TOP 10 Best Chalk Paint Buyer’s Guide [Updated 2020]

TOP 10 Best Chalk Paint Buyer’s Guide [Updated 2020]

To paint the walls of any house, different paint types will work depending on the one that suits your needs. However, this principle has nothing to do with some other indoor and furniture painting. In cases like this, your options are limited. These projects may require you using chalk paint. The first thing to note is that chalk paint is different from chalkboard paint and is well known for giving your stuff a matte finish making it feel and look like chalk.

When we talk of the best chalk paint, there are wide differences between the different brands out there, and thus going for one that meets your needs could be confusing. This is why we’ve done some research to come up with the top 10 best chalk paints in 2019 as well as the features that make each of them unique. Also, we have included a buying guide, to know what features to consider before buying the best chalk paint to handle your project.

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Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall Retique it Renaissance Best Value Rust-Oleum 285140 Best Budget FolkArt Home Décor
Best Chalk Paint for Furniture  Best White Chalk Paint Best Chalk Paint for Cabinets
  • It is less expensive
  • Self-leveling paint
  • No need for priming
  • No odor
  • Dries quickly
  • Available in spray cans.
  • Easily cleaned
  • Requires no priming
  • The paint is non-toxic

10 Best Chalk Paint with Reviews  

1. Retique it Renaissance – Best Chalk Paint for Furniture

Best Chalk Paint for FurnitureRenaissance as a company may not be the most popular or the biggest brand out there but they offer chalk paints of exceptional quality just like the Retique it Renaissance – Best Chalk Paint for Furniture. Although this chalk paint is not perfect, it offers some advantages that make the product better than many other competitors.

Aside from this, the product is less expensive and has a large size; combining these facts, you should see the reason why this chalk paint is one of the best out there.

  • It is less expensive
  • Self-leveling paint
  • No need for priming
  • Comes in over thirty-seven different colors
  • Has different sizes
  • Zero VOC content
  • It clumps up when it is not thinned
  • It seems thick for use with a spray gun
  • Provides just 100 square feet of coverage

2. FolkArt Home Décor – Best Chalk Paint for Cabinets

Best Chalk Paint for CabinetsThe FolkArt Home Décor – Best Chalk Paint for Cabinets is very budget-friendly and it has some great qualities that ensure it survives different circumstances. Its acrylic content is very high which means it applies thick. This chalk paint is very convenient because it doesn’t require the priming of the surfaces beforehand.

It is also very easy to clean up.  This paint comes in just one 8 oz size, with coverage of about 20 square feet. This means this product is only suitable for a small job; if bigger jobs are involved you may need to purchase more bottles.

  • Easily cleaned
  • Requires no priming
  • The paint is non-toxic
  • It is less expensive 
  • Takes long time to dry
  • It is thick for spray gun use
  • Provides coverage of about 20 square feet  

3. KILZ 00004404 Interior – Best Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinet

Best Chalk Paint for Kitchen CabinetIf you’re searching for a chalk paint that can transform your furniture, then you should consider the KILZ 00004404 Interior – Best Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinet. This chalk paint can provide great coverage as well as transform the look of these surfaces. Also, the paint possesses the required texture to get an easy and quick application.

It even looks better after drying up, resulting in a level, smooth, and homogeneous coating.  The product is very versatile; asides that it comes in different colors, it is relevant in different applications. True, the main use is renewing and renovating the old furniture pieces.

  • Has great coverage
  • Comes in twelve different colors
  • Cleans easily with water and soap
  • No need for surface preparation
  • It seems thin
  • Doesn’t dry on time

4. FolkArt 34844 Home Décor – Best Black Chalk Paint

Best Black Chalk PaintThe FolkArt 34844 Home Décor – Best Black Chalk Paint is of good quality with very few ills that should be overlooked. If you want to paint an item of small furniture, then this is the best black chalk paint for you. Its bottle is small and it’s cheap compared to other brands out there. It also has an elaborate color palette and excellent quality. There are forty-two colors to choose from.

This paint is thick and requires no priming; however, this thickness delays its drying time. It takes about an hour for it to dry. From one can of paint, you can get about 20 sq. ft coverage. Those having a small budget as well as those in need of chalk paint in a small can, then this is for you.

  • It is non-toxic
  • Its palette has 42 colors
  • Budget-priced
  • Improves adherence with its slightly thicker consistency 
  • Has coverage of just 20 square feet
  • Its first coat takes about an hour to dry

5. Rust-Oleum 285140 – Best White Chalk Paint

Best White Chalk PaintThe quality of Rustoleum’s chalk paint is great and that is why the Rust-Oleum 285140 – Best White Chalk Paint is known to offer excellent coverage. The product has no odor and dries up before thirty minutes. However, it is advisable that users wait patiently for about 1-2 hours before handling the second coat. The product is also available in spray cans.

With its thin consistency and coverage, it is one of the very few white chalk paints that can be used outdoors. Have we mentioned that it is one of the cheapest brands out there? Of course, it is. With all these great features, it also saves time and effort and it has a smooth finish.

  • No odor
  • Dries quickly
  • Available in spray cans.
  • Not as expensive as other brands
  • It has just eight colors
  • The surface has to be primed

6. Soft Southern Strokes Chalk Furniture Paint

Best Chalk PaintThis is another locally made chalk paint that is impressive. The company is known to provide chalk paint of high quality having great coverage, and the Soft Southern Strokes Chalk Furniture Paint is in no way different. The paint is 100% plant-based, and as a result, there are no fumes. No odor at all.

It offers very good coverage and takes a very short time to dry up (45 minutes), and it comes in both small and large-sized cans, which allows users to choose whichever meets their project requirements. For us, the bigger can is best as it is also reasonably priced.

  • It only needs forty five-minutes to dry quickly
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Fumes absent
  • The formula is plant-based with no odor
  • You have to continue stirring the paint to prevent clumping.

7. Dover’s Chalk Finish Paint – Best Cheap Chalk Paint

Best Cheap Chalk PaintThe Dover’s Chalk Finish Paint – Best Cheap Chalk Paint comes in a jar of 1lb, to make chalk paint of 1 gallon. Also, you could buy a 2 lb jar to make chalk paint of two gallons. This mixture should be mixed with any acrylic or flat latex paint in your desired color. There’s little or no priming or sanding required here.

This paint easily sticks to any surface. After use, it gives a very smooth surface. Sanding is not required between coats. You should only mix the quantity you are ready to use. Extra paint will be stored in a sealed container indefinitely and it won’t harden or clump. The product also offers a money-back guarantee 100%

  • Easy to mix
  • Smooth chalk finish
  • It has a professional look 
  • It can be used with your desired color
  • No visible cons

8. DecoArt ADC-27 Chalky Paint

Best Chalk PaintAt times, when painting furniture, you want to maintain its vintage style, and this is where the DecoArt ADC-27 Chalky Paint becomes very important. Without concealing the texture and natural grain of the surface, this product will present a lovely coat-color to your furniture. It is also durable and resists external elements. This paint by DecoArt also performs well in delivering decorative finishes and details.

No matter the technique applied, its application delivers consistent and beautiful results. It is very easy to distress and that’s why it works great for varnishes and waxes. It is also very easy to apply, making it a very great choice for amateurs.

  • 100% non-toxic
  • It’s easy to distress
  • Can work perfectly on different surfaces
  • Unique chalky finish
  • Applying this paint could be difficult 
  • Strong odors are released 

9. Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint

Best Chalk Paint The Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint is one of the very best chalk paints out there. Compared to other brands that are certified for very low VOC, they are certified for zero VOC. Another thing to note here is the quality of the paint. Compared to most, it’s thicker.

This is why there’s no need for sanding or priming, as it has excellent adherence.Also, it has a smooth and chalky coat and applying little skill, the well-known shabby-chic finish can easily be replicated. Its great quality is also backed up with a price tag that is highly competitive, which is cheaper compared to most brands currently in the market.

  • It offers a wide range of color palettes for users to pick from (40 colors)
  • Has excellent adherence
  • Cans come in different sizes
  • Zero VOC
  • Dilution has to be done using a spray gun
  • It has less coverage compared to other competitors

10. Chalk Finish Paint Furniture

Best Chalk PaintThe Chalk Finish Paint Furniture is a high-quality chalk paint that covers in one to two coats. There’s no need for stripping, sanding or primer, and it requires just minimal prep. There’s no need to add water because the formula is a ready mix. This paint also adheres to raw wood, stained wood, metal, resin, glass, laminate, cement, and brick; and when it is mixed with water, it can serve as a stain on any fabric.

Of course, this is great for painting the couch.  It has ultra-low VOC and it is indoor and kid-friendly. To safeguard your finished job, clear furniture should be sealed with a polycrylic or wax. However, if the project is outdoors, then an exterior polycrylic should be used.

  • Ultra-low VOC
  • Indoor and kid-friendly
  • High-quality paint
  • Ready-mix formula
  • An Amazon user complained about the sea glass

Buying Guide

Types of Chalk Paints

For those who desire a consistent and fast finish, the best option is the spray chalk paint application. With spray chalk paint, you’ll get a uniform and smooth finish. However, if want you desire after using the chalk paint is a more vintage look, then you should go for the traditional chalk paints. The chalk paint consistency varies depending on its composition.

An acrylic or vinyl latex base will provide consistencies that vary. Thinner consistencies present a chalk paint appearance that is realistic, and more vintage, while a thicker consistency may deliver a look that is more contemporary in just one coat.  Also, you can easily apply thinner consistencies with a spray gun, which may deliver a look that is more professional.

How to Apply the Chalk Paint

When we talk about outdoor and indoor general paints, the mode of application is more of a choice than a necessity. If you desire a textured or tacky look, then you should use a roller having different density of knits. You can use a spray gun if you want a very smooth look, though you may need to have some experience in this or get a professional to do this for you. Using a paintbrush means you want your final picture to be smooth and with some character.


The brush is a standard method for chalk paint application and it is a straightforward process. The process doesn’t need the paint to be specially prepared, though the consistency can be altered to meet your demands. If you need chalk paint just to create a distressed look, then this is a great choice. However, if this is not the case, then to determine the painting technique and consistency required to get rid of the obvious brushstroke patterns may take time.


This is the best method if you want to quickly paint something without much stress. Rollers should only be used when cabinets, large furniture pieces, or other projects presenting large surfaces. The roller’s knit absorbs the paint and then applies like a thick blob. The fact here is that, if you are using thick paint, the roller will not roll, and will find it difficult pushing the blob around the project. To solve this problem, the paint has to be thinned, but you may have to use trial and error to determine how much the paint has to be thinned.

Paint Gun

Paint guns are usually used when you want to paint a wall. With this, if you want your project to have a smooth finish, then you’ll get just that. However, while rolling chalk paint that is left unthinned, it could be messy and futile and more disastrous than paint guns.


This mode of application is the least common and just a single brand offers it. This method applies chalk paint via an aerosol can, just like other spray paints. Although the application time might speed up, the chalk paint has to be very thin before it can be sprayed from the aerosol can. This chalk paint will require a protective finish to avoid scratching and cracking to the project as well as more coats to achieve similar color saturation.

Related Questions

What happens if chalk paint is not waxed?

It’s well-known that chalk paints, on their own, have a fantastic look. However, if you desire to extend the paint’s traffic resistance and durability, then it is advisable you utilize sealant agents like wax, Asides safeguarding the surface from wear and tear which usually comes naturally as a result of frequent use, the damage that could come to the chalk paint from acid rain, UV rays, as well as other harmful elements are reduced by wax. Asides this, wax can also serve as a great sheen to a painted surface.

How long does it take a chalk paint to dry?

After applying the second or third coat, then you’re set to let it dry completely. Normally, it takes at least a day (24 hours), for chalk paint to dry completely. However, some people allow a well-ventilated room to dry for two days (48 hours).

How long should I wait for the chalk paint to dry before applying the second coat?

Normally, chalk paints are usually dry enough in about 2 to 3 hours before a second coat is allowed. However, to avoid accidents, it is advisable for users to read the instructions included in the paint by the manufacturer.

How do I achieve a smooth finish using chalk paint?

Follow these steps if you want to have a smooth finish with chalk paint:

  • Wiping the piece clean

Making use of a clean cloth or paper towel, eradicate the debris and dust

  • Mixing of Paint

If necessary, the paint should be prepared by mixing it with the right quantity of water.

  • Application of the chalk paint

The paint should be applied by mixing it with a brush (medium-sized) that has natural bristles, and then allow it to dry.

  • Application of the Paint’s second coat

After the successful drying of the first coat, then it’s time to apply the second one. Handle this properly and ensure the material’s pores are covered by the paint. 

  • Sanding of the Piece

After the drying of the second coat, the entire piece should be sanded by utilizing sandpaper of 400 grit. Take it gently, but be thorough.

  • Waxing the Piece

The wax should be applied to the whole piece with a wax brush. Wax in small amounts should be applied at a time. Most times, if circular motions are used, the application goes over better.

  • Buffing the wax in

The wax should be buffed in by utilizing a piece of cloth (one that is cheap but clean). Next is to rub the whole piece via circular motions. Avoid pressing against the object too hard.


When upgrading your furniture, to achieve a professional and smooth finish, you’ll need to have chalk paint. There are so many chalk paints out there and choosing one out of the pool may be confusing. Before you go ahead to buy chalk paint, there are so many things you need to consider, most especially the look you wish to see in your piece of furniture. Also, your budget determines the best chalk paint that suits your needs.

Other significant factors to consider before buying chalk paint includes the project type, project size, user skill level as well as what you want the finished product to look like.  We have taken our time to review the top ten best chalk paints, and each of these products deserves the spot they occupy. These reviews also include their pros and cons as well as an informative buying guide, and with these, we are sure you’ll make the best decision.

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