TOP 10 Best Deck Paints Buyer’s Guide [Reviewed 2020]

TOP 10 Best Deck Paints Buyer’s Guide [Reviewed 2020]

One important question, a homeowner is the best way to decorate their patio, porch, or indoor hardwood floors. In this case, we are not talking about tables, chairs, and umbrella, but the best deck paint, stains, primer, and sealants. As a homeowner having a wooden deck, you must protect it from erosion, pests or general abuse with a paint coat.

However, it is also important that you go for products that suit your deck since things might go wrong if you use a wrong combination. Make sure the instruction on the product is read and understood to ensure it works perfectly for your product. Making a choice could be very difficult, so in this review, we will be going through the 10 best deck paints that suit different situations. Whether you want aesthetics, protection or both, we are here to help you choose the best while protecting your deck and giving it a pleasing look.

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Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall Durabak 18 Best Value Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Best Budget KILZ Porch & Patio
Best Outdoor Deck Paint Best Paint for Deck Railing Best Deck Paint for Old Wood
  • It is easily applied and can also be repaired
  • It offers excellent protection from water, traversal, and sun
  • It can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Used for protecting the deck and dock as well as other surfaces
  • It can be applied easily
  • It performs at a high level
  • It is not expensive
  • After application, it can last for at least one year
  • Protects your old wood from outdoor elements

10 Best Deck Paints with Reviews

1. KILZ Porch & Patio – Best Deck Paint for Old Wood

Best Deck Paint for Old WoodKILS, who has been a leader in the home improvement chemical industry for forty years, now brings to you an answer to your porch and deck in a bucket of 1-gallon that would effectively knock out old wood of 300 sq feet. This is the KILZ Porch & Patio – Best Deck Paint for Old Wood.

The KILZ Porch & Patio was designed to offer outdoor protection from sunlight, rain, transversal, and daily abuse. It also does well to coat the old wood with a pale gray color which should blend properly against backdrops

  • It is not expensive
  • After application, it can last for at least one year
  • Protects your old wood from outdoor elements
  • Two coats may be required here to make things look as advertised.

2. Durabak 18 – Best Outdoor Deck Paint  

Best Outdoor Deck PaintThe Durabak 18 – Best Outdoor Deck Paint has something written boldly on the front of the pack, which means it offers the best solution for both outdoor and indoor surfaces. It comes in different colors and it features anti-slip properties that ensure you remain on steady footing if at all it snows or rains.

The Durabak 18 is more suited for outdoor applications; however, users have expressed their love for the product after it proved useful for indoor surfaces as well. This special product can be used without requiring any special method. It bonds easily to concrete or wooden surfaces.

  • It is easily applied and can also be repaired
  • It offers excellent protection from water, traversal, and sun
  • It can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • This cannot be used with aluminum surfaces

3. Rust-Oleum – Best Paint for concrete pool deck

Best Paint for concrete pool deckThe Rust-Oleum – Best Paint for concrete pool deck is majorly designed for boats with its unique and high-gloss properties. This paint is to be used on components of metal, wood, and fiberglass which rest safely above the waterline. This paint, formulated out of oil can be spread evenly with ease. 

In less than two hours, it gets dried up and is set for the toils of daily use. This product will not be worth mentioning if the deck it is applied to is not protected as well.

  • It has a lovely glossy finish
  • Very easy to apply and dries very quickly
  • Brings all the spectrum of protections
  • It could flake very early, especially when used on surfaces made of wood; however, this is not the case for everyone.
  • Traction additives are absent here, which is very important in case you have plans using it on a boat deck 

4. TotalBoat TotalTread – Best Deck Paint for Old Decks

Best Deck Paint for Old DecksFrom the name, the TotalBoat – TotalTread Best Deck Paint for Old Decks is a total treat for your deck. It is designed to handle marine applications effectively. Great features here include three colors that rhyme for a typical boat, quick recoating, as well as traction addition (non-abrasive).

Users will not experience any issue while using this paint. The water, standard UV, as well as abrasion barriers are all in place, most importantly the abrasion factor.  This paint works effectively for heavy washing like wiping off a deck’s brine.

TotalBoat manufactured this paint to ensure it offers one service better than others: which is offering non-abrasive traction. This is exactly how it functions and this is what we recommend to potential users

  • It is non-abrasive
  • Applies easily, recoats like a champion, withstands power-washing
  • Very good non-slip paint
  • No visible cons

5. Deck O Seal Tan 4701033 – Best Deck Paint or Stain

Best Deck Paint or StainThe Deck O Seal Tan 4701033 – Best Deck Paint or Stain is a coating that doesn’t stain and cures to deliver a strong, flexible, and tear-free rubber. Another great characteristic of this product is its high flexibility as well as its excellent recovery. Another point here is, it resists most pool chemicals that ensure its durability.

It also withstands aging, shrinkage, and weather conditions that are harsh. Using this paint means, you are sure of a lovely deck. This coating can be used in sealing the seams to offer a sturdy, flexible, and weather-resistant surface. To conclude, this deck paint was specially designed for sealed joints found on the pool deck, and this can be used internally and externally.

  • Very resilient
  • Has great recovery qualities
  • It can be used internally and externally.
  • A little bit expensive

6. Stella Sealants Pool Deck Patio – Best Exterior Deck Paint

Best Exterior Deck PaintThe Stella Sealants Pool Deck Patio – Best Exterior Deck Paint is aqueous and has film properties of high quality. This deck paint is designed to offer hard shield, and low gloss on all pool decks and hard surfaces. The unit also features UV inhibitors that ensure the lid is used for the long term especially when used on the deck.

The unit also resists a vast majority of the irritating chemicals that are used in pools. Compared to other brands out there, it has a very affordable coating and will give your deck a fresher look. Also, it doesn’t get damaged on time and it is easily applied.

  • Lasts for a long time
  • Its film characteristics are of high-quality
  • Its application is easy 
  • Your deck could be slippery anytime it is wet

7. Chalk Mountain Brushes 32oz – Best Paint for Lawn Mower Deck

Best Paint for Lawn Mower DeckThe Chalk Mountain Brushes 32oz – Best Paint for Lawn Mower Deck is a hemp oil sealer that is all-natural that prevents your deck from water damage for a long period after one layer application. This oil sealer achieves this by penetrating the deck’s surface without facing any risk of falling off, flaking or scraping. Just a single penetration is required to do the job.

The important thing here is that the sealer works perfectly well for indoor projects the same way it works for outdoor furniture or decks, a property lacked by most sealers. This acrylic deck paint also protects against wet rot, mold, moss, fungus, and dry rot and dries up within two to three days. Using this product indoors is also safe.

  • Great for both outdoor and indoor projects
  • 100% natural
  • Protects against wet rot, mold, moss, fungus, and dry rot
  • Some users complained about the product’s smell.

8. Olympic/Ppg Architectural Fin 53203A/01 – Best Textured Deck Paint

Best Textured Deck PaintAll woods have their color and personality that will shine if the right deck paint is used. To show off attractive wood, move towards semi-solid, semi-transparent, and transparent, your best choice should be the Olympic/Ppg Architectural Fin 53203A/01 – Best Textured Deck Paint These options make it possible for the wood to reveal its most reliable features at any point in time.

This deck paint can be used on pressure-treated wood, new wood, already painted or stained wood, and weather wood. It can be used for exterior purposes and is 100% VOC Compliant in all the parts of the United States.

  • It is 100% VOC Compliant
  • Serves exterior surfaces greatly
  • Features are very reliable
  • It is manufactured in the United States, which means quality
  • No visible cons

9. INSL-X SU031009A-01 – Best Acrylic Deck Paint

Best Acrylic Deck PaintThe INSL-X SU031009A-01 – Best Acrylic Deck Paint is a skid-resistant and durable finish for exterior and interior application, abrasion resistance, retents color perfectly, resists abrasion and ponding water. It also offers high traffic resistance which is great for walkways, stairs, patios, etc. It also dries quickly after application.

It is durable and applies easily, filling and sealing cracks. Also, its coverage per gallon is 80 to 120 square feet. This paint should not be applied to exterior applications anytime the rain threatens. It shouldn’t be used on garage floors as well as other surfaces that cars can drive on

  • Dries quickly after application
  • It is skid resistant
  • It retains color perfectly
  • It is durable and can be applied easily
  • Shouldn’t be applied on exterior applications each time the rain threatens
  • Cannot work on garage floors

10. Liquid Rubber Polyurethane – Best Paint for Deck Railing

Best Paint for Deck RailingThe Liquid Rubber Polyurethane – Best Paint for Deck Railing is also great for pool decks, fences, outdoor/indoor floors, plywood surfaces, baseboards, metal structures (non-corroded), wood or concrete walkways and more. It is very easy to apply either using a roller, a conventional brush, or a sprayer having one component; it requires no mixing.

This deck paint also performs at a high level, as it provides a waterproof, hard, and durable surface with great Ultraviolet stability. This paint for deck railing should be applied at a minimum of two to three heavy coats. We recommend three to four coats for the waterproofing areas.

  • Used for protecting the deck and dock as well as other surfaces
  • It can be applied easily
  • It performs at a high level
  • It cannot be applied during hot and direct sunlight
  • It cannot be applied anytime dew is forecast

Buying Guide

All Deck Paints must have the properties below:

  • It prevents cracking
  • Its decorative element is of high-quality
  • Safeguards the surface from insects and microorganisms
  • It is resistant to wear

Types of Deck Paint

Oil deck paint

Back then, oil paint was seen as one of the most cherished materials. Though this situation has started changing, oil paints are still very relevant and are used to paint wood surfaces. Most times, the paint is made up of two components: mineral and oil additives. It is important to stir the paint before use because additives are made up of solids and over time, they settle down. Its properties are listed below:

  • It bonds perfectly with the base coat
  • Drying time is long (about 2 days)
  • Poorly resists UV rays

Alkyd Deck Paint

This is a very good alternative to oil paints. It is composed of varnish which is categorized under the alkyd pentaphthalic varnishes. To get the required result, certain ingredients are added: oils, resin, glycerin, and a nice combination of granite and sand.  This paint is usually great for cottage-like, stand-alone houses. The Alkyd deck paint possesses some great properties which include:

  • Different decorative possibilities
  • It is affordable
  • It resists different weather conditions excellently
  • Great mixing properties

Water-Based Deck Paint

As of today, water-based deck paints are becoming more popular. This is because this paint has great durability and properties. This paint comes in a few types; silicate, silicone, latex, and acrylic. The last option is usually used as a deck paint. Below are some of its features:

  • Resists weather conditions
  • Water vapor permeability is excellent
  • Covering ability is great with a coat of two layers
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to wears
  • Dries quickly
  • Elasticity

Rubber Deck Paint

Rubber deck paint can be seen as a modern material that has properties slightly better than the acrylic paint because the rubber deck paint contains special additives. It is also referred to as latex paint. Below are some of its features:

  • The paint is safe for both humans and animals; there’s no need to use a respirator or protective gloves. It is also very durable. 
  • It forms a film that is wear-resistant on the surface; the cracks are covered. 
  • It has elasticity.
  • It also allows for the permeability of water vapor. 
  • The base breathes through the coat. 

Experts believe that the paint is the best; you can consider its properties as flawless. However, it comes at a high price which could be expensive for those using it throughout their house.   

Features to consider before buying the Best Deck Paint

Searching for the best deck paint? It would be inappropriate to make a statement that one product is better than the other. Users must consider these criteria:


A very costly product doesn’t mean quality, and going for the cheapest product is not a good idea as well.

Wear Resistant

The product must be resistant to wears; this guarantees durability

Decorative element of high quality

With this element, the original look is preserved for a long period.

Prevention of cracks

Precipitation effect, as well as ultraviolet rays, affects wood which will lead to changes in its structure, which finally causes warping.

Prevents insects and microorganisms from the surface

The point is, the wooden coat is a perfect environment for the growth of mold and fungus; it also attracts insects.

Date of expiration

This is the first thing to look out for before buying paint because, in the end, the paint will lose its properties.


Choose deck paints manufactured by established brands. Ready Seal, Anvil Paints, KILZ, are well-known brands in the United States market. The price of products manufactured by these brands usually matches their quality.

The House’s special features

It is always important to consider the properties of those materials used in finishing. For instance, wood comes in different species, varieties, and age. It is also important to consider climatic conditions.


Appearance to be considered depends on what you prefer as an individual and this varies from person to person.


Different pains always require special primers and treatments. 

Related Questions

How do I prepare my deck for painting?

First, you have to determine if there are sealant coats or paints already on it. If the coat is not seen, then water should be sprinkled all over the deck and then check to see if water heads up or the concrete or wood absorbs it.

If there’s absorption, it means sealants are absent; however if it beads up, you’ll have to get rid of the coat by pressure-washing the surface. In the presence or absence of a sealant, the surface of the detritus has to be washed thoroughly before the primer is applied. This primer is used in helping the sealant or paint to settle properly to the substrate.

Can I still paint my pitted and weathered deck?

Most certainly, damaged wood can be painted so far it is structurally stable. The usual steps involving cleaning the dirt as well as stripping any possible paint or sealant layer before you start must be followed. The simple difference is that you have to use a specially designed paint for any wood in a worn condition. These paints have in them, mending properties which are normally tougher against these elements during the staining process. 

What differentiates paints from stains?

Paints are thicker, more expensive, and more effort is required to apply. Deck stains, on the other hand, are usually much thinner and they soak inside the substrate, tinting the usual color of the deck and then provide sheen. What you need to do is apply just one coat of stain, and then you need not bring a primer in. Before the deck is coated, the two solutions require the same stripping and cleaning prerequisites.


Decks are not just surfaces to be walked on, they are great visual hallmarks of a home that is well maintained. The majority of HOAs home-owners associations require that the deck of your home must have a similar quality and look to the standard, and going for a product that disregards all these won’t be the right move.

Make sure you have a careful inspection of the best deck paint you are about to purchase: the labels on the paint, primers, and sealers to be very sure of its quality because making a mistake of this type could be very expensive. Most times, you could be lucky and your mistakes never stick or just peel away. You can decide to hire a professional to be very sure you’ve made the right move since having a coat that is properly layered will give your deck strong protection as well as make it look beautiful for a very long period.

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TOP 10 Best Deck Paints Buyer's Guide [Reviewed 2020]

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