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Ozeri 4x3motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer Review

If you want a pedometer that is really accurate rather than the many devices that just do not do what they are supposed to do you should consider the Ozeri 4x3motion Digital 3D Pedometer.
This model is extremely lightweight, weighing in at just one ounce, which means that you can wear it around your neck and you will hardly notice that you have got it on. Many pedometers do not work accurately unless they are in a vertical position, but the Ozeri 4x3motion uses the latest generation Tri=Axis technology which means that it is accurate in whatever position it is used. This means that you can put it in a pocket or even a backpack and it will still measure the distance correctly. It can be upside down, on its side or at any angle -it makes no difference.

It records steps, distance, speed, time spent exercising and calories. It can count up to one million steps with a seven day memory and comes with a built-in sports timer, clock and calendar and also has an auto sleep mode. There are three recording modes, Today, Split and Total and has a split-screen display to read multiple data. It has an ultra-slim design and fits in any pocket. The screen also features a blue backlight for night time viewing. In addition it automatically re-sets itself to zero every day.

The 4x3motion Digital Pedometer is used by long distance athletes such as Evan Kimber and filters out vibrations. It also only begins counting after it has detected a sequence of continuous steps for greater accuracy. It comes with a lithium battery, an extra strap and full instructions. It is also a pleasant shade of bright yellow, so will be easy to spot if you should drop it or leave it somewhere.

The 4x3motion Digital Pedometer is suitable for runners of all types, for walkers, and simply for hiking with a backpack.The instructions are very easy to follow and the whole thing can be set up in five minutes or less.

best-Ozeri-digital-pedometer best Ozeri digital pedometer

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It is small, very lightweight and can be worn around the neck, in any pocket, strapped to the wrist or even in a backpack and will still measure accurately. The display is easy to read and the split screen allows for multiple read-out. Backlight for night time display. Bright yellow finish, so easy to spot if mislaid or dropped. Has a built-in clock, sports timer and calendar. Seven day memory. Counts up to one million steps which is more than most walkers will achieve in a day. Costs less than $20.00.


Quite seriously, I can’t think of any at all. However, I did come across a comment by one user that he had tried it over a route that he measured with his car and it wasn’t quite accurate. Of course, it may well be that the car’s odometer was not 100% accurate.

ozeri-4x3razor-3d-yellow-pedometer ozeri razor 3d yellow pedometer
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So what do users have to say about the pedometer?

One reviewer wrote that he was amazed just how accurate this pedometer is. “Every now and again I test it” he reported. “I am constantly amazed that the steps recorded are exactly the same as what I counted. I have tried other hip pedometers in the past only to be disappointed by the inaccuracy of the steps. This one is never wrong! I would recommend it to anyone”.

Another user said that he had just received his in the mail and tested it around a quarter of a mile track and the measurement was spot on. He had tried the same test with the best pedometer in his pocket, around his neck and in a bag and it produced exactly the same results every time.

Still another user said that if you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with an e-device that you plug in to your computer this is a low cost alternative that will track your miles and calories. Also very easy to set up – he had it done in five minutes.

All in all the Ozeri 4x3motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer seems to be the most accurate tool on the market and does the job it is supposed to do. For the price, it really is a no-brainer. Order yours now, while you think about it!