10 Best Air Fryers Buying Guide & Reviews in 2020

10 Best Air Fryers Buying Guide & Reviews in 2020

Imagine a kitchen appliance that can cook, grill, fry, and bake your meals… oh, wait! You don’t have to imagine it, because it already exists and it’s called an Air Fryer. How does it work? …The contraption makes use of a mechanical fan to distribute hot air around your meal. It beats the deep fryers and most kitchen cookware because it’s a lot healthier and it performs the most cookware functions.

By now, a lot of questions should be in your head. Like: why’s an Air Fryer preferable to a deep fryer? How do you get the best air fryer? How many kitchen appliances does it replace? What should you consider when buying an air fryer? How fast can an air fryer work? All these will be answered gradually, as you read on.

By the time you’re done with this post, you should be able to cut down a lot of costs that come from your kitchen and live an easier life with fewer repair bills and less fat in your body.

Top 3 pick

Best Overall Philp XL Air fryer Best Value Avalon bay air fryer Best Budget Dash’s DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe electric air fryer
 best air fryer for family of 4 best air fryer for chicken wings  best large capacity air fryers
  • It has a smart present button
  • Large cooking space for four servings
  • Touchscreen User-friendly digital interface
  • Great for a small party
  • Best for changing your diet
  • Uses Less oil
  • Multi-purpose
  • Strong power rating
  • Great for fast food lover

10 Best Air Fryers with Reviews

1. Philips XL Air Fryer – Best air fryer for family of 4 

best air fryer for family of 4This air fryer may be expensive but you are sure to get your money’s worth as it possesses a large cooking capacity enough to cook 2.65lbs of food. Enough to feed a family of 4. With a power rating of 1750 watts, the air fryer can produce the right amount of heat to air cook, fry, bake, and grill your meals.

Within the air fryer, you’ll find a dish-washable food basket and a non-stick drawer that are removable. Once you place your meal in, it’ll cook evenly. Thanks to Philip’s patented rapid air technology which effectively distributes very hot air precisely around at a very high speed and precision

.The air fryer has some smart features such as a preset button that allows you to memorize the setting of your favorite dish. In other words, the air fryer will record the time is taken and the perfect temperature to cook. Another thing to look at is the digital touchscreen which allows you to customize your settings. It ensures precision cooking.

  • It has a smart present button
  • Large cooking space for four servings
  • Touchscreen User-friendly digital interface
  • Good power rating
  • Max temperature is 390 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Costly
  • Takes up much counter space
  • Too many removable parts to clean

2. Bagotte Air Fryer Oven – Best air fryer for a family of 4 

Best air fryer for family of 4 This is a completely digital 4.8 liters air fryer with all of its control at the top. It’s very user-friendly interface makes the bagotte air fryer all the more easy to use. There are up to 6 presets ready for use. They include fries, frozen food, fish, steaks, nuggets, and poultry. These present qualifies the air fryer great for first-time users

.Apart from presets, the digital screen also allows you to set the time and temperature within the range 180 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The 1500 watts bagotte cooks meals perfectly with about less than 80 percent of less oil. Despite this fact, your meal is bound to come out crispy and tasty.

With a frying space of 4.8 liters, the air fryer is large enough to feed about 5 people with one batch comfortably.  Cleaning is very easy as all removable parts of the air fryer are dish-washable. And most of these parts are non-stick.

  • Use only 80 percent of less oil
  • Easy for first-timers
  • Possesses all basic safety features
  • Lots of presets
  • Could take up space
  • Too many removable parts to clean

3. Gourmia GAF228 2 liter Digital Air Fryer – Best small air fryer

Best small air fryer Gourmia’s special feature is the patented Radivection 360 degrees technology which distributes extremely hot air around the meal. Manufacturers claim the fryer cooks 30 percent faster than a regular oven. The air fryer has a power rating of 1000 watts, it not so much, but it’s enough to bake, broil, grill, fry and roast your meals. And the best part is that it can do all with less or no oil at all.

There’s an LCD that allows users to adjust the time and temperature they prefer. Which will encourage versatility in your cooking as wells as precision? Like most air fryer, Gourmia digital air fryers have removable parts that are also dish-washable.

Sadly, there aren’t presets to make your cooking a lot easier. First-timers may find it a bit tricky to work with unless one follows the manual to the letter.

  • Heats up faster than an oven
  • No need for oil
  • Takes less space
  • Not first-timer friendly
  • No presets

4. Chefman 3.6 QuartAir Fryer – Best air fryer under $100

Best air fryer under $100Chefman offers you a model that guarantees healthier meals of any kind. With it’s heating temperature ranging from 175 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, allowing you to have more control over your cooking. This appliance saves you a lot of money on cooking oil because it requires 98 percent less of oil to cook your meals perfectly

.With a power rating of 1200 watts, the air fryer can provide enough heat to effectively cook any meal. The power rating is good for saving power because it’ll probably use up only half a unit of electricity.

The build of the air fryer is round-like, sleek and has a glossy finish that’ll make your counter appear aesthetic. Its build is small–this means less counter space will be taken. Within the air fryer, you’ll find a flat-bottomed 3.5-liter dish-washable basket. It can hold 40 percent more food than most air fryers.

  • Up to 8 servings in one batch
  • Uses less oil
  • Less dish-washable parts
  • Takes less space
  • Affordable
  • No timer

5. Secura Air Fryer XL – Best air fryer under $100

Best air fryer under $100Baking, grilling, frying, and roasting… Secura’s XL Air fryer does it all and reheats for just 3 minutes immediately after one batch. This 1700 watts 5 liters air fryer can quickly cook meals large enough to feed 8 people on the first batch. Its convection technology ensures your chicken is thoroughly cooked by the circulation of hot air around the basket. If the heat does get out of hand, you can always adjust it via the analog timer.

Another great feature of this air fryer is the use of less or no oil at all. This feature paints the Secura Air fryer XL as the missing link between oil and oil-less air fryers. The design is bogus and it takes too much space on the counter. Finally, the deep fryer comes accessories: grilling rack, a collection of delicious air fryer recipes, and skewers for versatility in your cooking.

  • Very large
  • Heats up very fast
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Can be oil-less
  • Too big for the counter

6. Black Decker purify 2-liter air fryer – Best air fryer under $100

Best air fryer under $100The eye-catcher for this 1200 watts air fryer is the powerful dual convection fans that distribute hot air around the meal faster. The result is a crispy texture on the outside of your meal and moist on the inside. Another eye-catcher is the basket separator which enables you to fry two kinds of meals at once.  

With a 2-liter frying space, you can fit in enough of your favorite meals to feed a max of 4 people. Given the temperature is adjustable between 175 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you have more control over your cooking. When you’re done the cooking and it time to clean up, don’t worry as all removable parts of the fryer are dish-washable. The interior of the fryer is non-stick so scrubbing is a breeze.

If the fryer gets too hot, there’s an indicator available to alert you. The 60 minutes is in place. Once it runs out, the automatic shut off sequence will be shut off. 

  • Dual convection fan for fast cooking
  • Very affordable
  • Noisy
  • Hard to see readings on dials

7. Avalon Bay Air Fryer – Best air fryer for chicken wings

best air fryer for chicken wingsHere’s another air fryer that makes use of rapid air distribution technology which mimics the frying ability of a deep fryer. Only with about 80 percent less oil and still, the result remains as crispy and tasty as ones from a deep fryer. You fit into the fryer, enough meals for 5-8 servings of chicken wings.

With a power rating of 1400 watts, the air fryer evenly cooks your meals, as long as you don’t overfill its rack. You have more control of the fryer’s temperature, all thanks to its thermostat that ranges from 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The air fryer has a timer that triggers the automatic shut off sequence after it hits 30 minutes.

Another great feature about the Avalon bay air fryer is its accessories, which include a 53-page cookbook, a non-stick baking dish, and a multi-purpose rack.

  • Great for a small party
  • Best for changing your diet
  • 90-day return policy
  • Timer present
  • Uses less oil
  • Readings are too tiny

8. B. WEISS 5.2 liters air fryer XL – Best large capacity air fryer

Best large capacity air fryerB.weiss offers you a simple aesthetic design that’ll go great with your kitchen counter. Where it’s likely to take up much space. It’s a programmable digital air fryer that has a preset button that allows you to set up the temperature and time needed to cook your favorite meal. The temperature can be set digitally and it ranges from 180 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The timer triggers an automatic shut off after 60 minutes.

You get to save on oil as the air fryer can comfortably cook your meals with 80 percent less oil. Which is about one tablespoon of oil. This is possible due to the B.weiss’s powerful rapid air technology that drives hot air around the air fryer’s interior. The result to expect is a golden brown look, crispy texture and a moist taste.

Cleaning is not a hassle, as the interior of the air fryer is non-stick. Soapy water is enough to do the trick. Other parts such as baskets, pots, and trays are also easy to clean. You could even remove them and place them in a dishwasher.

  • Easy to use
  • Digitally friendly
  • Great design
  • Perfect for chicken
  • Takes more space on the counter

9. Dash’s DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer – Best large capacity air fryers 

best large capacity air fryersDash offers one of its best 6 liters air fryers, perfect for a family or a serving guests at a small party. You can prepare a lot of meals at once. Be it baking cakes, grilling steaks, frying chicken wings or steam cooking veggies. All require different temperatures to cook well but don’t worry, the temperature is adjustable.

It’s quite easy to use–just throw in your fries, set the timer, wait for a short while and you’re golden. The result is crispy, tasty fries. And it’s guaranteed to be as crispy and tasty as the last batch. This is possible due to the 1700 watts power rated air fryer’s short 3 minutes preheating time.

Overcooking won’t be an issue, because the air fryer auto shuts off once the timer ends after 60 minutes or less. Watching your weight? This air fryer requires about 80 percent less oil to cook your meals. It doesn’t your meals taste and crispy texture.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Strong power rating
  • Great for fast food lovers
  • Fast heat recovery time
  • Design isn’t aesthetic
  • Takes up space
  • No presets

10. Chefman 6.1 liters Digital Air Fryer – Best air fryer with rotisserie

Best air fryer with rotisserieThis is a multifunctional air fryer that has better heating and power performance than an electric oven. It heats up so fast, you don’t need to preheat it. Unlike most air fryers on this list, chefman fries, bakes, cooks and grills meals with less than 98 percent of the oil. If you’re looking to change your diet or watch your weight, this chefman model is the right one for you.

Completely control is what this 1700watts air fryer gives when cooking–it allows you to adjust its temperature which ranges from 90 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Apart from baking, grilling, cooking, and frying, this deep fryer possesses one other function. Which is dehydration–it’s for warming up leftover meals. For instance, a leftover pineapple in the fridge.

Given its large size, it’s great for a family or a small party among friends. It comes with a bag full of accessories such as; drip tray, rotisserie spit, rotating basket, forks, and airflow racks.

  • Lots of accessories
  • Great for large meals
  • Lots of functions
  • Almost no oil is need
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Many dish-washable removable parts 
  • Occupies a lot of space 

2020 Buyer’s guide to air fryers

Benefits of an Air Fryer

Ever wondered why an air fryer beats the deep fryer? Read on as we go through all the advantages you can enjoy from this contraption:

Calorie intake reduction

Air fryers make use of extremely low oil compared to the deep fryer and it’ll still get out crispy and tasty, without compromising your health. In other words, an air fryer helps to control the intake of fat. If you’re looking to lose weight, getting an air fryer should be on your to-do list.

It also bakes and roasts

Apart from air cooking and fryer, the contraption (air fryer) can as well bake and grill your meals. With the right mouth of heat, you whip yourself a muffin or cupcake. If you’re in the mood for some roast, don’t hesitate to throw in a steak or two.   

Keeps a crispy texture

Deep frying can be a challenge when you try to keep the inside of your meals moist whilst the outside remains crisp. The air fryer does this easily, as less oil is used for the frying, the inside remains moist and the outside can attain that crispy texture.

Even cooking

Since heat is being distributed throughout the inside of the deep fryer, it’s pretty much impossible for your meals to be cooked unevenly. Air fryer always heats meals thoroughly.

Safer and easy to clean

Most of the air fryer’s parts are removable and dish-washable. Another reason is that less oil is used so it’ll be less messy. The air fryer is also safe for the same reason they use less oil–there’s an extremely low probability of oil splatter.

The air fryer also comes with an exhaust for releasing excess heat and a cooling system to keep the appliance from overheating.

Easy to use and economical

Given it has a timer, you should have no issue multitasking while your wings fry. It economical based on two reasons. The first is less oil is required which means you cost drops for oil. The second is less unit of electricity consumed per day–if you compare to electric deep fryers.

Factors to look out for when buying an air fryer

An air fryer is a bit like a deep fryer, but an air fryer is multi-purpose and they use less or no oil. Read on to know more…


This should be the first attribute in mind when shopping for the right air fryer. You can determine this factor by deciding what you wish to use the air fryer for. Is it for home use? Do you have a large family?

If you’re looking for something small, you can find these units from 1 to 2 liters of frying space which will comfortably feed 4 to 5 people. If you live with a big family of eight, the large units will suffice as it ranges from 3 to 6 liters of frying space. And finally, the medium unit’s frying space capacity lingers with 1.8 and 2.5 liters. Enough to feed 5 to 7 people. 

How many watts can your kitchen outlet support?

Knowing how much watts your air fryer will consume and what your kitchen outlet supports is paramount to its performance. Your kitchen outlet should be able to support between 800 – 1500 watts. That is the standard range for a typical air fryer to work perfectly. If your kitchen outlet any within the range, your air fryer will be able to effectively heat your meals and quickly reheat it after each batch. Or even if you add up a frozen steak out of the blue into the fryer.

If you’re looking to go higher, air fryers with 1800 watts of power and above are available in the market. You just have to make sure your kitchen outlet does support it.

Temperature control

This factor plays a decisive role in determining how well your meal will be cooked. How? …air fryers cook meals perfectly and quickly when the temperature hits 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Why? …Baked goods and batter coating on meals tend to absorb more oil in a short time.

Without temperature control, the air fryer may overcook your meals it changes from golden crisp to darken char. Which is why air fryers have a light indicator for when it’s too hot and a timer to stop the fryer. All to simplify the cooking process.

Power consumption

If you cook with a 1500 watts air fryer for a max of 30 minutes, it can consume just half a unit of electricity a day. And an air fryer can take just 15 minutes for all household cooking needs. The market is flooded with air fryers that have a lower power rating than 1500 watts, which means they’ll probably just use-up less than half a unit of electricity per day.

All these numbers are great news for your power bill, as you’ll save up on kitchen costs. This is one of the reasons why most air fryers are preferred to deep fryers.


The last, but not the least to consider are the safety features in which the air fryer possesses. Given the air fryer needs a lot of heat to effectively cook your meals, it must be well-insulated not give you serious burns via physical contact. If the air fryer isn’t well-insulated, the cool-touch handgrip of the basket within can get very hot.

Another safety feature to take note of is the base of the air fryer. It has to be non-slip to prevent the air fryer from toppling. Also, the lid must be well locked. A light indicator, a timer and an automatic shut off should be present to prevent your meals from overcooking. 

Must-Know Tips for using an air fryer

Here are three tips to keep you one the right track as a first-timer:

  • To evenly cook your meals in a short time, prevent overfilling the basket. This will cause a blockage that’ll affect an even circulation of hot air within the fryer. Make sure there’s ample space. 
  • If you want to keep your fries from sticking with one another, shake the basket at most twice before frying.
  • Make use of a spray to coat your meals with oil properly before you start air frying. Using a sprayer will apply less oil better than doing it by hand.


Q: How fast is an air fryer?

A: Philips says it takes about 3 minutes to pre-heat the air fryer (21 – 200 degrees Celsius). If you throw in 5 servings of fries, it‘ll be ready in 15 minutes.

Q: What are the meals you can cook with the air fryer?

A: Here’s a list of meals one can cook with an air fryer; meat dishes, frozen meals, veggies, nuts, and batter meals/baked food.

Q: how much oil will an air fryer need?

A: very little. It’s best to make use of a sprayer to lightly coat your meals with oil.


So there you have… 10 of the best air fryers up for grabs this 2020. Now you know why air fryers are one of the most sought after kitchen appliances in the market. It’s versatile, effective, powerful, and programmable. You get to stop spending so much on oil like you would with a deep fryer. Hopefully, by now, you should look to replace your deep fryer with a complete economical 4 function in 1 appliance.

If our top three picks don’t comply with your preference. It’s fine. You don’t have to tick all the boxes, at least go for a few. I recommend capacity, manageable power consumption, and safety. Those three should be able to get you something good if not the best.

And remember to be on the lookout for cheap knock-offs with bad insulation, because it can lead to disasters like melting of a handle or burns on your skin.

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