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Portable Generator Enclosure

Before we recommend some Portable Generator Enclosure, it is important to understand why you need that and how you should be choosing one. While using a portable generator over a long period of time, you have felt the necessity of a shed to safeguard it from any damage or tampering. Off course, for a portable generator you would require a Portable Generator Enclosure that keeps the rain away, reduces the sound (to a certain extent), prevent dust and air flowing into it.

Like there are different models of generators, there are various enclosures to suit them. When choosing a portable generator enclosure there a number of things that you need to consider like structure of the enclosure, generator usage, portability, installation, proper airflow, protection from unfavorable environment condition, sound management, and definitely the cost.

Here are few things to remember while you consider an outdoor enclosure for your portable generator;

  • Place a piece of plywood at the base of the enclosure to secure the generator and prevent any damage from its weight.
  • Make sure that the generator does not overheat inside the enclosure. Unlock all the openings while it operates or wheel it outside, run and then put it back. Either wise you can put exhaust openings or fans and see if it works to keep it cool.

Here let us go through some of the Portable Generator Enclosure available in the market and doing great;

Backyard Basics Generator Cover

The #1 best seller generator cover has earned 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com. It comes in 100% PVC free dual layer that supports strength and makes it weather resistant. The soft inner layer is durable enough to secure the generator’s finish whereas the strong outer layer protects it from all the nature’s element. It is 34” in length, 24” in width and 30” high with adequate scope to cover any small to medium sized unit.

Suncast Horizontal Shed

Suncast Horizontal Shed is a great enclosure for outdoor generator which comes in 3 different sizes of 20, 30 and 40 cubic feet. It is made of resin that resists the adverse environmental elements and lasts for a long time. It incorporates a foot-latch and padlock for further safety. Reviews confirm that it has lasted for many years in one’s backyard.

GenTent Wet Weather Safety Canopy

One cannot fight against the nature so let the GenTent to keep your generator safe and sound even in hail, rain storm or snow. Normally, weather conditions cause most of the power outages which lead you to run your generator. There is a threat of electrocution and carbon monoxide poisoning in damp situations. Hence, it is required to be rainproof and GFCI protected. Here, comes GenTent Wet Weather Safety Canopy designed with water-resistant material that runs safely in open wet weather. It fits most of the portable generators up to 10,000 watts. It permits regular cooling air flow of the generator. It is easy to set up, just fasten and frame and you are ready to cover. Plus, at the same time keep it is portable, so you can easily carry it anywhere. It defends the power panel from downpour and avoids from getting overheated. Also, contrasting other Portable Generator Enclosures it comes with 3 years warranty.

Who wants to wait in darkness keeping the generator turned off because of the succulence when you need it the most? None for sure. With this cover you are geared up for the next mushy blackout.

CoverMates Generator Cover

This 38” long x 28” wide x 32” high CoverMates Generator Cover is made of thick 12-gauge vinyl of commercial quality laminated with polyester lining. It is an anti-tear and anti-puncture cover protecting your generator from the dust, rust, pests and dirt. It is a durable, watertight enclosure with an elastic bottom and a cord that you can draw and ensure a secured fit every time. As a boost to your confidence CoverMates also include a 2 years warranty on its Portable Generator Enclosure.

Leader Accessories Water-Resistant Anti-UV Generator Shed

Over 30 years, Leader Accessories has been manufacturing amazing products for the outdoor enthusiasts and sports lovers. Easy-to-install Leader Accessories Water/UV Resistant Generator Shed protects your important investment from dust, scratch, rain and sun making your outdoor activities more enjoyable. It is made of sturdy polyester with dual-stitched joints. It shields your generator from the harsh UV rays of the sun and keeps its interior cool. It comes in three sizes; medium, large and extra large. Regardless of the size of your generator, it is safe. Now, you can relax being covered under 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Generator that rescues you from blackout emergencies is a real investment that you are making. Hence, it is important to give the attention and protection that it deserves.  Therefore, time to get a perfect Portable Generator Enclosure for your POWERHOUSE.