Best 7 Pedometer Reviews in 2019 

The pedometer is a nifty fitness device that keeps track of every step you take. Check out these omron go smart pedometer reviews listed here. These should help you to make an informed decision. 

Omron HJ 112


  • This is one of the most popular products working on dual-axis technology. 
  • It offers an accurate step count whether you place the device horizontally or vertically. 
  • It automatically resets at midnight every day for an accurate reading. 
  •  Up to 7 days of information is accessible in the memory. 
  • It tracks both regular and brisk steps. 
  • In fact, it displays six tracking modes, including distance, time, and calories burnt. 


  • As it is a small gadget, it poses choking hazard. Adults should be responsible for keeping it out of reach of small children. 

This is a smart device for motivating yourself for aerobic training. One of the most popular devices in the Go Smart category, use it to make the best of your regular walking movements.  

Omron HJ 325


  • 3D smart-sensor (tri-axis) of this device counts the number of steps and translates it into units of distance. 
  • It offers a considerable battery life of 6 months, even when you use it for 14 hours daily. Use a 3v battery type cr2032. 
  • Details include calories burned, aerobic steps taken and fat burned. 
  • Large buttons and clear display 


  • It is a small device with a choking hazard. Keep it out of reach of little children. Also, see that your pets do not nibble on it accidentally. 

The cool blue device keeps you extra-active throughout the day by tracking the number of steps you cover every day. 

Omron HJ 150 


  • Comes in a cool circular shape
  • Works on a single-axis technology (accelerometer)
  • Resets automatically to zero in the midnight
  • Keeps track of daily steps and stores walking memory for 7 days


  • Small device poses a choking hazard (keep out of reach of pets and small children)
  • Some reviewers prefer devices working on a double axis or triple-axis sensors for a more accurate reading. 

It definitely looks very smart and keeps up the performance smartly as well. You would want a safety strap to keep the Omron hj 150 hip pedometer attached to the hip.

Omron HJ 323U USB 


  • Tri-axis sensor that records your steps in whichever way you keep it. You can even keep it in a bag or in your pocket. 
  • Automatically resets every day at midnight. 
  • It stores 22 days of walking statistics that you can download for reference. 
  • Displays up to five tracking modes that track steps, calories burned, distance, aerobic steps, and pitch (average aerobic steps made per minute)
  • Designed like a USB device that you can connect with and upload data without any monthly fee. 


  • A small device with choking hazard (keep it away from children)
  • The plastic material is soft and can respond adversely to stress

This device is easy to use as there is no obligation to keep it on the hip. You can as well keep it in your pocket and get around for accurate reading.

Omron HJ 321 Alvita


  • It operates on tri-axis accelerometer technology. This makes it super convenient as you can keep it in your pocket or even in your bag while you walk to obtain an accurate reading. 
  • The product displays four tracking modes for aerobic steps, walking steps, calories used, and distance covered. 
  • 7-day memory 
  • Automatically resets at midnight daily


  • A small device with choking hazard

This smart gadget turns the commonplace action of walking into an interesting hobby that you would actively pursue. 

Omron HJ 303


  • This black device is definitely one of the smartest ones in the Omron inventory 
  • Uses tri-axis technology for measuring steps comfortably 
  • Provides five tracking modes including steps and moderate steps 
  • The count resets to zero at midnight automatically


  • Small device poses a choking hazard (keep it away from the reach of children) 

Use the omron hj 303 pedometer for keeping track of your daily activity without hassles.

Omron HJ720 ITC


  • Works with dual-axis acceleration whether you keep the device horizontally or vertically 
  • Displays 7 days of data
  • Download up to 41 days of data
  • Includes a clock feature
  • Integrated with Omron Health Management software 


  • A small device with choking hazard and one must keep it out of reach of children 

The Omron hj 720itc pocket pedometer is a smart gadget integrating the health management software that you do not find on most of the other devices in this category.

Choosing the right product 

Look up what the professionals are saying about using these and the benefits you incur. These cool and simple gadgets turn the regular activity of walking into a competitive sport activity. Essentially, these are movement sensors automatically counting the number of steps with a minimum margin of error. Although you can download and use apps for the purpose, yet getting a separate device can be a better idea for everyday use. It saves your phone batteries and helps you concentrate exclusively on the workout schedule.

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