever sufferers will need medication and dust mite devices which will not help as the real problem is pet dander.That is why finish the problem once and for all. After all, What is the price of health and satisfaction compared to the price of this vacuum?