10 Best Grill Brush Buyer’s Guide & Reviews – 2019 Updated

10 Best Grill Brush Buyer’s Guide & Reviews – 2019 Updated

Grills are becoming more and more popular among people these days and the reason is simple: people love grills meats and food. From time to time, you will need to wash or clean your appliances at home. It is important too to clean grills considering how much oils and sauces they come in contact with weekly. The thing is that, if you do not clean your grills, sooner or later, they will develop faults and will spoil. The best thing you can do is get an effective grill brush. That is why we are presenting you with this review of the best grill brushes.

Fear of developing faults isn’t the only reason why you should think of cleaning your grill even though it’s one reason why we should. If the oil and grease are left on the grill after use, this can also affect the taste of the food or meat that will be grilled the next time the grill is used. Occasionally after use, you will there is always a build-up of carbon in it and this can give your next meal a much-burnt taste.

Another reason why you should clean your grill is that if the grill is left dirty, insects will come for it. How will you like your next meal to be sandwiched with some ants! The thought is repugnant. Hence there is a need to regularly clean the grill with a nice brush. Going around the market and different online stores can be hard work and that is why we have taken it upon ourselves to write you a well-researched and accurate review of the best grill brushes available.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Kona 360 Best Value SYXLBG Grill Brush Best Budget Weber 3-sided
Best non metal grill brush Best bristles free grill brush Best grill brush for stainless steel grates
  • Features an incredible triple brush design
  • Has a long handle for easy cleaning- about 18 inches
  • Good and Safe for all types of grills
  • It is very safe
  • Meshes design is more effective
  • Grill cleaning brush with safe packaging
  • It is highly econom
  • It is durable
  • It is sturdy and versatile

10 Best Grill Brush with Reviews

1. SYXLBG – Best bristles free grill brush

Best bristles free grill brushSYXLBG is a dynamic Bristle free grill brush; it cleans better than any other bristle brush in the market. It is very simple to use. Although the first time it may be difficult to clean as expected after that, it will be very quick and easy to clean. It is super easy to scrub the grill. You will found out that if you move it to the right position; you can get some curve to clean corners.

There is some very stubborn dirt lurking in a corner of your grates, you can be sure this brush will get them out. It completely meets or exceeds your expectations of a grill brush. Its handle is made of plastic. It can be used for all types of grills like Charcoal, Gas, Porcelain, Smoker, Grill Basket, And Infrared Grill.

It is made of stainless steel which guarantees that it is long lasting and durable. Has a plastic handle that makes handling it easy and less dangerous when heated up.

  • It is very safe
  • Meshes design is more effective and quicker in most cases
  • Grill cleaning brush with safe packaging
  • You need to preheat the grill
  • It takes time because you use it gently

2. Weber 3-sided – Best grill brush for stainless steel grates

Best grill brush for stainless steel gratesThis grill brush is probably the brush that gets the most use from barbeque connoisseurs. The fact remains that this is the brush recommended not only by professional pit masters but also by the grill manufacturers themselves. Be rest assured that you are getting the best product that will live up to your expectations and give you the best cleaning you need to maintain the quality of your precious grates.

Its handle is made of plastic. It can be used for all types of grills like Charcoal, Gas, Porcelain, Smoker, Grill Basket, And Infrared Grill.

It is made of stainless steel which guarantees that it is long lasting and durable. Has a plastic handle that makes handling it easy and less dangerous when heated up.

  • It is highly econom
  • It is durable
  • It makes your clean up easie
  • It is sturdy and versatile
  •  There is always a recommendation using solution after every couple of gril
  •  It is small in size

3. Grillart – Best bbq grill brush

Best bbq grill brushIt has a unique design. The grill scraper can clean stubborn stains deeply and efficiently. The grill brush has three brushes in one, each with its own equivalent stroke, equivalent to three traditional brushes. It cleans 5X faster than ordinary bbq! It also has a long grill brush that keeps your hands safe from the heat generated by the bbq grill.

Its quality and non-slip material ensure it will not fall or break even under great pressure. The angle between the handle and the bbq tray makes it easier to clean by applying less pressure.

It comes with an innovative 360 degree rotator which is aimed at cleaning every part of your grates. No single corner will be left unclean.

  • It cleans 5X faster
  • The grill brush and scraper last long
  • The stainless steel wire is firmly embedded
  • It is 85% more durable than a conventional brush
  • It takes time while using
  • The brush liable to ruin the porcelain-coated steel grates

4. Big sky grillers – Best grill brush for cast iron grates

Best grill brush for cast iron gratesBig sky grillers bring you one of the best grill brushes for cast iron grates, many people were impressed by the quality of this grill brush and we think you will be too. For beginners, its unique design gives it an advantage over the competition. Its design resembles a “T”. This allows this grill brush to slip into those hard to reach places and make sure everything is neat.

You can also clean very well between the grates. Stainless steel bristles are at the end of the brush. They will not clump together on you because they are made of stainless steel. Aside from having a very nice rubber handle, this grill brush as a longer handle than some of the competition.

  • Stainless steel for longer life and extra cleaning power
  • Extra-long handle provides protection for hands and arms
  • Safe for stainless steel grates, cast iron, and porcelain
  • It has just one year warranty

5. Grillaholics Essentials– Best brass grill brush

Best brass grill brushThe true grillaholics that live by the grill and die by the grill, the weekend is an opportunity to add up the fire to the grill and get in the zone. It’s all about tasting a deliciously smoked meat and experiencing the freedom of grilling on the weekend. Not only on weekends, have we believed you should get to experience the freedom of grilling as much as you wish.

That’s why it’s our mission to create some of the finest grilling accessories for people like you. This brush is long, made of stainless steel, durable and comfortable clean all grill types be it charcoal, gas, infra-red, and so on. Since grates are best clean when they are still hot, this brush is 18 inches long; guaranteed of providing cover for your hands even while the grates are still hot.

  • Perfect for all grills
  • Long term durability
  • Cleans 5X faster
  • It is somehow heavy
  • It has only two brush options

6. The Chargon grill scraper– Best non wire grill brush

Best non wire grill brushThe chargon grill scraper is one of the simplest grill cleaning tools on the planet. But, nobody will say simplicity was a bad thing. You get a decent cleaning around the whole grill grate with the chargon. This brush is highly recommended in this category because of its simplicity and special construction. But, have it in mind due to the shape of the head you must have a round one rod- shape grill for best results.

No matter how caked-on your carbon is, the chargon will handle all the pressure and give your grates the best possible care.

  • Durable construction
  • No chemicals needed
  • Simple design
  • Rope for hanging the brush
  • Comes with a wooden scraper

7. Alpha grillers– Best brush for porcelain grill grates

Best brush for porcelain grill gratesThis is a heavy-duty big brush that is sure to get the job done. This brush is very much safe for all surfaces including porcelain. It has 3 times the surface area of your standard grill brush. It has enough stainless steel bristle that you can use to clean your grill much faster and efficiently than compared to other grill brushes. 

This brand is so confident; you will be pleased with this brush. This brush is specifically made for your grill. This brush can clean the grill while the grill is warm or cold. The huge surface lets your cover more grate with each swipe. The 3 heads, each one packed full of stiff bristles, cut through even the most stubborn grime. In no time your great will be looking shiny and new, ready for the next meaty onslaught.

  • It is affordable
  • It produces excellently
  • It is not heavy
  • The maintenance is minimal
  • It has just one year guarantee

8. Weber 6494– Best gas grill brush

Best gas grill brush For gas and other cooking apparatus, this is a must-have tool for keeping grill grates free from substance debris. It easily cleans hard-to-reach spaces or areas at the edges of the cooking grates. It is a stainless steel bristle with extra thickness for longer life. Ergonomic handle helps with grip and it also provides control and leverage when clean dirty cooking grates.

It is sturdy and durable, the bristles are strong but don’t scratch, it is comfortable to grip, and it cleans really well. It covers more grills areas. Its stainless steel bristle is very thick which makes it suitable for resisting wear and tear from frequent use. Its ergonomic handle provides control and leverage when cleaning dirty cooking grates. If you are a frequent griller, make sure to replace once every two years.

  • The large wide brush head cleans large surface quickly and efficiently
  • The short sides can be used for cleaning edges
  • The short sides can also be used for dislodging debris between grates
  • With time it might scratch the grill

9. Kona 360 degree– Best non metal grill brush

Best non metal grill brushWith other brushes, cleaning your grill can be tough. The 360-degree clean brush allows you to effortlessly clean all sides of your grill grates. It provides a cleaner, healthier grill surface than other brushes and greatly reduces the risk of bristles ending up in your food. It has a unique design of three brushes in one.

Each stroke is equivalent to three strokes of a conventional grill brush. 360 degree clean, not just the top surface. Its 18 inches handle gives it an edge because frequent grillers always love brushes with a long handle for ease of use. It also prevent burning since grates are best cleaned when heated up. The brush can be used conveniently with both hands. And what is more? It comes with an astonishing 5 years warranty on purchase. It is a sturdy and robust grill brush which will not bend or fizzle out easily.

  • It is affordable
  • Its quickly removes burnt on residue
  • It does not bend or become flimsy
  • It allows the use of both hands with minimal effort
  • It is not safe on cast iron

10. A&D bbq tools – Best grill brush for weber genesis

Best grill brush for weber genesisWhen you think of an amazing family outing, gathering of your friends and delicious food, everything seems great on till you get to know that your grill is not palatable with greasy bits and grime and you have to immediately look for a way to get it nice. With this grill brush, you don’t need to start running to find a piece of old equipment to clean your grill.

Just grab this A&D bbq grill cleaner for your weber genesis. It has a very long and durable handle, its bristles are made of stainless steel, rust proof, and dishwasher safe. You can get your cleaning done three times faster than cleaning with other brushes.

  • The quality is high
  • It has a stainless steel bristles
  • The recommendation is high
  • It will be an amazing gift to family and friends
  • The bristles can start falling as time goes on

Buying Guide for Choosing Grill Brush

Things to Look for in a Grill Brush

If you want to buy a grill brush, you should buy the one that can serve you well. Good brushes can be identified by a number of factors. It is more than how they look. Consider some of them:

What it is made of- most grates are easily cleaned by brushes made of stainless steel or cast iron. That is why manufacturers are producing brushes with these materials. If your grate is coated with enamel or porcelain, what you need is a gentle brush made of metal- something like brass so that the grate’s coating will not be peeled off.

The moment you start noticing the coating of your grates in the food you grilled that means the coating has already started to peel off. Another noticeable factor to show you need a better brush is if your grates start looking marks and scratched, that means it has started to lose its ‘non-stick’ features.


When choosing the best brush, you need to consider the handle of the brush whether it is long or short. The reason is not far-fetched, long handles are easier to use. Remember that the best time to clean a grill is when it is still hot, so you need something that will not bring you nearer to the grill. With a long handle, you don’t need to fear to get hurt while cleaning the grill. But with a short handle, chances are you might hurt yourself, or burn a finger or two.


After you are done using your brush, you need to keep it somewhere safe. Well, the best way to store your brush is by hanging it on the wall. Check if the brush you want comes with a hook for hanging and safe storage. One of these two is necessary: a metal loop or strong leather.

Durable and strong bristles

Annually, there is a high mortality rate linked to the ingestion of metal bristle that was left on their grills. These metal bristles got to the grills through the brushes used on them. Imagine what embarrassment it will be if your guests find out their bbq is laced with metal bristles. Of course, there are a lot of bristle brushes out there, so if you are going to be using one, double-check and make sure that it doesn’t have loose bristles. Search for one with a sturdy bristle and be sure I can work with your grates.

Integrated Scraper

No matter how smart we are, once in a while we forget to clean our grates. This is no reason to panic. When such happens, solid hard-to-remove crusts may start to develop on your grates. You may find out that your brush can no longer remove it the way you want. True, brushes are not the most suitable for removing such dirt. What you need is a good scrapper.

These scrapers are sharp, hard, and quite curved- specially made for removing the carbon crusts on the grates. They can remove crusts that ordinary brushes can’t remove. Most of the brushes in the market come with a built-in scraper. Some come with an extra cost while others don’t come with any extra cost. So if you are thinking of buying a grill brush, consider buying one that comes with a scrapper.

Other things you should look out for

There are always two sides to every story: the good side and the bad side. The same is true of grill brushes. Here are some bad sides to it that should signal your displeasure in a particular brush

  • If there is plastic near the cleaning part

When looking at most grill brushes, you will notice that they have plastic handles. Well, this is fine because you won’t want heat being conducted to your hand when using it. But in some brushes, the plastic does not just stop in the handle. It runs down to the head of the brush where the bristles are located. This can get so close to the heat which means brushes like this must be avoided. This is because when plastics are heated up, they melt. You will not want any melted plastic near your grill meats or food. So before buying, make sure the plastic only stops at the handle. So you don’t buy a substandard brush.

  • False Promotions

In a bid to sell most products, some brands advertise things they don’t offer. Apart from a scrapper, there is no other attachment that comes with a grill brush so beware of fake products that claim to offer this or that. All these gimmicks only point to a poor brand and these should not entice you to buy.

When and how to Clean Grill Grates

People have been asking when the best time to clean your grill grates is. Well, the answer is simple: the best time is while the grates are still hot. Why? This is because when the grill is still hot; all the leftover grease can easily be cleaned off. What is left of it will be carbonated. The carbon can then be easily cleaned by your grill brushes.

When you have turned the grill on, it heats up. When the grill is heated up, use the brush to clean it up. Many people prefer brushes that are bristle. You don’t need a manual for the cleaning, just pick up your brush and get the carbon off the grate and leftover greases. Then you have a clean grill.

Safety Tips

Some of us are so attached to the possessions that we keep using it even when it is obvious we should just throw it away. But this habit could prove harmful as we will see now.

What are the indications that you need to replace your grill brush?

  • When you have been using a brush for a while, regularly observe it head of the brush. If you notice that the head is split, it is time to buy another one.
  • When you find out that there is a collection of grease and oil all over it making it even messier to hold, it is an indication that you need to replace the brush.
  • Performing a simple routine check can save you a lot of stress. Find a plier and use it to pick on the bristle. Try to pull it. If the bristle pulls loose, know that it is time to buy a new brush.


Every grill needs a good brush. But getting a good brush tool is hard work because you need to keep searching for the best that will clean your grill very well. This review has done justice to every question you might have about grill brushes. Not only have we considered the best in each category but we also looked at what made them ranked first.

Also, we have been exposed to the things to look for and what to avoid when buying a grill brush. If you own a grill, it is something you need very urgently. If well maintained, your grill can serve you for years to come. But if not maintained, you will just have to be changing your grills every year. Take your time and think about what we’ve discussed in this review – the best grill brush available.

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