Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Circular Saws Reviewed in 2020

Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Circular Saws Reviewed in 2020

Those days are gone when heavy sheet material needed to be lugged to and from the old table saw. With the newly developed circular saws, users can now move around their materials freely and get into tight areas like never before.

All newbies in the DIY will find these power tools advantageous, and could even become a DIY habit having seen how easy to use this lightweight device is. The best circular saws are just like the track saws.

With a shape and size for all kinds of sheet material out there, there may be no need to get another saw. We know that choosing the best circular saw may be difficult for you because we have a whole lot of them in the market. For this reason, we have taken our time to do some research to come up with the best 10 circular saws in the market.     

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Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall DEWALT DCS391B Best Value DEWALT DWE575SB Best Budget Black & Decker BDECS300C
Best Cordless Circular Saw Best Corded Circular Saw Best Circular Saw for the Money
  • High performance in cutting 
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • Has a blade break
  • Very powerful
  • Sturdy and versatile
  • Has an electric blade
  • It has lightweight
  • Depth adjustments and bevel are easy to use
  • Laser guide present

10 Best Circular Saws with Reviews

1. DEWALT DCS391B – Best Cordless Circular Saw

Best Cordless Circular SawThe DEWALT DCS391B – Best Cordless Circular Saw is well known and there are reasons for it. Its motor of 5,250 rpm handles most job site and household cuts. It offers both versatility and power with its 2 ¼” cutting depth and 6 ¼” blade.

Also, with its 5/8” arbor, users have access to a lot of different blades. It is compatible with DeWalt batteries (which are sold separately) and can last for a whole day, and since it weighs just 7 lbs, you won’t be tired while working with this tool.

The bevel cuts handled by this device is about 50 degrees and it features a blade (carbide tipped) as well as a blade brake

  • High performance in cutting 
  • It is lightweight and comfortable, so users can saw throughout the day
  • Has a blade brake
  • The battery can be interchanged with other tools from DeWalt
  • It is usually battery hungry

2. Makita SP6000J1 – Best Circular Saw Blade

Best Circular Saw BladeThe Makita SP6000J1 – Best Circular Saw Blade features a 12 amp motor as well as lightweight components (made of magnesium) to build a circular saw offering more power.

Its main feature which separates it from other competitors is that this device can be used wherever and whenever you need it. Even when handling difficult to cut materials, this system offers splinter-free cuts. It also has electronic speed control, a 1 to 48 degrees bevel capacity, a great cutting capacity of 1 9/16” at 45 degrees and 2 3/16” at 90 degrees.

This device will work perfectly well if a portable workbench is chosen for it.

  • Its powerful motor ensures it handles large pieces easily
  • Has electronic speed control to make finished product nice and smooth
  • Jagged edges can be forgotten on plywood cut
  • Pieces that are narrower than the guide track could cause some problems

3. Rockwell RK3440K – Best Compact Circular Saw

Best Compact Circular SawThe Rockwell RK3440K – Best Compact Circular Saw is a very portable circular saw that can cut wood, ceramic tile, plastic, slate, aluminum, and more with precision and speed. 

It doesn’t weigh up to four pounds but it has a very effective system for dust extraction which helps users know how far they’ve gone. It also features a 4 amp motor that handles the most extreme tasks. Its balance, well-designed handle, and lightweight of this device make reaching for it very easy.

It makes the task much easier and it has a new laser guide which is unique; this might pose a question as to why other heavier, larger, more expensive saws, lack this feature. 

  • Its motor of 4 amp is very powerful
  • Its 120-inch cord keeps delivering
  • Handles smaller tasks much faster and with lea stress  
  • You may end up applying too much pressure than necessary

4. DEWALT DWE575SB – Best Corded Circular Saw

Best Corded Circular SawThe DEWALT DWE575SB – Best Corded Circular Saw is a well-known corded circular saw and this is because of its great features. Its motor of 15 amp runs at 5,100 rpms offering enough energy to cut through everything and anything. 

Its blade of 7 ¼” provides a depth cut of about 2 9/16”. It can also bevel to an angle of about 57 degrees. It has a lightweight (8.8 lbs), making it very easy to handle all day without getting the user exhausted. It also has an integrated dust blower that ensures your face is not messed up, as well as onboard wrench storage that ensures blade changes are achieved easily and quickly.

  • Very powerful
  • Sturdy and versatile
  • Has an electric blade
  • Designed with high attention to main details
  • The blade can be changed easily
  • The electric blade could work faster

5. DEWALT DWS535 – Best Worm Drive Circular Saw

Best Worm Drive Circular SawThe DEWALT DWS535 – Best Worm Drive Circular Saw offers a three –year limited warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee, as well as a year service free.

The hooks of this saw are wide which allows users to utilize materials of about 2 ½ inches wide. It also features a Toughcord Cord Protection System that keeps the cord stable and guards against jerking.

It has a tough footplate (which is made from double-cast magnesium). Blades are easily changed out when required with its top spindle lock.

  • It is well built
  • It has a high top speed
  • Great cutting depth
  • It weighs just 13.8 pounds
  • Specially designed for easy use
  • Its plug doesn’t go into a regular outlet
  • It is not the cheapest out there, but it still has a fair price

6. Rockwell RK3441K – Best Mini Circular Saw

Best Mini Circular SawThe Rockwell RK3441K – Best Mini Circular Saw has an ergonomic design which makes it stand out among other models. This versatile and comfortable allows users to work for long periods without getting tired. 

The manufacturers have also focused on the product’s grip, making users have the best control of the saw, which leads to better accuracy as well as achieving better results.

Asides this, the Rockwell RK3441K also has a lock-off switch making it very safe to use. The product is also very durable, with its outer guard as well as a metal inner liner which protects it well from the elements.

  • To aid precise cutting, it features the laser guide technology
  • For safety purposes, it has a lock-off switch 
  • Ergonomically designed to aid maneuverability
  • Heavy work can be bound up by the blade
  • Users that are left-handed usually find it difficult to use the saw

7. Black & Decker BDECS300C – Best Circular Saw for the Money

Best Circular Saw for the MoneyThe Black & Decker BDECS300C – Best Circular Saw for the Money does perfectly well in handling tough tasks. Thanks to its motor of 13 amps, it can handle most applications involving cutting.

It also features an additional laser cut line device that was designed to aid the user to achieve precise cuts. Its lightweight design also makes it comfortable and easy to use. The device was manufactured in the United States, that’s why it comes with a two-year limited warranty so users can be sure of its quality.

If you’re searching for an item that goes tough when handling materials but is pocket-friendly, then this one is for you.

  • It has lightweight
  • Depth adjustments and bevel are easy to use
  • Laser guide present
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Has spindle lock to ensure safe blade attachments 
  • Some Amazon users feel the device is not reliable enough

8. SKILSAW SPT67WL-01 – Best Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Aluminum

Best Circular Saw Blade for Cutting AluminumThe SKILSAW SPT67WL-01 – Best Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Aluminum is one of the full-sized circular saws with a lightweight design; it also seems to have the best built.

With its lightweight housing, dual-field motor, and beveling capacity of 56 degrees, users can cut whatever and however, they need to. It features a dust blower that ensures users have a clear view of whatever they’re cutting. It has a speed of 5,300 rpm; although it is not the fastest among other circular saws, it has a torque to compensate for this, which helps in beating the band

With the 180 days satisfaction of the device as well as its affordable price point, this saw offers a lot of value and performance.

  • Handles the toughest and hardest materials easily
  • It offers great value generally
  • With its lightweight design, users can work longer and harder
  • Lack of laser sighting

9. Bosch CS10 – Best 7 1/4 Circular Saw

Best 7 1/4 Circular SawThe Bosch CS10 – Best 7 1/4 Circular Saw is a powerful and beautifully engineered that slides through the nastiest and hardest material within the twinkling of an eye. It also features a blower (in-built) that ensures the cut line doesn’t encounter any obstructions, carbide-tipped blade of (7 ¼ inch), bevel capacity of 56 degrees with detents at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. 

This tool is very aggressive and will never disappoint even if it encounters the hardest and toughest material. It weighs just 10 pounds, which is relatively light. It also has a composite footplate which is very durable, that ensures users cut with precision and confidence. 

  • This tool is beautifully engineered and great looking as well
  • Adjusting the bevel is easy and quick
  • Materials are devoured by the high technology drive worm motor 
  • Its carry bag is not impressive at all. 

10. Skilsaw SPT70WM-22 – Best 10 ¼ Circular Saw

Best 10 ¼ Circular SawThe Skilsaw SPT70WM-22 – Best 10 ¼ Circular Saw is also called the “Sasquatch” which can get to about 4,600 RPM. At 45 degrees and 90 degrees, its cutting capacity is 2 ¾ and 3 11/16 respectively.

This circular saw has a lightweight (just 16.5 pounds) making it very easy to move about, it can and can handle 4x cleanly. Its 15 amp magnesium-housed dual field motor is designed to be durable and long-lasting. 

The motor has a cooling ability which helps in reducing the chances of the tool overheating as a result of continuous use. Its overall design seems sleek and well-balanced.  Its beveling capacity of 51 degrees stops at 45 degrees and 22.5 degrees. 

  • It is lightweight
  • Rugged and durable
  • The motor has cooling ability
  • The overall design is sleek and well-balanced
  • No visible cons

Buying Guide

Types of Circular Saws

There are nine different types of circular saws. Let’s quickly go through each of them.

Worm drive Circular Saws

These types of circular saws are common. What differentiates it from other saws is how the arrangement of the gears is done and where the motor is placed on the tool. 

Sidewinder Circular Saws

These circular saws are also referred to as in-line circular saws. This type of saw is more compact compared to the worm drives since their motors are placed in-line to the blade on the saw’s side.

Hypoid Circular Saws

The motors of the hypoid circular saws are placed at the rear, and this is why they are usually mistaken for worm drives. Though, the gear alignment and transmission are different. Also, hypoids have completely-sealed motors and there’s no need for oil to keep running perfectly which contrasts the worm drives that require oil.

Abrasive Saws

These saws are designed to cut through hard materials, but instead of teeth, it uses a composite friction disc. They wear out easily unless you choose one that is made from diamond or cubic boron nitride.

Biscuit Joiners

 Biscuit joiners are utilized in joining pieces of wood without any other mark or visible nail holes. This joiner cuts a slit in the same area on the side of the two boards being joined together.

Carbide Circular Saws

Carbide circular saws make use of carbide for their blade. The blade’s teeth are designed from cemented carbide which is made to cut rigid materials. Depending on what you want to cut, they usually exist as vertical or horizontal slides, or as a pivot.

Concrete Circular Saws

These are also referred to as slab saws and can be used for cutting different solid materials. They are usually in chop-saw or handheld form, and its motor can utilize hydraulics, electricity, fuel, or be pressurized.  

Flip-Over Saws

These saws function as both a table and a miter-saw. The table saw function can cut materials a table saw is designed to cut, while the miter saw feature cross-cuts at set angles the same way a reliable miter saw functions.

Metal Cutting Circular Saws

Normally, any circular saw that has a great blade can be used in cutting metal; however, some are specially designed to carry out this task.  

Compared to wood, metal is more rigid and difficult to cut. You could also worry about sparks when metals come in contact with each other as well as metal shards that are thrown from the blade. Circular saws that are specially designed for cutting metals somehow offer more reliable protection from these sparks.      

Features to consider before buying the best circular saw

Blade Material

Since most of the materials requiring cutting are usually hard, then there’s a need for the blade material to be very hard to prevent breakage. Blades that are tipped with tungsten are included among the hardest blades though there are tougher materials utilized in other applications.

Blade Size

The cutting blade size is another important factor when picking a circular saw. This also depends on the material that needs to be cut. The material is penetrated more when using bigger blades, and so for thicker and larger substances, there’s a need for large blades.


Most times, circular saws are hand-held and therefore not very heavy. This is why during construction, lightweight materials like magnesium are usually employed. Good circular saws ought to be lightweight to be able to handle and transport easily.

Blade Adjustability

When picking a circular saw, it is necessary to go for one that can be easily adjusted to suit a cut.  


In general, as the power increases, the stronger the circular saw’s cutting capacity. For example, we expect a circular saw’s motor of 15.8 amps to deliver more speed and strength than that having a motor rated 14.5 amps.


Durability is a very important feature of a good circular saw’s blade as well as other important parts. A reliable machine is created to handle a large number of hours cutting through hard materials, and therefore durability is very important.

Ease of Use

Another thing to consider is that the device must be ergonomically balanced since this is one of the major requirements for circular saw designs. There must be unity in the weights of the machine’s components to ensure easy handling. Also, the handle’s position must be considered. Some handles are found at the top while others are placed below the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep can my circular saw be cut?

A circular saw motor of 15 amp with a saw of 7 ¼ inches at 90 degrees, has a 2 3/8 inch maximum cutting at 90 degrees and a 53 bevel capacity.

Should I go for a cordless or corded circular saw?

Since circular saws need a high amount of power to function and that power level can only be delivered by the generator or AC mains, it is advisable to choose a corded saw if you want the machine to deliver reliable and consistent performance.

How many amps do my circular saw needs?

Normally 15 amps are the average and regular power; however, some manufacturers go for motors that have slightly lower or higher power ratings to achieve less or greater power to meet important needs. 

How long can my circular blade last?

A day will surely come when the lifespan of your hardworking and loyal saw blade comes to an end. Users can replace these blades anytime they are dull or after hitting a hard knot or screw in a block of wood. On noticing the following, then your saw blade needs to be replaced.

  • The blade begins to bind
  • It burns whatever wood you’re working on
  • Becomes very difficult to use
  • The blade has a dull look or has worn or chipped teeth


You can’t refer to yourself as a handyman or tradesman without having a circular saw in your shop, toolbox, or truck. Coupled with the hammer and the power drill, it is one of the most important tools to get things done. 

When building a fence, deck, or home addition, cutting sheetrock, making furniture, framing a house, laying a hardwood floor, a circular saw is the heart of the project.  

As mentioned earlier, with the whooping number of table saws out there making your choice could be confusing. Our reviews are reliable and you can trust us because, before making our pick, several factors were considered such as cutting depth, cutting capacity, bevels, blade, speed and control, and dust extraction. Also, we conducted some online research and considered some online reviews as well.

While choosing the best circular saw for your project could be a problem, doing some research on the products reviewed above and then going through our buying guide will help you make the best decision.


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