Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Home Deep Fryers in 2020

Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Home Deep Fryers in 2020

Everybody loves fried delicacies—fried chicken, onion rings, fries, all the meals that are sure to make your mouth water. A regular deep fryer won’t have issues with making these, then again, they do come with their tradeoffs. But imagine being able to prepare the same fried meals in your home, more conveniently, efficiently and safely. This is what the best home deep fryers are built for.

The Deep fryer is a very popular appliance that can be found in most American kitchens today, capable of providing fried meals for single users and families as well. Many of them (deep fryers) come with each of their own sets of features that flood the market, so finding the right one shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Lucky for you! We’ve set up a guide along with reviews of ten home deep fryers great for kitchen use.

Our top three pick

Here are our top three picks if you are looking for fast answers:

Best Overall T-fal’s 1700W electric deep fryer deep fryer Best Value Cuisinart’s CDF-200 deep fryer Best Budget Presto 05466 dual element immersion fryer 
best kitchen deep fryer  best home deep fryers for wings Best Home Deep Fryers
  • Superior heating element
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Higher wattage rating
  • Suppresses odor
  • Large frying space
  • High power rating
  • Great for large pieces of chicken
  • It’s dish-washable 
  • Power rating of 1800 watts

10 Best Home Deep Fryers with Reviews

1. T-fal’s 1700W Electric Deep Fryer Deep Fryer – Best kitchen deep fryer

best kitchen deep fryerThis deep fryer has a lot of great features but the ones that catch the eye are its power performance and patented oil filtration system known as EZ-clean. With 1700 watts of power, the deep fryer heats-up the oil and recovers it at a fast rate. Another thing is you have more control of the deep fryer’s heating power with its adjustable thermostat. All ensuring your meal takes less oil whilst still being tasty.

Once you’re done frying, the deep fryer’s filtration system will automatically drain and filter the oil safely into a large plastic container for storage. The deep fryer has a good oil capacity of 3.5 liters. Enough to comfortably fry-up a batch weighing 2.6lbs.

The deep fryer’s lid is a window for monitoring the progress of your meal–it saves you the risk of oil spills. Cleaning is no issue as several parts of the deep fryer are dish-washable–at least the ones that are involved in the cooking process.

  • Superior heating element
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Higher wattage rating
  • Two frying baskets
  • Patented oil-filtration
  • The frying space may not be deep enough
  • The cord could be a bit too loose

2. Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep fryer – Best small deep fryer for home

Best small deep fryer for homePresto offers you one of its most simple and convenient models of deep fryers–the 05420 model. Its specialty includes frying meals such as chicken wings, onion rings, and French fries. The frying space is ample enough to fit three to four wings.

You get to use less oil as its oil to food ratio is 4:4. This significantly cuts down the oil used to about half. You get to save both money and time since less oil heats a lot faster. It has a power rating of 1200 watts–which can heat oil at a good speed and recover it.

Sadly, there isn’t a frying basket due to its really small size. But it comes with a scoop which you can use to drain meals of oil and serve them. The interior is non-stick, so cleaning is a lot easier. A handle is present which makes this small deep fryer even more maneuverable around the kitchen. The presto 05420 comes with special safety features, one of them being the built-in thermometer to monitor the oil’s temperature.

  • Great for first-timer users
  • Takes less oil and space
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Non-stick surface (both in and out)
  • It’s not dish-washable
  • Could be too small
  • No light indicator

3. Presto 05466 Dual Element Immersion Fryer 

Best Home Deep FryersThis is a professional style deep fryer that is suitable for home use. Its larger 12-cup frying capacity is perfect for feeding a whole family of five and still have some leftovers. You can fry-up most parts of a chicken at once with both baskets. Another great feature is the deep fryer’s power rating which is 1800 watts. This is great for a quick oil preheating and a fast heat recovery time.

You have more control of the heating power with its adjustable thermostat–it’ll allow more versatility in your cooking. There’s a light indicator that tells you when the oil is done preheating and ready for frying. The lid is modified with a charcoal air filter that helps to minimize the splash of boiling oil and the odor which usually develops after long-term use.

Presto’s deep fryer is made easier to wash with the heating element and the enameled pot being removable. 

  • Great for large pieces of chicken
  • It’s dish-washable 
  • Power rating of 1800 watts
  • Thermostat is present
  • Odor can be suppressed
  • Requires lots of oil
  • No filtration system   

4. Proctor Silex 35041 Deep Fryer – Best large home deep fryer

Best large home deep fryerImprove your deep frying experience with the protor silex 35041. It offers a large frying space that can contain up to 5 liters of oil. That’s 21 cups of space which offers up to 13 servings in one go. This 1800-watts powered deep fryer features a heating element that is immerse-able. Great for a quick preheat and fast heat recovery.

The deep fryer has a thermostat in place for controlling the temperature of the oil which should encourage more versatility in your cooking. If you take a look at the lid, you can tell it’s stacked with a lot of safety features. There’s a vent to help prevent splatters while frying. A window is also present–so you can monitor your meal.

Its other safety features include a power ready light to indicate the oil is ready for frying. The frying space in the deep fryer is a removable oil pot. It’s removable and dish-washable.

  • Large enough to fry chicken
  • Heats up very fast
  • Up to 13 servings in batch
  • Require more oil
  • Takes up much space
  • The handle could melt

5. Cuisinart’s CDF-200 Deep Fryer – Best home deep fryers for wings

best home deep fryers for wingsFrying is a lot simpler and safer with one of Cuisinart’s best models, the CDF-200. It has a large enough frying space to comfortably cook meals that weigh up to 2.3lbs. Which is suitable for up to 4 servings. Its 1800 watts immersion-style heating element is one to look at, as it is great for preheating and recovering heat a lot faster.

Cleaning is not much of a hassle with the deep fryer’s non-stick interior, stainless exterior and mesh baskets. The lid is vented so odor won’t linger and it has a widow for safe monitoring. A thermostat is present to keep the temperature of the oil at your preferred level. If the oil gets hot enough, there’s an indicator present for the heads-up.

  • Suppresses odor
  • Large frying space
  • High power rating
  • Portable
  • It won’t heat past 340 degrees Fahrenheit     
  • Short power cord
  • Takes up more space on the counter

6. Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer – Best home deep fryer for chicken

Best home deep fryer for chickenThis is a restaurant-style home deep fryer with a lot of great features. It’s a 12-cup deep fryer that can comfortably cook up to 8-cups of your meals. Which means you get 4 servings at once. With a 1500 watts immersion-style heating element, the deep fryer is fast at preheating and has a short recovery time. If your meals require less heat, you can always adjust it with the thermostat present.

The lid has a safe design: the vents are present and so is a window for monitoring your meal’s progress. Another safety design to look at is the breakaway magnetic cord which prevents you from toppling the fryer if you trip on it. Most of Hamilton beach deep fryers are easy to clean, especially the non-stick removable oil pot.

A light indicator turns on when the oil gets hot enough. You can set a timer for your meal and once its ready an audible indicator is available.

  • Up to 8-cups of cooking capacity
  • Fast preheating
  • Causes less mess  
  • Very easy to clean
  • Temperature is adjustable
  • It’s not dish-washable
  • The power cord could be too short 

7. Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer 

Best Home Deep FryersThis deep fryer possesses a capacity large enough for 1-gallon of oil to comfortably fry 2.3lbs of food. It features up to three mesh baskets–a large one and two smaller ones. Waring pro offers you a deep fryer with 1800 watts of power, it won’t be long for the light indicator turns on. If the oil gets too hot, you can simply lower it down with the fryer’s adjustable thermostat.

There’s a digital timer available that allows up to 1-hour of programming. If you’re not patient enough, a window is present on the lid for monitoring your meal’s progress. After frying and oil cool down, you can empty the deep fryer via its removable oil pot with a pouring spout on its edge. Vents are present on the lid to help prevent odors from lingering in the fryer.

  • You can fry three meals at once
  • The lid has vents and a window
  • Temperature is adjustable
  • Requires more oil

8. Masterbuilt’s 20010610 Indoor Electric Fish Fryer

Best Home Deep FryersThis deep fryer features a very large frying pan capacity–enough to fit one gallon of oil. You can fry large quantities of food in one go. And safely, by lowering it into the pan with a well-fitted, large aluminum basket supported by two detachable handles.

With up to 1654 watts of power, the deep fryer cooks faster and recover the oil’s heat after one batch. Your meals will remain tasty and crispy as the first batch. The temperature is adjustable, it can be set up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s a digital timer present so you can enjoy precision cooking.

The deep fryer has a convenient fold-up lid with a viewing window on it for monitoring your meal. On the opposite side of the lid is a grease filter which helps to prevent splatters and reduce the frying odor. Cleaning is a breeze with the deep fryer’s built-in drain valve, detachable heating element, and non-stick inner pot.

  • Great for frying in large quantities
  • Durable design
  • Timer is available
  • All removable parts are dish washable
  • Uses excess oil
  • No oil-filtration system

9. Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact Deep Fryer – Best cheap home deep fryer for home

Best cheap home deep fryer for homeThis is the perfect deep fryer for a single user or a couple. It may be small, but it’s efficient and safe. It capable of containing 1.1 liters of oil that can comfortably fry close to a pound of food. The basket is one chrome-plated steel that requires a little assembling.

The heating element has a power of 1000 watts. Compared to others on this list, Cuisinart cdf-100 isn’t so powerful. But, given it requires less oil the deep fryer should be able to heat the oil faster. If the heat gets out of hand, you can always adjust the oil temperature via the thermostat with a max temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Once you’re done frying you can fit the removal charcoal filter back to the lid’s top and control the odor. Cleaning is almost effortless with its non-stick interior. But mind you, don’t submerge the deep fryer when cleaning.

  • Viewing window 
  • Reusable filter 
  • It saves space and oil
  • Less power consumption
  •  No oil filtration system
  • The basket as to be assembled
  • The pan is undetectable
  • Poor heat insulation

10. Presto GranPappy 05411 Deep Fryer

Best Home Deep FryersLooking to get some grub in the middle of the afternoon? Presto’s GranPaddy 05411 is the deep fryer just for you. Its bucket-like build looks durable, adorable, and portable. Within the fryer is a scoop instead of a basket due to a small size. The scoop is perfect for draining serving meals. The heating element has a power rating of 1500 watts, which is more than enough to get the oil boiling fast and recover heat after a batch.

On top of the fryer is a Snap-On lid to help prevent oil from spilling as you fry your meal and it can also be used for storing the oil. The power cord is detachable as it removes easily once you trip on it, thereby preventing a catastrophe. Sadly, there’s isn’t a filtration system in place nor a valve for the oil to escape through. You’ll just have to extract the oil manually.

  • Bucket build
  • 1500 watts of power
  • Takes up less oil and space
  • A storage lid is present
  • Long power cord
  • Too small
  • No filtration system

Buying Guide to Home Deep Fryers

Before you attack the market, it’s best to understand the product and take note of its price points. That way you can beat the confusion and frustrations when making a decision.

Types of home deep fryers

There are two main types of home deep fryers—the difference is their heating source. We have the:

  • Electric deep fryers
  • Propane deep fryers

Electric deep fryers

This is the most common type of deep fryer in the market. It’s the ideal product when you consider factors such as safety and convenience. In terms of safety, the heating source is electricity which is a suitable substitute for the traditional propane deep fryers. As fewer fire hazards are likely to occur.

Another thing is that electric deep fryers usually come with a plethora of safety features which makes it convenient for indoors. One that comes in handy is the magnetic detachable power cord to help prevent your fryer from toppling over while in use.

Just like any other product, there are drawbacks. Most home chefs feel the electric deep fryer doesn’t get the crispy taste and look as a propane deep fryer would produce. The oil takes a whole lot longer to heat. The smell after using the fryer stays. And finally, the size of the pan is usually small in size–at least the affordable ones. Getting an electric deep fryer with a larger pan usually costs more.

Propane deep fryers

This option is also a popular one with many home chefs despite its fire risk. The propane deep fryer tends to make meals tastier and crispier. The oil heats a lot faster and the heat recovery is the same. Its tendency to cause a fire accident is a reason why propane deep fryers are built for the outdoors. But if the situation permits, you just have to limit how often you use it. Another thing is refilling and storing the gas which will cost more money.

Questions you should ask yourself before buying a home deep fryer

How many persons can it feed?

When asking this, you should consider how much of a batch you have to cook saves time, especially if the deep fryer is electric. The size of a deep fryer’s pan can be measured based on how many cups of the meals it can fry-up. The smallest you can find in the market is a 4-cup deep fryer which makes two servings. A 6-cup can make three and lastly, a 12-cup makes enough for a whole family of five or six.

How much space will it take?

When asking this you are indirectly asking for where you can store the deep fryer. Given it’s for home use, your deep fryer should be as small as possible. Better if it’s light and compact enough to place on your kitchen counter and take less space as well.

Do you live with kids?

Kids are very curious and playful, the kitchen is the last place they should be. Especially if a deep fryer is present. Make sure your deep fryer doesn’t skimp on any necessary safety features. For instance, if your deep fryer is electric, it should have a detachable power cord. This will prevent your kid from toppling your deep fryer.

Are you looking to re-use the oil?

If so, you should opt for a deep fryer that possesses a built-in oil drainage or filtration system. If possible, you should be able to configure it according to your filtration method. Or, if you’re in for something simple, there are deep fryers with a Snap-On lid. With it, you can store the oil directly in the deep fryer.

What to consider before buying a home deep fryer


It’s all about convenience. Are you getting a deep fryer just for you? Or do you consider other family members? Imagine you are a family of four, its best to get a large enough deep fryer to serve your whole house. If it isn’t larger enough, then you’ll probably have to fry-up multiple batches. This is time-consuming, especially if it’s an electric deep fryer in use–the oil heats up slowly.

Higher power output

Most electric deep fryers don’t match the heating output of a propane deep fryer. So it’s best to get one that has a higher wattage rating. This way, the oil heats much faster and the oil’s heat recovers at the same rate. Ensuring your meals are crispy and tastier just as the propane deep fryer while saving your oil.

Note: You can consider one with lower power output as long as the oil-less. 

Frying basket hooks

This feature should be found in your deep fryer. It helps to support the frying basket in such a way you can lower your meals safely for frying. This prevents you from being hurt due to the boiling oil cavity. Also, with the basket hooks, you can suspend the baskets a short distance away from the oil cavity for draining. You get to save oil this way.

Adjustable temperature

It’s said that the ideal temperature for deep frying most foods id 375 degrees Fahrenheit. But to get the best out of your fryer, it’s heating temperature should be adjustable. This encourages more versatility in your cooking of different meals that could require a higher or lower heating temperature.

Non-stick interior

Based on my own experience, deep fryers are quite a pain to clean. To save yourself the trouble, you should go for the deep fryers with a non-stick and stainless interior. That way you can clean the pans with less effort and avoid the horrors of rust and pitting be the fryer’s metal pan.

Oil filtration or drainage system

With this feature, you can recycle your oil for a long period. In turn, you save a lot of money on oil. Some do have the drainage system which allows you to extract the oil and store in a container. They cause an increase in the price. You can save money by getting a deep fryer that has a lid you snap at the top. In this case, the deep fryer act as a container to which you store the oil.

Odor filter

It’s usually found on the lid of most home deep fryers. Its function is to help eliminate the odor that develops while or after frying.   


Q: What is the best temperature for frying?

A: if you opt for a higher temperature, your meal will cook faster but it spoils your oil In-turn. The lower temperature may be slow, but it makes your meal even tastier as it absorbs more fat this way. Another thing is your oil will last longer. In the end, the choice is yours.

Q: what’s the cold zone?

A: This is a portion of the fryer which accumulates scraps from the meals you’ve fried. It also helps to prevent the flavor of previous meals from mixing with new ones. The smell that the fryer emits after long term use will be minimized by the cold zone.

Q: Which is the best oil for frying?

A: there are three best you can choose from-

  • Olive oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Vegetable oil


So there you have it… 10 of the best home deep fryers you should get your hands on this 2019. So when choosing just remember to look out for capacity, power rating, safety features, and an oil filtration system. For first-timers, it’s not necessary to have all the box ticked but try to get the best based on your budget.

With the reviews, you should be able to find your pick as long as you follow the guide. If you’re in a rush, we’ve already picked out three the best according to us. As you’ve seen in the review section, all products are electric. The reason for this is that propane can be very hazardous if care is not taking, especially for first-time users.

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