Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Exterior Paints Reviewed in 2020

Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Exterior Paints Reviewed in 2020

Getting the best exterior paint doesn’t come easy. This is because, while there are lots of high quality paints out there, every homeowner’s needs vary from person to person; too many variables out there to be considered.

Painting your home’s exterior or simply painting outside generally, could be a more difficult task compared to interior painting. Paints required here are those that can resist varying weather conditions and damage types, most especially if you’re dealing with natural wood or something vulnerable to warping and rotting.

It doesn’t have to match the material type or your climate, but must be flexible enough to handle freak weather without cracking or flaking apart. In some cases, you’ll require more than paint to ensure it stays attached through the process of drying.

Below are the ten best paints which we have reviewed and picked out personally. Also included is a buying guide which is a description explaining why they are great.    

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Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall Rust-Oleum 1990502 Best Value KILZ Porch & Patio Best Budget Prestige 1-Gallon
Best Paint for Exterior Metal Door Best Exterior Latex Paint Best Paint for Exterior Brick
  • It dries quickly
  • It is adhesive
  • Versatile
  • It has high coverage
  • It is resistant to rain
  • Can be sprayed
  • Easily cleaned
  • It is durable
  • Low VOC

10 Best Exterior Paints with Reviews

1. Kilz Porch and Patio – Best Exterior Paint for Wood

Best Exterior Paint for WoodThe Kilz Porch and Patio – Best Exterior Paint for Wood was specifically designed for painting wooden porch, decks, and patio floors that are easily worn out.  

If your Patio or Porch floor hasn’t been painted due to fear of the great amount of maintenance, then you’ll not get the added protection and style that will be offered to you for painting the floor.

If you’ve invested some money to make the extension outside your home beautiful, then this product is very important to protect your investment.

  • No need for priming
  • Great for other surfaces like metal and cement
  • Specifically designed to protect outdoor flooring and decks, but works well for siding, furniture, as well as other products.
  • It takes about four to six hours for the two coats to be applied, which is lengthy.

2. KILZ Premium High-Hide – Best Paint for Exterior Door

Best Paint for Exterior DoorThe KILZ Premium High-Hide – Best Paint for Exterior Door works well to give a uniform finish on any surface, especially those that normally will require an undercoat to be completed before the main one. 

It is adhesive to the majority of surfaces both outdoors and indoors, closing up holes in surfaces that are porous, to leave regular paint on a smooth canvas. It works perfectly on materials like masonry, bare wood, plaster, and brick.

Even a bucket of five gallons can cover about 20,000 square feet, which gives you more than enough to coat the exterior walls of the whole home easily with at least a layer before laying down the paint.

  • It has high coverage
  • It is adhesive
  • It seals holes
  • It has low-VOC
  • It blocks stains
  • Some Amazon users complained about the packaging of the product

3. Rust-Oleum 2004 – Best Exterior Paint to Prevent Mold

Best Exterior Paint to Prevent MoldThe main features of the Rust-Oleum 2004 – Best Paint to prevent Mold is its rust inhibitor, which protects metal surfaces from rusting and water damage. Since sanding is not required unlike many other similar primers, another layer can easily be added to any surface and its base will end up smooth and even for easy sticking of your paint.

About 100 sq ft is covered by each quart-size, depending on the particular conditions as well as your mode of application.

Once it turns dry, your surface will be protected from mold, mildew, and moisture, which is made possible by its water-based formulation. Even with this, there will be no bad reactions with low or high pH surfaces like natural wood.  

  • It is smooth
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Sanding not required
  • Works with surfaces having high Ph
  • Rust inhibitor
  • Some Amazon users complained about the quality of the product

4. Kilz Exterior – Best Exterior Paint for Stucco

Best Exterior Paint for StuccoThe Kilz Exterior – Best Exterior Paint for Stucco sticks perfectly on almost all wooden surfaces. It can paint at any angle and can also cover vertical walls without any splashing or dripping. 

This water and oil formula makes it very versatile and adhesive while ensuring it lasts long and lots of additional durabilities, helping it to resist major cracks and peeling without showing damage signs.

Every gallon can cover about 200 sq feet, rising to 500 square feet once the surface has been prepared already. This product works great for home – it sticks to wood, glossed, and masonry materials. 

The touch-dry time of three hours transforms to 8 hours between the coats, although just one coat may be required if you’re residing in an area that has great weather.

  • It is versatile
  • It is adhesive
  • It lasts long
  • Has high coverage
  • Resists cracks
  • Some users complained of leakage

5. Rust-Oleum 1990502 – Best Paint for Exterior Metal Door

Best Paint for Exterior Metal DoorThe Rust-Oleum 1990502 – Best Paint for Exterior Metal Door is great for different surfaces either outdoors or indoors, ranging from treated wood and ceramic to other things like canvas or metal.

The formula is designed to be very adhesive, working perfectly for most outdoor structures and house walls without the need for any primer or prep layer, although it can still be used to be sure the paint sticks properly.

 The paint dries very quickly (just 30 minutes), which means there’s no need to sit all day outside monitoring the progress. It also uses a special formula to reduce the odor created while it’s wet. It can be cleaned easily with soap and water.  

  • It dries quickly
  • It is adhesive
  • Versatile
  • It has low odor
  • Cleans easily
  • Some Amazon users complained about the quality of the product

6. KILZ Porch & Patio – Best Exterior Latex Paint

Best Exterior Latex PaintThe KILZ Porch & Patio – Best Exterior Latex Paint is designed specially to protect wooden extensions and patios from physical and weather-related damage. It can also resist different types of cracking and scuffing without being vulnerable to seeping water, mold, and mildew.

This latex paint covers about 400 sq ft when it comes to smooth materials and for rough surfaces lacking a primer, it covers about 300 sq feet. Although this paint was designed to be painted using a brush or roller, a sprayer can also be used to get to areas that normally it won’t reach when painting by hand.

This low-sheen formula is one of the most effective paints when revamping wood flooring; no matter the style chosen for a home, it will not look odd.

  • It has high coverage
  • It is resistant to rain
  • Can be sprayed
  • Prevents mold
  • Its coverage isn’t good enough

7. Valspar 3125-70 – Best Exterior White Paint

Best Exterior White PaintThe Valspar 3125-70 – Best Exterior White Paint is very durable and offers a great level of water resistance in both cold and hot climates. It can withstand harsh conditions that could cause any paint to fade, which ensures it is vivid in times of heavy sunlight as well as prevent it from cracking and flaking as a result of direct heat.

It works fine for different surfaces asides wood, like aluminum, weathered steel, primed or regular masonry, and primed metal.

It dries in two minutes (which is fast) and in hot weather takes even a lesser time. After four hours of painting the first, it is ready for the second coat.

  • It is durable
  • It does not fade
  • It dries quickly
  • Conceals wood grain
  • Very few users on Amazon gave negative reviews about the product.

8. PPG ProLuxe 23 – Best Exterior Trim Paint

Best Exterior Trim PaintThe PPG ProLuxe 23 – Best Exterior Trim Paint is great for homeowners, individuals, and painters who desire an exterior stain that offers a translucent topcoat.

It is great for garage doors, trim or siding, log homes, or entrance doors; any outdoor surface made of wood at all. Asides that it is very transparent, it provides high-level UV sun protection. Also, it is both water repellant and weather resistant.

Generally, this product has positive reviews which means it has high quality. It lasts about two to three years and can last about five years on shady sides.

Though some people complained about its price and smell, this exterior trim paint is great and will provide the required coverage.

  • Water repellant and weather resistant
  • UV sun protection
  • High quality
  • Very transparent
  • It is expensive
  • It smells

9. Anvil 1500 – Best Paint for Exterior Concrete Walls

Best Paint for Exterior Concrete WallsOne great feature of the Anvil 1500 – Best Paint for Exterior Concrete Walls is that it is very easy to clean because the paint is water-based; although it is durable like the urethane stain.

When this paint is applied to a properly prepared surface, it produces a satin finish which is then sealed with a sealer of high-quality. This stain works well for unpainted concrete, walkways, garage doors, sidewalks, and pool decks. 

The in-flammable color of this stain penetrates well into the concrete and resists the hot tire effect.  Asides its durability, this paint is also versatile. Over coarse concrete, its coverage is about 200 square feet per coat and over smooth concrete, it is 300 square feet per gallon for each coat.

  • Easy to clean up
  • It is durable
  • Asides concrete, it works well on many surfaces
  • It is resistant to the hot tire effect
  • No visible cons

10. Prestige 1-Gallon – Best Paint for Exterior Brick

Best Paint for Exterior BrickThe Prestige 1-Gallon – Best Paint for Exterior Brick comes in many different colors that go by names like Grape Leaves, Storm’s End, or Deepest Evergreen. This product works as both a primer and a paint.

It doesn’t just go smoothly on surfaces, but it covers surfaces perfectly and has the high-hide ability. It is an acrylic latex paint having low VOC and offers a coating that is resistant to mildew and highly durable. The coat is also washable and can be cleaned easily with water and soap. This makes it a great choice for almost any surface especially bricks.

  • Easily cleaned
  • It is durable
  • Low VOC
  • Goes smoothly on surfaces and covers them properly
  • Some Amazon users complained about this paint, with one user saying the paint can be scratched off the wall with ease.

Buying Guide

Types of Exterior Paints

Exterior paints exist in three styles namely: Oil-Based paints, Acrylic Latex Paints, and Exterior Paints. Each of these types has its benefits and pitfalls, which must be considered before using them. Let’s go into these types in detail to know what exactly these types are well suited for.   

Oil-Based Paints

There was a time when most people preferred this type of exterior paints for their homes. However, in recent years, things have changed as people now prefer using latex exterior paints. Although latex paints are well-known compared to the oil-based exterior paints, this doesn’t mean the latter does not have some benefits. One of the major benefits of using this paint is that they get very hard after drying and as time goes on, it will continue to harden.

This makes them very good for use in areas of your home getting a lot of traffic. Most people use oil-based paints for their handrails, porches, steps, as well as other surfaces that can withstand heavy use.

Sadly, oil-based exterior paints also have their pitfalls. Since these paints will only harden before becoming brittle, over time they form a weathered and cracked very unappealing look. Also, oil-based paints don’t bond properly with latex ones; this is why stripping the surface completely may become very necessary. However, most times, it is advisable that oil-based paint is put over older coats without encountering any problems.

Acrylic Latex Paints

These paints are very easy to work with and it produces great results. They are also very easy to clean using just water and soap. Unlike other paints, after they dry up they don’t stiffen; so with every season change, they can breathe. This helps them weather the summer heat as well as the winter cold without any cracking.

These paints also don’t crack while houses settle. And since this paint type is flexible, they work well on different surfaces such as metal, brick, aluminum, vinyl, and wood.  

However, there are certain pitfalls associated with this paint. Most of these paints create annoying fumes that are caused by VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These compounds don’t just contribute to the pollution of air, but they are also toxic to birds and animals in high concentrations.

Another issue with acrylic latex paint is that it doesn’t bond with previous coat paints. This means that the old paint must be removed and then you start with a completely clean surface.

Exterior Stains

When there’s an exterior in your home that is decorated with beautiful wood, most times people do not want to paint it whether oil-based or acrylic.

In these cases, painters usually utilize stains to paint the home’s exterior. Exterior stains do well in painting woods like redwood, rosewood, and cedar, and they do well in preserving the grain of these woods coupled with safeguarding them from weathering.

Although stains don’t protect as much as paint, they still keep the wood from moisture and rot. However, you must note that the Sun’s UV will still penetrate the stain and then discolor the wood. Some manufacturers of stain usually try to prevent this by ensuring UV blocker is added to their paints, which they’ll include on their labels.

Important Features to Consider Before Buying an Exterior Paint


More expensive exterior paints usually contain in them, ingredients of high-quality, as well as longer warranties. 15-year warranty paint is more durable than 10-year warranty paint.

Low VOCs

VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) are those emissions made by solvents and chemicals in paints. These fumes are toxic, so it’s advisable to go for paint products labeled “Zero VOC” or “Low-VOC”

Dry Time

Dry time has to be considered especially if the time given to complete a task is limited. Dry times are usually printed on the can.

Lasting Color

Paints with low-quality are usually made up of cheap pigments that fade with time. Also, remember that dark colors usually fade compared to the light ones.

Weather Resistance

A very reliable paint should be able to cope with anything nature. Oil paints are well-known for withstanding rain, and for long, oil was the exterior paint standard. However, all these changed with the development of latex paint (acrylic based). 

Exterior Painting Tips

Below are some tips to achieve good results while using exterior paint. These tips ensure that the whole painting process goes well as planned: cleanups made easier, panting process goes faster, and the looking outcome would be better.

  • Wash the exterior of your home
  • Get rid of loose paint
  • Sand the remaining rough areas
  • Repairing the structural damages
  • Make use of a reliable primer 
  • Caulking of joints
  • Application of reliable base coats
  • Apply extra coats as required
  • Repaint the exterior as required

If the above suggestions are followed, and you ensure your exterior is well painted, then your home will suddenly become the envy of everyone. All you needed to achieve this was: Buying and using the best exterior paint, being patient, and a lot of elbow grease.

Related Questions

Should this paint be used indoors?

The paint can be used technically anywhere you desire, but this doesn’t mean it’ll work or look effectively. If you have to use this paint outdoor and indoor, then you should consult the manufacturer to know if there’s anything to know or learn; this is because, some paints may release VOCs which could make the room inhabitable until it is allowed to settle or enough ventilation is added, whereas other exterior paints might cause some damage to interior walls

Should I mix my paints?

Trying to mix your interior paint could be difficult; however exterior paints differ in that, mixing two paints from different brands in most cases, could be almost impossible. This is because they are usually made to stick to some materials, and in most cases, there are more materials for the exterior of a house rather than for the inside.


As mentioned earlier, getting the best exterior paint doesn’t come easy, because several factors must be considered before deciding if a particular brand fits or does not fit your needs. If you’re making a move without planning, then you might end up purchasing what does not suit your climate or meant to be used exterior at all. Ensure you know exactly what you’re searching for before going ahead to purchase one or you may end up paying too much for an exterior paint you don’t need. 

Other significant factors to consider before buying exterior paint includes the project type, project size, user skill level as well as what you want the finished product to look like. 

We have taken our time to review the top ten best exterior paints, and each of these products deserves the spot they occupy. These reviews also include their pros and cons as well as an informative buying guide, and with these, we are sure you’ll make the best decision.

Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Exterior Paints Reviewed in 2020

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