In-depth Guide: 10 Best Ceiling Paint to Buy in 2019

In-depth Guide: 10 Best Ceiling Paint to Buy in 2019

Thinking of getting your ceiling painted? Well, we understand that painting a ceiling is certainly a difficult task to fulfill. If you use normal paint, which is usually opted to paint the walls, it can cause a substantial mess. The paint will potentially drip and splash over your hair and face as well. Not just that, it can ruin your flooring as well. Generic paint can lead to mold and mildew formation as well. If you are trying to avoid such a mess and get the ceiling of your house painted smoothly, you must give the best ceiling paint for a try.

The ceiling paints that have been recently discovered come with higher viscosity and guarantee not to create a lot of mess during the painting job. Now, avoiding the low viscosity paints just because they make a mess is not convincing enough to switch from the conventional paints to the newly discovered one. But, it is observed that the conventional paints leave out some unsightly areas while being painted, which cannot be fixed once the paint has dried up.

Though there are a variety of paints available in the market, you must opt for what is best. Whenever you seek out for the best ceiling paint, you are likely to encounter with so many options, which can be rather confusing. Therefore, here we have curated a list of the top ceiling paints that are available in the market. This guide will help you through your purchase process and give you a basic idea about what you must expect while you are out shopping for ceiling paints.

Our Favorite Picks of Ceiling Paint

Best Overall Zinsser Perma-White Mold & Mildew-Proof Paint Best Value True Value JSE1-GL Interior Satin Latex Enamel Best Budget Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint
Best Paint for Bathroom Ceiling Best White Ceiling Paint Best Paint for Popcorn Ceiling
  • Zero odor
  • Low VOC
  • Absolutely moisture resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Washable
  • Satin finish
  • Minimum odor
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Splatter resistant

10 Best Ceiling Paint with Reviews

1. Zinsser Perma-White Mold & Mildew-Proof Paint – Best Paint for Bathroom Ceiling

Best Paint for Bathroom CeilingThe Zinsser Perma-white Mold & Mildew-Proof Paint is regarded to be the best for the ceilings of the bathroom. It is an acrylic paint designed to protect the interior surfaces of the bathroom while preventing growth of mold or mildew. The paint is skillfully designed to withstand moisture and readily prevent the wall from picking up dust from the atmosphere. This white paint is highly durable and tough and can be considered to be the best paint for bathroom ceiling.

The paint can be used up in any interior place wherever you have a concern for the growth of moss or mildew. The use of Perma-white is not confined to the ceiling of the houses but can be used for industrial purposes as well. You can use the paint on previously painted gypsum ceiling, on cured plaster, concrete block, ceramic tiles, etc.

  • It is washable and scrub-able
  • It is highly resistant to moisture
  • Shows resistivity for stains as well
  • Has self-priming nature
  • Easily sticks to the surface without sanding
  • Has faint ammonia smell
  • When painted in hot weather it starts thinning

2. True Value JSE1-GL Interior Satin Latex Enamel – Best White Ceiling Paint

Best White Ceiling PaintThe True Value JSE1-GL Interior Latex Enamel is exceptional quality ceiling paint because of its scrub-able nature. It best suits for the walls as well. You can use the paint to cover the imperfections without much splatter or a mess. This satin latex paint from True value is formulated in such a way that it can cover up all the edges while plastering the imperfections on the ceiling.

The paint provides a flat texture to the ceiling. Due to this, the light isn’t reflected on it & any of the irregularities instead of showing up are finely hidden because of the fine-finishing of the paint. The True Value Interior Latex Enamel has a thick viscosity which very skillfully eliminates the chances for the dripping of the paint.

  • Ideal for ceilings, walls, and trims as well
  • Can be easily be cleaned up with soap and water
  • Has quick-drying capability
  • Comes with a non-splatter formula
  • Provided with 15-years of warranty
  • Can’t be used in paint sprayers
  • May require more than just one coating for a perfect finish

3. Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint – Best Paint for Popcorn Ceiling

Best Paint for Popcorn CeilingFor a flawless white finish of the ceiling, Glidden Latex Ceiling paint is the best. If you are seeking out for popcorn ceiling paint, you can now stop looking and opt for the Glidden Latex paint. It has high viscosity and is undoubtedly splatter resistant. The imperfection of the surface can be tactfully minimized with the use of this paint. Also, the paint is odor-free, which is positively an added benefit.

All the flaws and imperfect sections of the ceiling of your house can easily be converted into a fine-textured finishing with the help of this paint. Cover all the patches, leaks, or cracks of the ceiling with the help of the paint. And, get ready to receive compliments from people visiting your place about having a wonderful ceiling with impeccable perfection.

  • It has splatter resistant abilities
  • It takes an hour to dry up
  • Has a low odor
  • Reduces the imperfection of the surface
  • Provides matte finish
  • The paint has unprimed abilities

4. KILZ Color-Change Interior Ceiling Paint – Best Ceiling Paint to Hide Imperfections

Best Ceiling Paint to Hide ImperfectionsThis color-change stain resistant paint is the best paint used to hide imperfections. It is perfect if you are looking for a paint which can brighten the appearance of the ceiling and also it can hide the stains formed from absorption of water in the walls with efficiency. The application time of the paint is reasonably higher & it makes the work easier. Initially, when the ceiling is painted, it gives out a subtle pink-colored appearance; however, within an hour of time changes to bright white color.

The paint is designed in such a way that possesses stain-blocking technology and changing of the color from pink to white works as an excellent dry time indicator. It rolls on smoothly imparting a fine-finishing to the ceiling. Also, the splattering of the pain is visibly reduced. It is preferably used on the ceilings of the interiors.  

  • Has a very low odor
  • Made with spatter resistant formula
  • Great for the coverage of minor stains
  • The color-changing ability works as a great dry-time indicator
  • Works as an excellent coverage for areas that are soaked up with water
  • Confined to be used in the interiors only
  • Needs the application of more than 2-coats

5. EMR Shielding Solutions EMF Shielding Paint – Best Paint for Kitchen Ceiling

Best Paint for Kitchen CeilingThe paint from EMR Shielding Solutions is the paint specifically devised for the kitchen ceiling. It is highly efficient ceiling paint, which also performs the work of a shield against the high-frequency electromagnetic waves and electric field with low frequency. It is very effective against protecting the ceiling of the kitchen against the strong Microwave radiations, which can otherwise possibly damage the walls and the ceiling in the long run.

The shielding paint can not only be applied to the ceilings, but also the walls and floors for effective results. It is completely a silicate base & potassium silicate is used as a prime ingredient. The EMF Shielding Paint is a toxic-free solvent that can be harmful for kitchen application and doesn’t even contain any plasticizers as well.

The EMR Shielding Solutions paint constantly offers attenuation without any fixed direction of polarization, which works for waves with frequency up to the limit of 18 GHz. It can prove to be a highly efficient substance in protecting any developments that may take place in the telecommunication industry.

  • Reduces the Wi-Fi signals from interfering in your house
  • The paint is subsequently odorless
  • The paint covers the entire surface with a smooth finish
  • Provided with water and pure acrylic binder
  • Effectiveness of attenuation of harmful waves is 99.8%
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Shows high resistivity against water
  • It will not work efficiently for houses with Gauss reading on the walls
  • It doesn’t have a great adhesive property
  • Interferes with the signals of your cell phone

6. Rust-Oleum 7791730 – Best Paint for Shower Ceiling

Best Paint for Shower CeilingThis Rust-Oleum paint has unmatched rust preventing properties. When you paint your ceilings with the Rust-Oleum, it will undoubtedly protect them from rust, moss, or mildew formation. The paint has a smooth finish and leaves no space for any errors.

It should be effectively used in spaces that are constantly infested with water absorption of the walls. The paint provides a wide range of protection for the surface on which the paint is used. Now, gone are the days when the ceilings were painted with colors of white; today there is a wide range of most popular paint colors available in the market. Use the paint, especially to paint the ceilings of your bathrooms and see the effectiveness of the Rust-Oleum paint bloom.

  • Offers a variety of shades to choose from
  • Comes with anti-rusting technology
  • Efficiently covers up the stains formed from water
  • Can be painted with a few strokes
  • Effectively covers up the entire space without much effort
  • The paint is not spatter-free
  • Is very thin and watery in texture
  • It is very sticky

7. Prestige Paints P500-P-D382GP – Best Interior Ceiling Paint

Best Interior Ceiling PaintThe paints created by Prestige are provided with hi-end technical methods. The Prestige Paint Ultra Premium Acrylic Latex has self-priming capabilities and can be efficiently painted over the drywall surface without any difficulty. The paint also works best with a plastered surface, stucco or any previously painted interior room. The acrylic paint is regarded as the best interior ceiling paint. It can automatically enhance the appearance of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining space, hallways, or any of the rooms in which the paint is used.

Make use of a stain-blocking primer or sealer along with the paint when painting over any glossy surface or stain to obtain a fine finishing. Some of the colors may need to be coated more than one to two times for complete hide. Prepare the painting surface before making use of the Prestige Primer paints by scraping out any loose paint stains. In order to get rid of any contaminants like dirt or grease, the surface can be cleaned with the use of detergent.

  • Ultra Premium Primer and Paint contained in one
  • Ideal for the ceiling of any of the rooms
  • The texture of application is smooth
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Highly-durable and washable as well
  • Does not come with a material safety data sheet

8. KILZ Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Paint – Best Paint for Basement Ceiling

Best Paint for Basement CeilingIf you are in search of the best paint for your basement, any paint you pick needs to be waterproof. The basement of your house is vulnerable to mold and mildew formation resulting from high humidity and warm environment. The KILZ basement paint is an accurate option for any homeowner. This particular paint forms a rigid barrier that keeps the humidity or water away from the basement ceiling.

Paired with a coating that is alkali-resistant, this particular paint gives a durable finish to your ceiling. The tinted base of the paint allows access to a decorative finish. A gallon of this paint can cover around 125 feet of your ceiling. However, if you seek a smooth and glossy finish, the use of double coat is recommended. The best feature about this paint is the fact that it dries fairly quickly within a time-frame of 1 hour after being painted with.

  • Low odor during and after painting
  • Embedded nanotechnology stops infiltration of water
  • Alkali-resistant paint coating
  • Not suitable for places with active leakage of water

9. Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint – Best Paint for Garage Ceiling

Best Paint for Garage CeilingThe Eco-friendly paints from Montage Signature are chosen by almost all the professionals in the field of interior designing. The Eco-friendly is specifically recommended to be used in the garage ceilings as they effectively help in reducing the sound of the environment and prevent the walls from getting infested by the dust particles. Montage Signature brand specializes in smooth finishing of the surfaces and delivers maximum coverage as well. The materials used in the preparation of the paint are completely eco-friendly and is free of any pollutants as well.

This garage ceiling paint should be applied on the ceiling or any other interior surface as the primer coat, and then further covered up with any water-based emulsion paint, silicone resin paints, façade paints, or plastic-bonded paints.

  • Comes with 10-years warranty period
  • Materials used are eco-friendly
  • Keeps your ceiling free of dust and cobwebs
  • The finishing of the material is smooth
  • Comes in versatile shades to choose from
  • Bubbles form up when the paint is stirred
  • Requires more than two coatings

10. Homax Roll on Wall Texture – Best Textured Ceiling Paint

Best Textured Ceiling PaintThe paint from Homax is prepared beforehand by the manufacturer and comes with a ready-to-use condition. To have the finest ceiling texture, make use of the Homex Roll on Wall texture paint. The application of the paint is very easy and has a very low odor. And, the finishing that you obtain from applying the Homex paint on the ceilings and the walls as well is completely impeccable. To refresh the surface of the walls, the paintable formula that is used up in the paint is unmatched.

You can touch the paint within an hour and apply for a recoat in 2-hours. Also, an added advantage is that it doesn’t have the conventional paint-smell, which makes the painting of any room comparatively an easy task. Make use of a Nylon/Polyester brush to paint your ceiling into a gorgeous room.

  • Perfectly hides surface imperfections
  • Comes with a ready-to-use ability
  • Imparts a decorative finish to the surface
  • Very low odor
  • Easily paintable
  • The paint has a very dried up texture

Buying Guide for Best Ceiling Paint

Types of Ceiling Paints

Ceiling Paints Based Upon Type

  • Water-Based Paints
  • Oil-Based Paints

Ceiling Paints Based Upon Finish

  • Matte Finish
  • Satin Finish
  • Eggshell Finish
  • Semi-Gloss Finish

Tips to consider for purchasing the right ceiling paint

  • Color combination: While you are thinking of painting a room in your house or office, you must decide the color combination of the walls along with the ceiling. Usually, when you are deciding to paint the ceiling and walls with the same color, you must take the size of the room into consideration. It will help you in selecting the shades better. However, the ceilings of a room are mostly painted white. If you want them to be otherwise, choose wisely.
  • Lighter shades: When it comes to choosing the right paint color, anyone can get confused as there is a wide range of colors available in the market. You are advised to choose lighter shades for getting your ceilings painted, especially if your room is a closed space because lighter shades make the ceilings appear higher and the room feels spacious. If you are fond of simplicity and subtle tones, this should be your choice.
  • Darker shades: If your room is a very large space & you’re trying to make it appear a little compact and impart cozy vibes out of it, you must choose darker shades for your ceiling. But, this doesn’t mean that you make use of completely alternate colors. It is suggested you use the darker tone of the color that you have used on your walls to establish harmony within the room.


Can I use floor and wall paints on the ceilings? 

To some extent, you can use the floor and wall paints on your ceilings if you already possess them and are not interested in looking for ceiling-specific paint. Paints for ceilings are manufactured using the same fundamental chemicals but focus on lighter shades, surface adhesion, and matte textures. The major parameter here is adhesion as the color paint needs to stick on the ceiling perfectly.

Is there any real difference between the exterior or interior paints? 

Yes, there are certain actual differences between both the paints. Interior paints don’t possess much resistance against the exterior conditions. They are only capable of withstanding staining, cleaning, and scrubbing. On the contrary, exterior paints come with built-in resistance against fading, mildew, and other exterior conditions, which may cause damage to the paint coats over time.     

Are there any particular paint chemicals, which I mustn’t use on my ceiling?

Honestly, all types of paint must work. The latex paints tend to be the most suitable paints for the ceilings. However, there’s no such thing as the wrong paint. That said, you mustn’t make use of stains or try to put thick coats, which may drip when left to dry. It is important to keep in mind that if the ceiling is made of decorative stones, adhesion would be much more crucial.

Final Words

Deciding on picking the best ceiling paint depends on a variety of factors. There are numerous options to consider and pay undivided attention to the fact in which room the paint is being used. There are different varieties of paints available for the ceiling of your bathroom and your kitchen separately. Therefore choose your paints wisely. We have tried our best to discuss all the necessary parameters and prepared a guide with meaningful reviews to make your purchase process easier.

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