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Top 7 Deep Fryers in 2014

Throughout the past few years, deep fryers have become a lot more sophisticated and inexpensive than they used to be. Not only do they now allow people to safely fry different foods inside their homes, but they’ve evolved to accommodate frying larger portions of foods in the process.

Whether you need the perfect fryer for frying french fries, fish, chicken or even a whole turkey, know that there’s an incredible selection available on the market today. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top 7 deep fryers that you can easily find in stores and online.

The Top 7 Deep Fryers in 2014

#1: Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Fryer Cooker

Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Fryer Cooker review Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Fryer Cooker review

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Masterbuilt’s version of an indoor electric fryer is actually a collaboration with Butterball, mainly to bring a much ‘safer and hassle-free way’ for preparing fried turkey to many homes across the country. This collaboration resulted in an indoor, electric turkey frier with a ‘powerful 1,650 watt heating element that heats up oil fast,’ cooking turkeys in less than 5 minutes per pound.

The unit itself has a chassis and internal components constructed of stainless steel, including a cooking basket with built-on drain clip. There’s also a drain valve to easily drain out oil and clean the unit. You can also control the temperature on this unit, thanks to its thermostat temperature control switch.

The Masterbuilt Electric Fryer can fry turkeys weighing as much as 20 lbs; it can also be converted into a boiler, suitable for cooking large amounts of seafood and vegetables.

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#2: Waring Pro Rotisserie Turkey Fryer and Steamer

Waring-pro-tf200-pro-review Waring pro tf200 pro review

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Waring Pro’s version of a turkey fryer and steamer is a little smaller than comparable models, though large enough to get the job done for most.

This turkey fryer and steamer can cook turkeys weighing up to 18 lbs at about 4 minutes per pound. The unit’s relatively powerful 1,800 watt heating element helps the unit output more power than comparable units, resulting in often fast heating oil.

With the unit is an aluminum frying and rotisserie basket that can hold up to 8 lbs of food during each cooking session. The rotisserie function, in particular, uses much less oil than traditional deep fryers end up using, making it a great alternative for the health conscious.

The Waring Pro Rotisserie Turkey Fryer is enclosed in a stainless steel chassis and includes a vented stainless steel lid and enough cooking features to make cooking with this unit much easier.

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 #3: Presto ProFry Immersion Element Deep Fryer

Presto-05461-Stainless-steel Presto 05461 Stainless steel

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While not big enough to fry entire turkeys or chickens, this Presto double fryer is perfect for people who love to cook their favorite fried foods and treats on a daily basis. It also helps that this quality deep fryer is inexpensively priced.

The oblong baskets in this fryer are large enough to fry big pieces of fish and chicken, while also frying large batches of fries, onion rings and other appetizers. As a Presto brand fryer, it heats incredibly fast, reaching temperatures over 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Presto Dual ProFry Immersion Deep Fryer holds up to 12 cups of food at a time, which is enough space to cook a good amount of food for several people. Included with this unit is an adjustable thermostat, which has a signal light that informs people when their oil is hot enough for frying. The heating element and other components are also easy to remove and clean.

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 #4: T-Fal ActiFry Low-Fat Multi-Cooker

T-fal FZ700251 ActiFry Multi-Cooker T fal FZ700251 ActiFry Multi Cooker

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This T-Fal deep fryer presents a healthier frying option for people who don’t like the ‘excessive oil’ associated with deep fryers.

While not as large as other deep fryers, the T-Fal Low-Fat Multi-Cooker can hold up to 2.2 lbs of food per cooking session, allowing people to easily cook several types of meals easily. The unique thing about this cooker is that it uses little to no oil when cooking various meats, seafood, vegetables and other dishes like risotto.

This cooker is also simple to operate, since it has two buttons that function as its on/off switch and digital countdown timer. The timer, in particular, helps inform people keep track of their food’s cooking times. To let those who are cleaning-conscious know, this unit is also pretty easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher!

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#5: Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer

Char-broil-electronic-fryer Char broil electronic fryer

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Char-Broil’s version of a turkey fryer is one of many in a line that removes the ‘oil’ from the frying process.

The patented HeatWave infrared technology used in this deep fryer leaves turkey and other foods just as crisp and moist as it would be completely deep fried. It also results in a much healthier turkey, since you don’t have to use oil for this unit.

This oil-less turkey fryer can cook turkeys weighing up to a whopping16 lbs, in addition to chickens, roasts, tenderloins and practically any other large pieces of meat that can fit inside. Meats cooked in this unit will cook for about 8 to 10 minutes per pound.

Thanks to the way this oil-less fryer works, it’s pretty much a great unit for cooking any cut of meat that benefits from the crisp and tender results this fryer produces. Included with the Char-Broil Oil-less Turkey Frying unit is its the unit’s large cooking basket, lifting tool and a handy meat thermometer.

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#6: Secura Electric Triple-Basket Deep Fryer

Secura-review Secura review

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This Secura deep fryer is unique in that it allows people to fry several foods at one time. People who want to cook several pieces of fish while their chips fry at the same time will love this fryer.

Thanks to its side-by-side baskets, people can fry the aforementioned fish and chip, fries and onion rings, fried chicken and many other fried foods that may require different cooking times. It also includes an additional larger basket, perfect for frying larger batches of a single food at one time.

Its 1,700 watt heating immersion element preheats oil fast, ensuring that cooking starts at the hottest temperature possible. What’s unique about this fryer is that it recovers oil temperatures, reheating the oil back to an appropriate temperature after you add more food.

There’s also an adjustable automated timer that can be programmed to up 60 minutes of cooking time for each cooking session. The removable oil tank is easy to remove, especially for taking care of fast and easy clean ups. Included with this unit is a splatter-protecting lid to prevent oil spatters and steam flare-ups.

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#7: Emeril by T-Fal Stainless Steel Digital Immersion Deep Fryer

Emeril by T-fal Emeril by T fal

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This T-Fal brand deep fryer is more than its Emeril moniker. Besides standard deep fryer features, this unit incorporates features that make using this deep frier much more convenient than using comparable models.

Customers have reported that this deep fryer can ‘keep cooking foods at a consistent and always hot temperature,’ which typically results in crisper and less greasy foods. This deep fryer heats fast and hot enough to fry foods out of the freezer, due to its professional grade heating element and fairly great temperature recovery. People can cook a little more than 2 lbs of food in this deep fryer per cooking session.

The Emeril by T-fal Digital Immersion Deep Fryer plenty of ‘time-saving’ features, including its oil change indicator light, which tells users when it’s time to change the oil within the unit. In addition, oil in this unit will filter and automatically drain into its resealing oil storage container after the oil cools.

Like many comparable fryers, this T-Fal brand unit can easily be taken apart to thoroughly clean its internal components and chassis.

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