Complete Guide: 10 Best Interior Paints Reviewed in 2020

Complete Guide: 10 Best Interior Paints Reviewed in 2020

At one time or the other, we’ve been faced with choosing the best paint for your interior and the best way to use them. Buying the best interior paint shouldn’t be complicated as most people see it, but heading into a paint store and noticing the countless number of paint products, choosing one becomes difficult.

Different brands keep expanding and continue to make new releases every month. Another thing making choosing very difficult is that they all look similar. These things usually make individuals confused. Most people start making their choice from picking a color, but no one desires a beautiful paint having low-quality. This is another factor that leaves individuals very confused. 

We are here to help you make a choice, that’s why we’ve done some research and come up with the 10 best interior paints. Also included is a buying guide to help you learn about those features that are desirable in interior paints. Continue reading to learn more.

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Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall Rust-Oleum 285140 Best Value Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Best Budget FolkArt Home Décor
Best White Paint for Interior Walls Best Paint for Interior doors Easy to clean Best Cheap Interior Paint
  • No Odor
  • Dries 
  • Available in spray cans
  • Easy to clean
  • Low-sheen
  • Low-VOC
  • Easily cleaned
  • Requires no priming
  • The paint is non-toxic

10 Best Interior Paints with Reviews

1. Rust-Oleum 285140 – Best White Paint for Interior Walls

Best White Paint for Interior WallsThe quality of Rustoleum’s chalk paint is great and that is why the Rust-Oleum 285140 – Best White Paint for Interior walls is known to offer excellent coverage. 

The product has no odor and dries up before thirty minutes. However, users should wait patiently for about 1-2 hours before handling the second coat. The product is also available in spray cans  

With its thin consistency and coverage, it is one of the very few white chalk paints that can be used outdoors. Have we mentioned that it is one of the cheapest brands out there? Of course, it is. With all these great features, it also saves time and effort and it has a smooth finish.

  • No odor
  • Dries quickly
  • Available in spray cans.
  • Not as expensive as other brands
  • It has just eight colors
  • The surface has to be primed

2. Montage Signature Eco-Friendly – Best Paint for Interior doors

Best Paint for Interior doors Easy to cleanEach and every one of the cans of the Montage Signature Eco-Friendly – Best Paint for Interior doors offer great protection against damage from moisture and mold, something very useful when painting a bathroom or kitchen door.

This doesn’t mean it only works for those rooms; it also gives a low-sheet finish to your painting as well as add a great reflective feel to whatever surface you’re working on.

The formula of this paint allows it to dry very quickly without it feeling bumpy or rough, this means that you can make surfaces that are uneven i.e. wood to look very smooth after painting. Being eco-friendly, it won’t release substances that are dangerous while it is wet, so there’s no need evacuating or ventilating the room; however, it is not safe to allow kids or pets to get close.

  • Easy to clean
  • Low-sheen
  • Low-VOC
  • Resists Molds 
  • Some users complained about the paint’s quality

3. KILZ Original – Best Paint for Interior Trim

Best Paint for Interior TrimThe KILZ Original – Best Paint for Interior Trim utilizes a formula that is specially designed as well as an oil base that sticks to almost all surfaces, getting rid of things that could affect other paint types like strong odors, grease, moisture, and smoke fumes. Those materials that normally would not accept some paints like painted metal or plain brick could be coated easily using the primer to ensure they are usable again in a timely manner.

A gallon of this formulation can cover about 300 to 400 sq ft, which means that one-quart will be able to manage about 100 sq ft.  

  • It is durable
  • Can stick to many different surfaces
  • Dries quickly
  • It is adhesive
  • Some users complained that the product’s contents arrived completely separated
  • It is too thin

4. Retique It RETQ-LW16 – Best Washable Interior Paint

Best Washable Interior PaintThe Retique It RETQ-LW16 – Best Washable Interior Paint allows users to transform surfaces into stainable bare woods, making use of real wood parts in developing an intermediate layer which you can then stain or re-paint to the color of your choice.  

There’s no need to bother about dangerous fumes or volatile chemicals anytime you’re working, as its major ingredient is natural; this means that as the paint dries you can continue using the room

This liquid paint can also be cleaned easily – soap and water will perform this task with ease; just use a soft brush or cloth. The paint is also versatile, it works well on canvas, plaster, stone, plastic, metal, and wooden surfaces.

  • It is versatile
  • Easily cleaned
  • No odor
  • Low-VOC
  • Utilizes real wood
  • Some users had a bad experience while using this paint

5. Economy Interior – Best Interior Latex Paint

Best Interior Latex PaintThe Economy Interior – Best Interior Latex Paint does well in covering an old wall quickly, using new paint instead of taking hours to roll it on carefully. With this paint, imperfections and irregularities in your walls can be hidden and decorated rooms or existing designs can be touched up without having to replace anything, most especially if you’re making use of temporary wall materials such as bare bricks and dry walls which you hope to cover up eventually with a different layer of materials.

 In less than thirty minutes, the paint dries up and is ready for the second coat after waiting for 4 hours, which makes it an essential product. On ideal conditions, every gallon can cover about 400 sq feet.  

  • Very easy to use
  • Hass high coverage
  • It dries quickly
  • It is latex-based
  • No visible cons

6. Prestige Eggshell – Best White Interior Paint

Best White Interior PaintThe Prestige Eggshell – Best White Interior Paint allows users to handle two coats in one, ensuring the surface is primed and drying to it without the need of an extra layer underneath to assist in sticking. The plain eggshell finish is ready to let extra top layers incase your wall has need for it.

With this formula, the job comes out very smooth, allowing you to apply the paint and flatten it easily, even if you mistakenly add too much of the paint in a given area. 

This paint and primer can be cleaned easily using soap, a cloth, and water, so far both of them dry up, which means there’s no need for special chemicals to get rid of stains and dirt

  • Combines paint and primer
  • Smooth
  • Has high coverage
  • Low-VC
  • Eggshell finish
  • Some users complained about late delivery.

7. Rust-Oleum 263231 – Best Interior Paint for the money

Best Interior Paint for the moneyThe Rust-Oleum 263231 – Best Interior Paint for the money was first designed to be used on cabinets, but it can serve as a reliable way of re-painting or refreshing your wooden walls without totally covering up the initial materials used.

Covering about 100 sq ft, there’s an optional glaze that changes the look of a surface after it dries up, which helps in transforming a plain wood wall to a more majestic surface without putting in much effort. Also included in this pack, is a strong topcoat that helps it stick as well as a de-glosser that helps in transforming any glossy wood into something that is very receptive to paint.

This paint also works well for temporary walls which you wish to replace.

  • Strong bonds
  • Performs well on raw wood
  • Optional glaze
  • De-glosser
  • One Amazon user feels the kit is overpriced, while another complained about the deglosser. 

8. ECOS Paints 00817292022678 – Best one coat interior paint

Best one coat interior paintThe ECOS Paints 00817292022678 – Best one coat interior paint helps in protecting the existing paint and keeps it shiny without bringing dangerous fumes or chemicals into the home, which makes it ideal for glossing up your interior in an easy-to-arrange and safe way.

This formula used in creating it avoids all sorts of pesticides, antimicrobials, and fungicides, which makes it more eco-friendly preventing it from causing harm to pets and plants present in that room. It also prevents the triggering of sensitivities, chemical allergies, as well as asthma attacks in anyone standing close.

The paint can be used to revamp as well as protect bare materials such as stained or treated wood. If you love the product you using already, I’ll recommend you check this one out.

  • It has high coverage
  • Allergy-friendly
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Low-VOC
  • No visible cons

9. FolkArt Home Décor – Best Cheap Interior Paint

Best Cheap Interior PaintThe FolkArt Home Décor – Best Cheap Interior Paint is very budget-friendly and it has some great qualities that ensure it survives different circumstances.

It’s acrylic content is very high which means it applies thick. This chalk paint is very convenient because it doesn’t require the priming of the surfaces beforehand. It is also very easy to clean up.  This paint comes in just one 8 oz size, with coverage of about 20 square feet.

This means this product is only suitable for a small job; if bigger jobs are involved you may need to purchase more bottles.  

  • Easily cleaned
  • Requires no priming
  • The paint is non-toxic
  • It is less expensive 
  • Takes a long time to dry
  • It is thick for spray gun use
  • Provides coverage of about 20 square feet  

10. Glidden Semi-Gloss – Best Paint for Interior garage walls

Best Paint for Interior garage wallsOne issue that comes up when using paint and primer combinations is that the paint is diluted by the different resins that are required to act as binding agents.

Although this means paint and primer combinations require one coat technically, you may need to add one more at least. Somehow Glidden has found a solution to the problem, with the Glidden Semi-Gloss – Best Paint for Interior garage walls.

Also, the increased saturation of this [product has no effect on its durability; rather, it lasts very long. Asides its durability, there are other features that rank this product above the others: It has richer colors and it features the best coverage

  • Very durable
  • Low-VOC paint
  • Has three different finishes
  • An acrylic paint
  • Available in three sizes
  • This garage wall paint is very expensive

Buying Guide

Buying paint isn’t an easy task, and going for the first paint brand that grabs your attention could backfire, at least in most cases. This is because the paint might not work effectively or is non-compatible with your intended surface. It could also emit some harmful fumes during the drying process.

This is why some factors must be considered before committing yourself to a particular paint or begin buying primers, so it is great if everything is properly checked before you make any decision.

Types of Interior Paint

One of the toughest decisions to make while purchasing interior paint is picking a sheen. The sheen has to do with that quantity of light that bounces off the surface of the paint, and the right sheen has to do with the area you’re painting as well as the look you desire. 

Types of interior paint include:

  • Flat
  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Silk or Satin
  • Eggshell
  • Semigloss


A flat is a low-gloss finish that conceals little imperfections but doesn’t do well in fighting against stains. Its finish is usually subtle and soft, and it is great for walls, ceilings, as well as areas with low traffic.


Matte is an interior paint that gives more gloss to your job still offering a smooth finish. It is great for walls and areas with low traffic.


Gloss offers moisture resistance as well as maximum stain. They are highly reflective sheens that work fine on furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, door frames, and skirting boards.

Silk or Satin

Compared to matte, the silk or satin interior paints offer more durability, but not as much as that offered by a gloss finish. Great for living and dining rooms, it is also used in messy areas like kid bedrooms and hallways, as well as areas with high traffic.  


Eggshell provides a low-sheen, smooth finish. Cleaning this interior paint is easy and its stain resistance is decent as well. Most times, it is used in dining rooms, living rooms, adult bedrooms, and hallways.


Semigloss is very easy to clean and they have high resistance for stains. These interior paints are great for door frames, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, and skirting boards.  

Features to consider before buying the best interior paint 

The following factors have to be considered before buying any paint product 

The surface’s suitability

Interior paints usually come in different types: alkyd (which is oil-based), latex or acrylic (which is water-based), and newer alkyd varieties (which are water-based and functions like oil paints but releases fumes that are less harmful.

Go for that which performs best on that surface you want to paint. Go for one that will give a more consistent finish and latex’s fade resistance, cabinetry in dry areas, and furnishings that are rarely used. 

No or Low VOCs 

Volatile organic compounds are those found in most water and oil-based paint products that evaporate easily and emits toxins into the air. Exposure to VOC can cause nausea, headaches, or kidney and liver damage, so if the paint has a low VOC content, the better it is for your health. Go for paints labeled “Low-VOC” or “Zero-VOC” to reduce the possibility of you coming in contact with harmful fumes.      

Dries within a short time

VOCs can be released into the air from when the paint was applied to some months after the curing of the paint; this is why you should go for paints that cure and dries quickly to help reduce the risk of VOC exposure. Go for oil-based paints that should dry up within 6 to 8 hours and cure in 7 days.

Primer and Paint in one

Interior paints that are self-priming are worth it as they have in them a binding agent that ensures surface adhesion, there’s no need for a separate primer coat. A can of self-priming paint with good quality usually costs about half the price of different cans of primer and paint, still for the normal DIYer, they offer a more consistent look and finish.


Whatever reason you have for painting, putting the color into consideration is very important. If you intend selling your home then painting the walls with white color will make it possible for potential buyers to change the color to their preferred color. 

Another thing to note is to consider the color wheel. We know about the three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. If you mix any two of these colors, a secondary color results i.e. purple and orange. Utilizing colors that are close on the color wheel like blue and purple will make both colors obvious. If you need vibrant colors, then you should choose red, orange, or yellow, while cool colors like blue and green will give your room a different look, making it larger.

Related Question

Can Interior paints work well outside?

Yes, at least from the technical perspective. However, most of the indoor paints are not formulated to survive severe weather conditions like snow, rain, and sun. So if you want a lasting job, you should switch to exterior paint.  

What quantity of paint (in gallons) will be enough?

An interior room of average size will require about 2 to 3 gallons of paint. In the end, there should be some leftover in case of touch-ups.

Which paint will work best for me?

As for this, we cannot tell. All we can say is that you should go through our product reviews and then choose whichever suits your needs. This has to do with reading the reviews and then checking to see if you can cope with the cons.

Where can I purchase interior paints?

Interior paints can be purchased either at a local store or online. For online shopping, you can use Amazon because it has built some reputation for itself; this online service offers paints with high quality like those reviewed above.


Here is the end of our product reviews and buying guide, now it’s left to you to choose the paint that suits your needs. 

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of interior paints out there and so making your choice could be confusing. Our reviews are reliable and you can trust us because, before making our pick, several factors were considered such as sheen, price, drying time, and spreading rate. Also, we conducted some online research and considering online reviews as well.

The best interior paint can make your home or garage look desirable, more comfortable, and pleasant. It’s high time you made a decision.

While picking the best interior paint to work on your project could pose a problem, doing some research on the products reviewed above and then going through our buying guide, as well as weighing the pros and cons of the products will help you choose the best.

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