2 Best Portable Diesel Generator in 2019

Many customers categorically look for diesel generators. One can find quite a few products running on propane and gasoline. However, nothing quite beats the performance of the good diesel-powered models when you require heavy results. Delivering superpowers, these fuel chugging behemoths in the home appliance categories guarantee unfailing performance. 

The Cummins Onan QD 6.0 is one of the best products out there on Amazon. It has a formidable power production capacity of 6000 watts. The Pulsar PG 7000D should come second, closely following with a 5000 watts capacity. Without further ado, here is a rundown on the key features of both of these top listed products. If you are in a hurry to buy one, this portable diesel generator review should be helpful.

Our Favourite 2 picks

The Pulsar PG7000D 

Providing 5000 watts on a single cylinder is no light task. However, the vertical, air-cooled, 4-stroke diesel-powered engine does just that made possible with superior engineering. 

  • Power an entire ranch with two 120 V outlets, one 120 V twist-lock outlet, one 120V/240V twist-lock outlet, and even one 12 V DC output. 
  • The closed frame machine features an automatic voltage regulator, a fuel gauge, and a 2-way digital meter (Volt/Hour).
  • Closed frame design means optimum noise reduction. 
  • It weighs more than 300lbs. The sturdy wheels would never go flat, which means that it is easy to haul it around on the level ground. 
  • Lastly, but not least, the smart device has a fast electric start and a maintenance-free battery.   

The Cummins Onan QD 6.0

It is an expensive model, but definitely worth the expenditure. It meets all applicable California emissions standards along with US EPA requirements.  

  • It can easily run two air conditioners of 15000 Btu each, and still, have the power to spare. 
  • The machine sports advanced aspects such as the generation of high quality, pure sine wave electricity ensuring no damage to the connected appliances. 
  • Electric fuel pump
  • Powerful air cleaner
  • Digital voltage regulation that does not require any additional adjustments
  • It has a USDA approved spark arrestor for safety
  • Integrated safety features include effective control systems against overload, over-voltage, over-temperature, low oil pressure, and over speed. 
  • The computerized system exhibits self-diagnosis, easing troubleshooting on all common issues. All maintenance points are comfortably accessible. 
  • Mounted on a special three-point system, it offers a vibration-free performance. The sound controlling muffler system also integrates a cooling apparatus. 

You also enjoy selecting from several other options looking for the best portable diesel generator. Choices include the kipor or etq power diesel generator. Follow up here with a brief overview of some of these popular products. Even if they may be unavailable currently, yet it is still good to keep a tab on their status in case they start becoming available.

Other Best Portable Diesel Generator

1. ETQ DG6LE 6000 W


  • It can run for 11/12 hours with ½ load
  • Delivers 6000 W maximum output
  • Operates at 82 DB


  • Currently discontinued by the manufacturer as on Amazon (select spare parts may be still available)  

If you can get hold of it anywhere, it is a good product just like etq diesel generator dg4le for providing that essential backup during an emergency power outage.

2. ETQ DG6LN 5500 W


  • Maximum 5500-watt output
  • Runs on a 10 HP 418 CC diesel engine
  • 70 Decibels noise
  • Can run constantly for 9.5 hours


  • Currently discontinued by the manufacturer as seen at Amazon (you can still get select spare parts) 

Look for the etq portable generator at all places because it guarantees that essential backup when a power cut strikes in a stormy night.

2. KIPOR IG4300-CARB Generator, 4.3 kW 


  • Digital panel display for voltage, amps, and frequency
  • 4000 watts potential
  • Provides clean power 


  • Currently out of stock in Amazon (Spare parts are still available)

KIPOR products earned a quite good name for themselves for providing sine wave electricity that does not hamper with the functioning of appliances. 

3. KIPOR IG4300-CARB Generator, 4.3 kW


  • Digital display for voltage and amps
  • CARB compliant
  • 4000-watt full load potential 


  • Currently unavailable on Amazon (one can still purchase spare parts) 

This kipor diesel generator review testifies that this is also a good unit for meeting up common household emergency power supply challenges in the event of emergency blackouts.

Keeping up with the KIPOR reputation of providing a good supply of clean electricity, this unit can deliver essential backup in an emergency breakdown of power supply. It is among the best small diesel generators.

The final buyer’s guide for portable diesel generators 

Having a generator should be in every homeowner’s list of emergency things. Simply do not assume that your place is never going to suffer an urgent power blackout, and there would be no need of a generator anyway. The outage of 13th July in New York is still fresh in the memory. Not only commercial establishments but also general households should always be ready for any emergency, especially in hurricane-prone areas. Selecting one can be a confusing choice to make with so many options. 

Essentially, you first need to decide whether you need a diesel unit or a gasoline one. The latter ones heat up faster and cause the deposit of soot inside the machine. This is why experts always suggest buying a diesel-based product. These also provide more fuel-efficiency and generate less noise during operation. You should look up credible resources to focus on the particulars. Ensure that you make a good purchase does not fail you in your time of need.    

The question of size choices seems rather obvious. You should make your decision based on parameters such as the amount of power backup needed, whether it is an industrial or residential need and the convenience of maintenance. Check out professional suggestions on buying a useful unit based on the size of the generator.  

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