2019 Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Cabinet Paint Reviewed & Rated

2019 Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Cabinet Paint Reviewed & Rated

Do you possess an old-fashioned or outdated cabinet? Does your wooden cabinet look weird with unappealing dark graining? Are your kitchen, bathroom, and medicine cabinets unsuitable according to your style? Well, if yes, then you have plenty of reasons to try transforming your old and boring cabinets into eye-catching and updated ones that you and your guests will love. So, how about relying on Best cabinet paint?

No one likes living and working in a place where the basic utilities look dull and tired. Old cabinets can not only spoil your mood when you have your eyes on them, but they can also generate negative and toxic vibes. Here is where the idea of painting the cabinets comes into the picture. Transforming your outdated cabinets with the Best cabinet paint can give them a much-needed makeover and help you obtain a fresh and rejuvenating place to live in.

In addition to giving a new look to your place, painting the cabinets can also enhance the worth of your entire home. When your cabinets are painted, your entire space looks better, larger, and much more inviting. If you wish to sell off your property, then a classy and modern home can get you, buyers, easily and quickly.

With an extensive range of cabinet paints available in the market today, choosing the right one can be quite challenging. So, here we are going to review the top cabinet paints to help you get your hands on the most suitable one. Our buying guide will help you in making a wise and informed decision when investing in paints for your cabinets.

Best Cabinet Paint – Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall Heritage Collection All-In-One Chalk Style Paint Best Value Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Best Budget FolkArt 34163 Home Décor
Best Paint for Cabinet Interior Best Paint for Cabinet Doors Best Paint for Pinball Cabinet
  • In-built primer and wax
  • Extremely time-efficient
  • Highly versatile
  • Multi-utility paint
  • Quick-drying property
  • Highly durable
  • Minimum prep require
  • Absolutely budget-friendly
  • Rich polished finished

10 Best Cabinet Paints with Reviews

1. Heritage Collection All-In-One Chalk Style Paint – Best Paint for Cabinet Interior

Best Paint for Cabinet InteriorThe Heritage Collection All-In-One Chalk Style Paint comes with an in-built primer, topcoat, and wax, which makes the product super easy to apply. Moreover, this feature makes using the paint totally effortless, hassle-free, and time-efficient.

This paint easily adheres to a wide range of surfaces. It comes in multiple, attractive shades. In addition to all these, the paint is also highly durable, and the finish is extremely long-lasting. An 8 oz product sample covers an area of 35 square feet, a 16 oz pack covers an area of 70 square feet, and a 32 oz pack covers an area of 140 square feet.

  • In-built primer
  • Adheres to many kinds of surfaces
  • No priming or sanding required
  • High-end and impressive finish
  • Comes in a total of 25 European inspired shades
  • Easy to apply and time-saving product
  • Multiple coats may be required for the best coverage

2. Apple Barrel 21148 Black Acrylic Paint – Best Paint for Cabinet Doors

Best Paint for Cabinet DoorsThe Apple Barrel paint glides on the surface very smoothly and appears as beautiful and gorgeous as it looked on the day of application. This paint can be applied to an extensive range of surfaces, such as wood, plaster, Styrofoam, terracotta, tin, etc.

The Apple Barrel 21148 Black Acrylic Paint is basically a multi-purpose, water-based product. This paint is non-toxic and highly durable. The product can be applied via brush, stamp, stencil, or sponge on various surfaces. In case you end up creating a mess during the process of application, you can easily clean it up using water and soap.

  • All-purpose paint
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy cleanup
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Smooth and long-lasting finish
  • Suitable for many types of surfaces
  • Comes in good packaging
  • It may crackle and easily fall off when dry
  • Mixing the paint with water for thinning the consistency is very difficult

3. FolkArt 34163 Home Décor – Best Paint for Pinball Cabinet

Best Paint for Pinball CabinetThe FolkArt 34163 Home Décor is a premium quality paint designed in the United States. This paint is designed to help you in restoring your furniture with a chalky, ultra-matte, and polished finish. The product is highly suitable for a broad spectrum of surfaces, including wood, plaster, canvas, terracotta, ceramic, metal, etc. Moreover, it is a less expensive paint of its kind.

You can apply the paint with the minimum prep. The product is non-toxic and is recommended to be used indoors only. You need to apply a couple of coats for the best coverage. The super thick consistency of the product increases its overall drying time, which can tend to be a bit inconvenient. The paint offers easy cleaning, in case of any mess.

  • Doesn’t require priming
  • Absolutely non-toxic
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ultra-matte and sleek finish
  • Less expensive
  • Thick for spray guns
  • Takes a long time to dry
  • Only offers 20 square feet of coverage

4. Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint – Best Paint for Cabinet Interior

Best Paint for Cabinet InteriorThe Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint is a quality-rich and easy-to-apply product that gives a vibrant and smooth finish. This paint offers impressive coverage in just a single coat. The product is very thick in consistency; however, the thickness doesn’t make it difficult to use the paint.

Although you do not need to sand the surface before applying the paint, yet cleaning the surface well before application, is quite important. It is recommended to start applying the paint using a damp brush as the dampness can help in spreading the product evenly.

The Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint is available in a total of 60 beautiful and attractive shades. If you don’t find the color you love, then you can even mix multiple colors to achieve your own shade.

  • Easy to apply
  • Rich, chalky, and smooth finish
  • Excellent coverage
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Available in a variety of shades
  • It’s a bit pricey
  • Can easily scrape off when in direct contact with nails

5. Chalky Chicks Furniture Paint – Best Paint for MDF Cabinet Doors

Best Paint for MDF Cabinet DoorsThe Chalky Chicks Furniture Paint generally covers in only one or two coats and renders a top-notch chalk finish. This is a ready-to-use formula that can be used directly without adding water. You do not even require prepping, sanding, or priming. The paint adheres to all kinds of materials, including raw wood, stained wood, resin, glass, laminate, etc.

This product has extremely low VOC and is indoor and kid-friendly. After painting, you require sealing the surface with a polyacrylic or a furniture wax for protecting the finish. The Chalky Chicks Furniture Paint is available in a total of 42 different shades. Hence, you get a wide choice option from which you can surely get something matching your interiors.

  • Offers 150 square feet of coverage
  • Doesn’t require being thinned
  • Suitable for paint guns
  • Low-VOC
  • Doesn’t require priming or sanding
  • Minimal prep
  • Easy to apply
  • Thin
  • Needs to be waxed

6. Nuvo Euro-Taupe 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit – Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint

Best Kitchen Cabinet PaintIf you are seeking the best paint match for updating your laminate kitchen cabinets, then the Nuvo Euro-Taupe 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit is an excellent product. The gorgeous semi-gloss and long-lasting finish makes this product the Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint. You will need two quarts of the product in order to cover a typical 40 feet kitchen cabinet.

The paint dries off quickly, in a few minutes and leaves an appealing look. You can be sure to get considerably good coverage with the product. If you happen to spill the product accidentally or end up creating a mess out of it, you can easily clean up the paint with a soapy solution. That said, the paint does not tend to drip off easily.

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  • Extremely adhesive
  • Rich in quality
  • Even and easy application
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Impressive look
  • Smooth finish
  • Easy cleaning
  • Good coverage
  • Absolutely non-sticky formula
  • Poor packaging

7. Chalked Country Paint – Best Paint for Medicine Cabinet

Best Paint for Medicine CabinetThe Chalked Country Paints are formulated specially to adhere perfectly to furniture as well as several surfaces, like metal. You can apply the paint directly without any prep. With this product, achieving that contemporary or shabby, aged chic look is very easy.

While using this paint, if you end up creating a mess, you can clean it easily with water and soap. Moreover, if your application tends to be uneven at certain places, the paint can level itself up without any external interference. As the product is non-toxic and safe, you can use it indoors without any worry. The Chalked Country Paint is available in a total of 50 vintage and rich shades.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Non-toxic
  • Self-leveling paint
  • Extremely low-VOC
  • Doesn’t require priming
  • Available in both small and large size
  • More expensive
  • Needs to be thinned
  • Needs to be waxed
  • Doesn’t work with the smoothest

8. INSL-X CC560109A-01 – Best Cabinet Paint

Best Cabinet PaintFor ultimate semi-gloss finish for your cabinet, you can opt for the paint from INSL-X. This enamel paint is specifically used up in the work of refurbishing and refinishing the dingy cabinets of the bathroom and the kitchen as well. You can make use of the semi-glossy paint on any surface, where you desire smooth and not-so-shiny finishing.

Get the pleasure of having long-lasting finish and impeccable beautification of the cabinets of your house with the help of this paint from INSL-X. You can use the paint without primer even on difficult surfaces like varnish and polyurethane.

  • Supports excellent flow and leveling
  • Has exceptional stain resisting capacity
  • Provides satin finish
  • Extremely durable for a long time
  • Imparts a new feeling to the cabinet for years
  • Need to use multiple coats
  • Is a tad pricey
  • Comparatively very thin texture

9. Jolie Paint Eucalyptus – Best Paint for Cabinets

Best Paint for CabinetsWith a beautiful product range from the Home of Jolie, the Eucalyptus paint for the cabinets is picked up for its impeccable benefits. Before painting the cabinets of your house, most of the paints demand some prep up. But, with Jolie Eucalyptus paint this isn’t the scenario. You can paint the cabinets with minimal to no preparation with sanding or even priming and still expect an ultra-smooth finish.

Also, the process of application of the paint is very easy and you can do it without making any mess. The paint is water-based, and; therefore, the cleaning of the surface can be done with the help of soap and water only.

  • Non-toxic
  • Very low VOC
  • Safe to be used for indoor work
  • Provides superior coverage
  • Imparts matte finish
  • Perfect look with just 1-2 coats
  • Doesn’t give whitewashing finish
  • Doesn’t provide lustrous texture

10. Rust-Oleum 285140 – Best Ultra Matte Interior paint

Best Ultra Matte Interior paintYou can use the paint from Rust-Oleum on a variety of surfaces like wood, ceramic, and canvas as well and expect ultra-matte finish. You can make use of the paint to create a distressed vintage look in your home with the Rust-Oleum cabinet paint. The latex formula of the paint has an advantage –the cupboards can be cleaned only with the help of soap and water.

Also, the low-odor is an added benefit to the list of others. You can touch the cabinets after 30 minutes of painting as they dry up quick.

  • Covers up the surface easily
  • Fine finishing with just a single coat
  • The adhesive property is excellent
  • Application procedure is easy
  • Requires no prep-up
  • Creamy white finish
  • Ultra-smooth and ultra-matte finish
  • Very thin texture
  • Not suitable for the ones looking for whitewashed finishing

Buying Guide for Best Cabinet Paint

Types of Cabinet Paints

Latex Paint

If you are planning to use a Latex Paint for your cabinets, it is advisable to use the products that offer a gloss and semi-gloss finish. This is for the reason that these finishes are more durable than the satin finish.


  • Cheapest paint
  • Easy cleaning


  • Susceptible to peeling off and scratching
  • Involves complex top coating and priming steps

Durability: The product will offer average durability if you won’t be giving your cabinets a super rough use. The durability of the paint can be enhanced by topping it using a polyacrylic coating.

Oil-Based Color Paint

This paint is quite impressive. Although working with the product isn’t easy due to its smell, yet its durable nature and the hard finish has made this paint a highly preferable one for the cabinets.


  • No visible brush marks
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Generally calls for fewer coats compared to other paints


  • Terrible smell
  • Cleaning up is difficult

Durability: It is the most durable type of paint you can use for your cabinets.

Alkyd Paint

Alkyd paints are one of the best types of paints for applying to kitchen cabinets. With this product, you do not require applying a topcoat.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Topcoat isn’t required
  • No visible brush strokes


  • A bit smelly
  • Little expensive compared to the normal latex paints

Durability: Alkyd paints are more durable in comparison to normal latex paints. However, they aren’t as long-lasting as the oil-based color paints. Although you won’t notice huge scratches and peel offs in the final finish, over time and with frequent use, you may see certain areas around the knobs of the cabinet where the product might tend to wear off.

Chalk Paints

Chalk paints can be a great option if you want a polished and matte finish. This paint adheres extremely well and lasts long when sealed correctly. Most of the chalk paints call for minimum prep. As these paints are super thick, you can get great coverage.


  • Quick-drying formula
  • Requires fewer coats
  • Doesn’t require priming


  • Leaves visible brush marks
  • Can’t be evenly brushed on

Durability: Chalk-style color paints offer high durability if they are sealed up properly.

Must-Know Tips to Buy the Right Color Cabinet Paints

  1. Paints can completely transform any given space. That said, your cabinet color plays a huge role in determining how your space will look. Hence, you need to be conscious and pick the right color product when buying paints for your cabinets. Here are some of the most simple, yet very effective tips that can help you in your purpose.
  2. You can decide on your paint color by considering the style of your cabinet as a guide. If your kitchen or bathroom is traditional, classic shades, such as whites and creams, would be a perfect match. On the contrary, if your kitchen or washroom space has a modern style, you can use bright colors, like green, yellow, or red.
  3. Whether your space is small or big, it matters a lot when it comes to picking up the right color for your cabinets; an under-lit and small space should have lighter color cabinets, whereas a well-lit and bigger space should have darker color cabinets.
  4. If you are planning to sell off your property shortly, then you should consider having neutral color cabinets. This is for the reason that these colors can attract a vast audience.
  5. If you want to be a bit playful and bold, you can try two cabinet colors. Combining colors can be much more impactful than you think. If you wish to play safe, then pair one bold shade with one neutral shade.
  6. Using contrasts tends to work well and is always an advantage. You can pair dark color cabinets with light shaded kitchen or bathroom design.
  7. The distressed finish is also considered as a great style. This finish can also exempt you of certain maintenance effort, which usually comes accompanied with the painted surfaces.


I want a cabinet paint that is budget-friendly and lasts long. Which one can be a reliable option for me?

Well, if you want to buy a product that lasts for years, then oil-based color paints can be the best investment. However, if you have a limited budget, then you can go for latex paints. The latex paints offer considerably good durability and come at extremely pocket-friendly prices. You can also increase the durability of your latex paint by adding a good polyacrylic topcoat to the surface after you finish painting it.

I am looking for a paint that is extremely simple to work with. Can you recommend a good and reliable option?

Generally, the chalk paints offer a super easy application. You don’t even require doing much prep when using chalk-style color paint. These paints don’t let out the typical paint smell. Moreover, cleaning up these paints is also extremely easy. As these paints dry off faster, you can get done with your project in a very less period.

A good and reliable recommendation here can be the Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint and the Chalky Chicks Furniture Paint.

Whenever I carry out my projects, my five years little boy loves to try his hands at them. He also ends up creating a mess out of the paints. Therefore, I need a paint that is safe for my baby and offers easy cleaning. What can be a good investment for my purpose?

Nowadays, a lot of coloring products have come up that are made up of non-toxic and completely safe ingredients. These products are kid, pets, and environment-friendly.

Some good recommendations, in this case, are – the Chalked Country Paint, the FolkArt34163 Home Décor, and the Apple Barrel 21148 Black Acrylic Paint.

Apart from being non-toxic, these paints also offer easy cleaning advantage. So, if your kid ends up spilling the product or creating a mess with it, you can clean up everything with just some soapy water and a damp cloth.

I have old cabinets made up of tin and wood. I am thinking to invest in multi-purpose paint to update them. Which product can be a suitable option for my needs?

Many good paints are available today that adheres extremely well to multiple surfaces. Some of the most recommended and highly preferred products in this category are – the Apple Barrel 21148 Black Acrylic Paint, the FolkArt 34163 Home Décor, and the Chalked Country Paint.


Whether you are seeking ways to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or an entire home to get a fresh and new look, it can be a huge investment that you may not be ready for. Renovations usually call for tremendous expenses that can drain off your pocket. On the other hand, replacement of the old and outdated cabinets is also no less an expensive decision that can create a hole in your wallet. In such a scenario, painting your cabinets with the Best cabinet paint can turn out to be one of the best ways to save your money on renovation.

Painting your cabinets is budget-friendly and causes minimal disruption. Moreover, the non-toxic paints available today give you the chance to work at your cabinets along with your kids. This can make you enjoy and have fun while you transform your existing cabinets into updated ones in just a few minutes.

The above-discussed reviews and buying guide will provide you with all the guidance you require to choose the Best cabinet paint, suiting your individual needs, purpose, budget, and goals. Make sure you do not rush through the process of learning and understanding about each of the paints. You need to give it enough time, check the reviews of each product thoroughly, perform your comparisons, and refer to the buying guide properly to get the right cabinet paint for the best finish and long-lasting effect.

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