Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Carbon Monoxide Detector in 2019

Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Carbon Monoxide Detector in 2019

Air is what humans depend on for existence, in fact, a lack of it for a few minutes can be very deadly to the human race as a whole. But this air is getting contaminated more and more with each passing day. The appliances we have at home that burns fuel, if left unattended to, or if the emitted gases are not channeled out properly can cause air pollution, and this, in turn, can be very dangerous. Therefore, finding the Best Carbon Monoxide Detector is really important for your safety.

There are automobiles everywhere and all these automobiles are powered by gas. As these emitted gases mix with the air, they cause pollution of the air we breathe in and this too can be very deadly. What makes them deadly is the release of carbon monoxide into the air.

Naturally, there is some amount of carbon monoxide present in the air, but the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air rises when appliances and automobiles that are gas-powered emit their gases. No wonder it becomes necessary to have it installed to alert you when the concentration of carbon is getting out of hand. Finding the best carbon monoxide detector can be frustrating; hence we have compiled a list of valuable and affordable detectors for you. Take note of the features of each and carefully select the best one for you.

Our Favorite 3 Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Best Overall First Alert Smoke Detector SCO5CN Best Value Kidde 21026043 Battery-Operated KN-COSM-BA Best Budget First Alert BRK SC9120B
Best travel carbon monoxide detector Plug-In Detector Alarm best portable carbon monoxide detector
  • Presence of a photoelectric sensor
  • Advanced electrochemical sensor
  • Very much easy to use even though it features high technology
  • Comes with a Voice warning system that notifies you of any danger
  • Alerts you when the battery needs replacement
  • Provides protection from fire and CO all in the same unit
  • Features two types of sensors(electrochemical and ionization sensor)
  • Its 85-decibel siren is ever alert to sound a warning

10 Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors with Reviews

1. Alert Plus AP-6987 – Best travel carbon monoxide detector

Best travel carbon monoxide detectorA couple recently took some time off their busy schedules to spend quality time with each other in a hotel. But it turns out that instead of them enjoying their time away, they spent the best part of the weekend in the hospital trying to save the man’s life. What happened? A water heater near their hotel room was faulty, and the husband was diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you are traveling, you can avoid incidents like this by doing yourself some good. Travel with a portable carbon monoxide detector. There are many of them in the market but I will recommend this particular one.

When you are making such purchases, you’d expect to get the best value for your money, and that’s why this product is the best in the market. What is more? It also comes with a whopping 5 years warranty from the sellers. This shows that the product is not just the best but it is guaranteed to last longer than other brands.

It comes with an LCD display and also a voice warning mechanism that is powered by an 85 dB of tone. It also comes with a unit of battery.

  • Consumes very minimal amount of current
  • Very strong electrochemical sensor
  • The LCD displays the concentration of carbon monoxide
  • Designed to work in automobiles
  • Doesn’t have the power button

2. Kidde KN-Copp-3 Monoxide Detector – Best plug-in carbon monoxide detector

Best plug-in carbon monoxide detectorIf you feel that you don’t need a carbon monoxide detector that is battery-powered, then a plug-in only detector is what you need. One thing about these models is that they are very cheap. Although some will say cheap is equivalent to lower quality. But not with the Kidde KN-Copp-3 Monoxide Detector! It is highly recommended among other plug-in carbon monoxide detectors because it also comes with a battery of 9 volts. This will keep the detector working for sometimes after a power outage.

They are also especially useful for detecting very high levels of carbon monoxide concentrations. They can also detect very low concentration of carbon monoxide. It comes with a power on/off button, the LCD display has the option of viewing previous readings and also has a button that resets the readings. Since it can be plugged into a power source, you don’t need to worry about its installation as its power cord is some 6 feet long. It can be plugged and placed on a table, or any surface.

  • The alarm is very loud, hence can be heard from anywhere in the house
  • Comes with a protector which safeguards the device during a power outage
  • The LCD display updates every 15 seconds
  • Some customers complain of it draining the battery
  • You need to read the manual before getting a hand of how it works
  • No special stand to make it stay on a surface

3. SCONDA EN 50291 – Best portable carbon monoxide detector

best portable carbon monoxide detectorWhen you hear the words ‘portable’ and ‘compact’, think about the SCONDA Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector EN 50291. Weighing just 181g, it is virtually the best portable detector in the market currently. You can now stop worrying about carrying a heavy appliance all around as it could even fit inside your pocket. It does not require an external battery so you won’t have to disturb yourself over replacing faulty batteries.

It has a power button, a menu and test button, and a long-lasting electrochemical sensor that can last for up to 10 years. That’s really impressive, isn’t it? Another thing about this portable carbon monoxide detector is an LCD screen that clearly displays its battery status. It also comes with a loud alarm system to warm the household just in case of a mishap.

It is also designed to alert the owner when the device is about to develop some faults.it comes with a user manual and expansion screws for the setting up. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to use. Its battery life is top-notch and the manual is self-explanatory.

  • Can be mounted on the wall or left to stand on a surface
  • Can be installed in a matter of minutes
  • 10 years of sensor life
  • No external batteries attached
  • Only comes in one color (white)

4. First Alert BRK 3120B – Best battery smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Best battery smoke and carbon monoxide detector

This dual-sensor smoke alarm was designed to serve residential buildings as well as organizations and institutions. No wonder it tops the list of smoke detectors as it can be used in hotels, hospitals, dormitories and every other place you can think of. The technology used in designing it makes possible for electrochemical and ionization smoke sensors at the same time.

There are many features that make it the best in its category. Some of them include its powerful alarm which can pick on the slightest of danger, its ability to go silent for up to eight hours, its green light that blinks when the unit is in a very low condition, and it’s more than 85 dB horn.

It has 360-degree sensor access to the smoke coming from the environment. It is locked at both ends which means its batteries cannot be stolen. It is very easy to use, easy to maintain and it is quite cheap.

  • Dual sensing smoke alarm
  • Has a warranty of 10 years which means it is durable
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Can’t be used in automobiles
  • Customers complained of false alarms in some instances

5. ADT Carbon Monoxide Alarm F-ADT-CO-1 – Best home carbon monoxide detector

Best home carbon monoxide detector

Won’t you appreciate a detector that alerts you almost immediately carbon monoxide is detected in your home? This device from technology giants, Samsung, will surely give you that feel. It can even be paired with other appliances at home to give all-round protection.

You will find out that security and safety are its watch ward as you examine its features. Its display is a 7 inches touchscreen that can be used as its control panel. It has a very loud siren blast to warn the household when there is carbon monoxide detected. It also boasts a dual-encryption technology, a built-in battery, and acellular data backup.

This product is the best in its category not just because it is easy to install or because its maintenance is easy, but because you can even request additional monitoring from the manufacturers at a very cost-effective subscription. This way you can ensure the safety of your household even though you make use of many appliances at home that burns fuel. It comes with a year warranty. It comes with two batteries, mounting hardware, and its services can be operated from your smartphones.

  • Can be synchronized with smartphones
  • Will alert you if the device is faulty
  • Visible light blink and loud sound when carbon monoxide is detected
  • You need an ADT security starter kit before use
  • Has a warranty of only one year

6. First Alert CO615 Dual Power – Best low-level carbon monoxide detector

best low-level carbon monoxide detector

There are many reasons you need a low-level carbon monoxide detector; this is because occasionally the level of carbon monoxide in our homes and offices fluctuate. It is one preventable cause of death today yet many don’t take it too seriously.

The First Alert CO615 is very easy to install and maintain. It is a plug-in device that needs a power source or an electrical outlet. However, the power cord is very long and can be plugged then placed on a table or shelf. It also features a backup battery that can power on the device for sometimes even after a power outage.

It has an LCD screen that displays the level of concentration of carbon monoxide. The screen also displays the battery level. When the device is faulty, it alerts you and when the battery life is nearing its end, it gives you an alarming sign in the form of a timer and a prominent sound. When this happens, you know it’s time to replace the batteries.

It has a test button that allows you to troubleshoot and test it out before use. Kindly note that it comes with batteries, however, the batteries are only for backup purposes, and not to power the device for a long time.

  • 7-year warranty
  • Product has been tested to meet current UL standards
  • Presence of an electrochemical sensor which is quite advanced
  • The alarm could be harsh for some people
  • You need to place it on each floor of the home for best performance

7. Nest wired -S3003LWES Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is another top brand in the market that will alert you immediately it detects an error. The best thing about it is that is comes fully enabled for WiFi connection. This means apart from sounding an alarm, it will also notify your mobile devices that you’ve synchronized it with. It will also not just alert you to the problem but will also tell you where the problem is coming from.

When you are not at home, as long as you are with your mobile device, it will notify you.

It comes with an electrochemical sensor that lets you know when the device needs replacing.

  • Wifi connection makes it easier to use from anywhere
  • Its installation is very easy
  • Works to detect smoke as well.
  • A little bit expensive to get.
  • Its alarm on your smartphone could be disturbing especially when you not at home

8. Nighthawk KN-COEG-3 Plug-In Detector Alarm

Plug-In Detector Alarm

This brand makes your job easier by letting you see the concentration of Carbon monoxide on its LCD display. With its button, you can check previous readings and the current one. Thus observing it over a period of time will let you know if there is a problem or not. It is a plug-in device that features an 85-DB alarm which promptly alerts you at the slightest sight of danger. It is very easy to install.

It also comes with a backup battery which will ensure your device keeps working in case your electricity fails.

  • Features three mounting options
  • Ease of use
  • Alarm audible from every part of the house
  • Some customers complained about its alarm ceasing once in a while

9. Kidde 21010047 C3010D Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This CO alarm offers a staggering 10 years lifespan that will keep any buyer’s mind at rest. It is also a type of detector that will keep sounding an alarm when it needs replacing. It features a digital display that is clear, easy to read, and allows you to see both the highest and lowest readings in terms of the concentration of carbon monoxide.

It has a reset button, and with it you can test and troubleshoot the detector to ensure it is working at an optimal level. It also has a three-color notification mechanism: the color green lets you know that all is well. Color red means the alarm is sounding and the amber color shows there is something wrong with the device.

  • 10 years lifespan
  • 3 color mechanism
  • You might need to repair the alarm after a couple of years

10. Firex AC KN-COPE-IC Smoke Alarm

IC Smoke Alarm

This hardwired detector comes with an electrochemical sensor. Its work is simple, warn you when it senses any carbon monoxide danger. Its alarm will beep 4 times then it will be followed by a voice warning “WARNING, CARBON MONOXIDE’. This warning will continue until the threat is eliminated or the unit is reset.
It is battery powered, thus will also warn you if the battery is running low. It is a well-designed, stylish device with the front battery door very attractive.

  • 7-year warranty
  • One of the best alarm systems with voice warning
  • Works better when used at home
  • May give false alarm because of its ability to detect very slight triggers.

Buying Guide for Carbon monoxide Detector

Types of Carbon monoxide Detector

With the variety of options in the market today, finding the best Carbon monoxide detector can be a little bit challenging and even frustrating. It is only the right thing to do if you know the various types of carbon monoxide detector you can find. This will help you become familiar with the device itself.

The Digital Detectors (Read-out)

These are the types that are recommended for home use. They have a display panel that displays the previous readings as well as the current readings of the level of carbon monoxide. If the level of carbon monoxide is lower than it is supposed to be, and this is occurring over a long time, you can easily know from the display.

Conversely, if the level is higher than normal, then an alarm is sounded by the device to warn the household. That way the problem can be rectified.

The Hardwired Detectors

These are the ones that are recommended for official or professional locations. They can be plugged directly to a power socket. One good thing about these types of detectors is that they also come with battery backup. Meaning even when there is a temporary power outage, the device can still continue working till the electricity supply comes back up. You can place them on a plain surface like a table or a chair. If you decide to go for these types, make sure the device is installed by a qualified technician because the wires can trip your workers if positioned around where people always go through.

AC Plug-in

These types of carbon monoxide detectors allow you to plug them directly to a power outlet in your house. They are highly recommended for home use because home is where we always have a constant electricity supply. They always come with in-built battery backups in case of a temporary outage, so you won’t need to worry about changing and replacing the batteries every now and then. If your home has power sockets that are close to the floor, then these types of detectors are not the best for you. This is because they must be installed on the wall at about eye level.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide combined detectors

These types of detectors combine the features of a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. Will most people don’t really go for this type is because, for best productivity, it is better if you don’t combine these functions. Smoke detectors are better installed on the ceilings while a carbon monoxide detector is best installed on the wall.


These are the types that can be synchronized with other devices at homes, monitors, and other alarms (fire alarms or burglar alarms) via Wireless networks or cables. They are especially good at noticing a mishap way faster than other detectors and emergency warnings are sounded to other parts and rooms in the compound. They are best used in office buildings.

Factors to consider when choosing a Carbon Monoxide Detector

These alarms have a vital role to play when it comes to your safety because, in the United States alone, carbon monoxide poisoning is responsible for thousands of deaths yearly. So, the device must be working at an optimal level at least. Before you make that purchase, we have compiled a list of factors you need to consider, or things you need to check. Find the below:


The best kinds of sensors are electrochemical sensors. This is because carbon monoxide detectors that are designed with electrochemical sensors are more stable than those without electrochemical sensors. When there is a rise and fall in either temperature or humidity, or when there is a leak in a household chemical, these could give a false alarm. But detectors with electrochemical sensors are known to resist such errors.

End-of-life Alarm

Most manufacturers in the market these days are including this feature in their devices. It is an in-built mechanism that beeps when the device needs a replacement. This way, you can replace it before it ‘self-destruct’.

Listing by UL or CSA

Before buying a CO alarm, make sure it has a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) label on it. This means the product you are buying is original and is covered by the country’s warranty.

Other Feature to check for

  • If you are buying online, make sure to check the reviews on the product as this could help you find out if you are getting a good product or not. Find out about what people are saying about its alarm system, its readings over time, and how durable it is.
  • Check for the digital displays if it works fine. Take your time to check if the ‘test’ button is working fine. Check if it updates every 15 seconds as most CO alarms do.
  • Check if it is either battery-powered or a plug-in. If you live in an area that is prone to power outages, be sure the batteries come with your package.
  • Check your CO alarm if the voice warning is top-notch. It has to be working fine if it will do its job.

Things to keep in Mind When installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • It is best if you install your detector on the wall. Make sure you install one on each floor and in your bedroom.
  • The installed detector should not be too close to cooking areas. It should be some 16 feet at least lest you trigger a false alarm.
  • Troubleshoot your device weekly.
  • Since there are technological advancements almost yearly, you can change your device after every 5 years.


We have really enjoyed this review of the best carbon monoxide detectors. The truth is that finding a good fit for you can be hard. The widespread trend of many fake and substandard products in the market is even making it harder. But no matter where you may want it installed, make sure you check this review very well because it is well-researched.

Carbon monoxide has been termed ‘the silent killer’ because it is not easily detectable by the human sense of smell. It can only be detected through technology and that’s why carbon monoxide detectors are in the market. But now you can make the best choice.


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