10 Best Outdoor Deep Fryer Buying Guide & Reviews in 2019

10 Best Outdoor Deep Fryer Buying Guide & Reviews in 2019

Are you a lover of outdoor cooking with your family or friends? Or you’re looking to build your fast food business? Yes to any of the questions means you’ll need nothing short of quality.

In this post I’m going to review for you 10 best outdoor deep fryer you can find this 2019, that’ll ensure you enjoy quality. Each of the products provided here is tagged according to their specialty in which they are the best. After the reviews, you’d be provided with a guide that’ll make you a well-informed buyer. If you are new to deep fryers, the guide is the way to start before jumping straight into the reviews. In the guide section, you will know what to look for in a deep fryer and how to choose the best for you.

After the guided, there’re as some Frequently Asked Questions to help you tackle some of your issues with a deep fryer.

Here are some of our favorite picks to help make your decision process a lot easier.

Our favorite picks

Best Overall Bayou classic’s stainless steel fryer Best Value Bayou classsic’s cooker set Best Budget King Kooker’s outdoor propane deep fryer
Best outdoor turkey deep fryer Best portable outdoor deep fryer Best home outdoor deep fryer
  • 4 gallons of capacity
  • Stainless steel
  • Oil stays clean & heats up fast
  • Stainless steel
  • 2-3gallons of frying pan capacity
  • 1 year warranty
  • Almost 4 gallons of capacity
  • Features a recessed top for safety
  • Offers up to 54,000 BTU

10 Best Outdoor Deep Fryer with reviews

1. Bayou’s classics stainless steel deep fryer – Best outdoor turkey deep fryer

Best outdoor turkey deep fryerBayou has revolutionized deep frying with this appliance which is the most efficient deep fryer in today’s market. It features solves the issues every deep fryer user experiences such as poor output, poor sanitation, and safety.

The deep fryer consists of a 4-gallon stainless steel fryer with two stainless steel fry baskets. The stainless material is great for easy cleaning.  The fryer is constructed to form a V-shaped bottom. The purpose of the design is to ensure oil temperature at the bottom the fryer is cooler than the one at the top. The oil stays clean this way.

This deep fryer also includes other accessories such as a temperature gauge and a drain valve for easy extraction of oil. For maintenance, there’s 10 PSI regulator kit along with an interwoven hose.

  • 4-gallons stainless steel fryer
  • Great for French fries, turkey & fish
  • Enabling frying pans build maintains your cooking oil
  • Oil heats up faster
  • Temperature gauge present 

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  • Drain is a bit slow
  • Baskets may be too small

2. King Kooker’s outdoor propane deep fryer – Best home outdoor deep fryer

Best home outdoor deep fryerIt’s the heavy-duty outdoor deep fryer that’s best for home use. Nothing too fancy while at the same time it’s nothing short of quality. The deep fryer stands tall and stable with 4 legs at a height of 12” which is comfortable for any user.

The frying pan has a large capacity of 12.5 gallons. This is great for ample amounts of fries or a whole turkey. Because it makes use of propane gas and it offers up to 54,000 BTU, outdoor/backyard cooking will be a lot more effective.

How? It’s a very short time for the oil to heat up once again. So don’t worry about waiting out another batch. In terms of safety, the deep fryer is doing alright with its lid at the top. To help protect the user from oil spills.

  • Large frying pan
  • Offers 54,000 BTU which is more than enough for outdoor cooking
  • Sturdy build
  • Great for family reunions
  • Great for French fries, & fish
  • Oil temperature can’t be adjusted  
  • Could be too short to work with

3. Bayou’s classics cooker set – Best portable outdoor deep fryer

Best portable outdoor deep fryerThis set will make a fine deep fryer. It consists of a 2-gallon frying pot, a cooker, fryer baskets, a 12-1/2-by 5-inch pot, and a thermometer which is made of stainless steel. There’s a tripod to provide support for the whole cooker set. It gives a very sturdy build as it stands tall of the height 19-1/2”.

There’s no safety lid at the top, so be careful not to get some of the spills on your body. To prevent such mishaps, make sure you use the fryer basket to lower meals into the frying pan. There’s a long steel handle attached to the baskets for that.

Another feature to look at is the thermometer. This part of the cooker set consists of a pot clip and a small dial. They both enable you to monitor and adjust the temperature of your cooking oil. On the thermometer, there’s a red-zone which indicates your cooking has surpassed the temperature of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Portable
  • Sturdy build
  • Acceptable capacity  
  • Great for camp cooking
  • No lid
  • You may have to bend over a bit    

4. Barbour international 700-701 deep fryer – Best deep fryer for outdoor kitchen

Best deep fryer for outdoor kitchenIf you are looking for a quality deep fryer with the best size, this is the best choice. It has a large tank and several excellent components to ensure you cook effectively. The size of the frying pan is quite ample with a capacity of 4-gallons, stainless steel.

Another advantage concerning this deep fryer is the features that enable you to monitor your cooking oil. On looking at its front, you’ll notice the 12 tank gauge which will be used to measure the quantity of oil within. Along with the 12-tank gauge, there’s the thermometer that will be used to measure the temperature of the oil.

Drain valves, stainless steel baskets, and a good propane regulator are available as well. if you are looking to cook meals such as French fries, the oil has to reach a certain temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It’ll take nothing less than 20minutes to reach such temperature.

  • Great for monitoring and maintaining oil
  • Large frying pan
  • Safety lid present
  • Great for outdoor cooking
  • Fast oil recovery time
  • Adjusting the temperature

5. Bioexcel taco cart Outdoor Deep Fryer

Best deep fryerThis is the ideal outdoor fryer for big occasions like a family get together or fast food businesses. Bioexecl’s propane deep fryer consists of two large frying tanks with one stainless steel basket for each. It’s enough frying space for large batches of fries, hush puppies or chicken wings. Apart from oil tank space, the deep fryer can preheat oil quickly and recovery the heat immediately after frying a batch.

Given the deep fryer is mostly made of stainless steel and the oil tanks are removable, cleaning is a breeze. This saves time, especially if the purpose of your outdoor deep fryer is purely commercial. All you need is a very good cleaning kit and then scrub till you see yourself smiling.

With Bioexcel’s outdoor deep fryer, you have more control of what you’re cooking, as it features a temperature selection display. This feature allows you to adjust the right temperature for your meal to be perfectly cooked.

  • Removable oil tanks
  • Large oil tanks
  • Heats up quickly
  • Burner could be hard to regulate

6. King Krooker’s 22PKPT Outdoor Deep Fryer

Best outdoor deep fryerThis the perfect deep fryer your backyard cooking. In terms of capacity, heating power and safety, the deep fryer is decent. King Kooker offers you another good quality fryer that’s quite portable. This little beast heats oil pretty quick as its burner gives off 54,000 BTU which is more than what you need to cook outside with wind interruption.

There’s a temperature selector but there’s a thermometer which allows you to easily monitor your meals. The thermometer also helps you to prevent overheating. There’s an instruction booklet/manual on how to use the deep fryer if you’re not too familiar with its classic style.

The deep fryer also has some other accessories such as an aluminum frying pan with a deep fryer thermometer and a heat resistant handle. The pan capacity is can comfortably contain and cook about 1 gallon of oil. Its small size makes the deep fryer perfect for a small gathering or family time.

  • Stands at 20 inches
  • Great for fries, chicken, and fish
  • Heats up quickly
  • Wind guard is not so effective
  • No lid
  • Small frying pan

7. King Kooker’s 24WC Heavy Duty Deep Fryer

Best heavy duty deep fryerIf you’re into heavy frying, whether for commercial or home use, king kooker’s heavy duty deep fryer should be your best choice. It consists of an 18 inch steel wok which is durable and a very versatile cooking equipment. It’s supported by a stand that’s recessed at the top by a 24 inch bolt together frame. The recessed top is good for a safe placement of the wok which has a fine and smooth bottom.

The cast burner gives off about 54,000 BTU which is good for preheating and quick recovery. 54,000BTU is more than enough to effectively cook outdoors where it’s expected to be windy. Also, to ensure uninterrupted frying, the deep fryer features an efficient flame-protective wind guard.

You can monitor the temperature of the oil via the deep fryer’s thermometer. This way, you can watch out for overheating.

  • Oils heats up fast
  • 54,000 BTU
  • Steel wok fryer
  • Stand is a bit flimsy 

8. Ematik’s dual-wire basket deep fryer – Best size outdoor deep fryer 

Best size outdoor deep fryerThis should be the most sought after deep fryer in today’s market. It’s a propane gas dual-action deep fryer that’s made for outdoors cooking exclusively. Its best used in barbecues, family backyard parties, and other events such as cookouts.

The deep fryer is made is both durable and sturdy. It possesses steel frames and its frying pan is supported by 4 adjustable legs. On top, are two fryers which amass together, a total of 5 gallons of frying pot space. Just like the frying pans, there are two safety stainless lids to help prevent oil from spillage.

Two control knobs are present. Each of them controls a frying space. This knowledge allows you to regulate the temperature of the oil. At the same time, cook different meals with different temperature needed. You can lower your meal carefully into the hot fryer by using this deep fryer’s chrome-plated wire mesh baskets in which both possess a 10” handle.

  • Spacious frying pan (5 gallons)
  • Sturdy & durable
  • Produces a total of 70,000 BTU (35,000 for each)
  • Thermometer, 12” serving tongs, and strainers are available
  • Good for your money
  • Handle with care as the incident can be very bad

9. Chard’s propane fryer – Best outdoor commercial professional deep fryer

Best outdoor commercial professional deep fryerThe aim is to help improve your business. Especially if you are in the fast-food industry. The perfect fryer can very well skyrocket your sales just as it can drop your sales if the wrong one is used. The reason why this deep fryer is chosen is that it possesses many features that are highly rated for commercial purposes.

Chard’s propane deep fryer stand sturdy at a comfortable height of 21 inches, it consists of a frying pan with a capacity of 3.7 gallons, two aluminum strainer baskets for two spaces in the frying pan. Each of the baskets have long insulated handles sticking out, so applying your meal will safe and easy. There’s no lid at the top.

The burner offers 50,000 BTU which is more than enough for outdoor cooking where it’s likely to be very windy and crowded with hungry customers. A regular kitchen burner wouldn’t last long.

  • Great for your outdoor commercial kitchen
  • Tall enough for comfortable use
  • 3.7 gallons of capacity
  • Offers 50,000 BTU
  • Great for chips, wings, onion rings & fish

10. Bayou’s classics “big bird” – Best Turkey Deep Fryer

Best Turkey Deep FryerThis is one of the best models of turkey deep fryer you’ll ever find in today’s market. It’s strong, large, effective, and safe. It stands 12’’ from the floor which will require a little bending over. If you’re always on the go, don’t worry as the pot is connected to the legs via a single bolt. Therefore, assembling and disassembling is no problem.

This deep fryer consists of a large stainless steel 20 gauge pot with a capacity of 11 gallons. It’s the biggest pot ever made by bayou classics. It’s large enough and its quality to contain, brew, steam, cook and fry several whole turkeys comfortably. Another plus is the pot’s durability. Unlike other turkey pots out there in the market, if you kick this one you’ll hurt yourself not the pot.

There’re other accessories such as aluminum poultry racks, hooks, a vented lid, a stainless seasoning injector, stainless thermometer and a pair of insulated gloves to keep your hands safe from burns. Outdoor cooking is at its best with this deep fryer as it features a BG10 burner and an M5HPR high-pressure regulator along with a 48inch braided hose that’s sure to last.

  • Stainless steel pot with up to 11 gallons of pot space
  • Thermometer is present with a range of 50 – 750 degrees
  • Stainless seasoning injector present
  • Aluminum poultry rack is available   
  • The brackets below could be too low
  • Strong wind can interrupt

What’s a deep fryer? It’s a kitchen appliance that cooks meals by immersing it in boiling oil. Deep fryers are one of the most sought after, prominent, and prolific kitchen appliance until today’s market. There are several designs of them, choosing can be very difficult.

Over here, I’m going to make your decision process easier. In terms of where they’re used, there are two types of deep fryers. Outdoors and indoors. An outdoor deep fryer is the focus of this article and I’m going to put you through the types of deep fryers and factors that should be considered before purchasing one.

Here we go…

Types of Deep Fryers

There’re various designs of the deep fryer and there’re several factors that can be used to differentiate them. The most common difference is the heating source. Electric or gas (propane).

Gas vs Electric deep fryers

Gas deep fryers are kitchen appliances in which their heating element gets its heat from propane gas. This is the best option, due to its effectiveness at cooking meals and using oil with less fuel compared to electric.

Electric deep fryers are kitchen appliances in which the heating source is from electricity through a heating element. If the power is high enough, it’ll cook meals as effectively as gas and oil will also be used well. The reason why electric is usually the preferred compared to gas is safety, eco-friendliness, and economical.

Factors to consider before buying an outdoor deep fryer

Choosing the best outdoor deep fryer or turkey fryer can be somewhat complex, given there are lots of good options. The aim is to choose the one that meets your requirements. All you need now is to know is what the general requirements for an outdoor fryer are.

Here are the following factors/requirements:

What you wish to use it for

This factor should be the first to consider, as it determines all other factors. Why do you need an outdoor deep fryer? Is it for personal use or commercial? Your choice will affect the size, power, and accessories you’d need.


Do you want it large or normal sized? This is a very crucial factor to consider, especially if you’re looking to cook large meals or for a large number of people. Choosing a deep fryer that has a large capacity saves you the money on buying several medium-sized outdoor/turkey deep fryers. The same applies if it’s for commercial reasons. The larger the tool, the more the output. If your choice is a deep fryer with a smaller capacity, its best for personal use.

Frying stainless baskets with hook handles 

This accessory must be present. Its function is draining the deep-fried meal of oil. It’s held at the hook-handle where it can be hung on the sides of the fryer. The basket must be stainless so it would be much easier to clean.  A stainless basket is good for pitting and rusting resistance.

Non-stick interior

A deep fryer with such a feature would be a lot easier to clean after long-term use. If it were a deep fryer without a non-stick interior, maintenance will be slow. If you make use of a deep fryer for commercial, it can very well slow down the business and therefore reduce the quality of the meals.

Modifiable temperature

This factor should be considered when buying an electric deep fryer. It best for the temperature to be adjustable, that way you have more control over how it’s being cooked. You’ll be more careful not to overcook.

Higher power output

This is another factor that must be considered when buying an electric deep fryer. A deep fryer with such a feature will provide a more effective heating element which will heat the oil quicker. Another advantage is the short time it takes for the oil to get hot again after another meal has been put into it. Plus, the meal will be less likely to absorb much of the oil.

Type of meal

What kind of meal are you planning to cook? Is the quantity large or small? If large, then you will need a deep fryer with a larger capacity. If it’s smaller than deep fryers with a capacity which is smaller or normal are the best choice.

Height of the fryer

The fryer has to stand at a suitable height which will ensure your comfort as a user. The perfect height ranges from 14 -17”.


Don’t mind that this came in last. It was supposed to be the first as safety should be your priority when buying any device or appliance. It should be next to why you the appliance or device. Both electric and propane deep fryers can be very hazardous. To ensure your safety, there are certain actions you can take and there are some accessories that must be present in the appliance.   

Must have safety features and accessories for your fryer 

(for both electric & gas)

Break-off cord

This helps to prevent electric deep fryer from tipping over as a result of someone tripping on the power cord. The break-off power cord is easily detachable so the deep fryer will use its weight to stay firm while the cord detaches.

Cool-touch exterior

A deep fryer with this feature will help prevent you as a user from accidental burns.

Lid with filter

This helps to protect the user from hot oil splatter.

Automatic Shutoff Feature

This happens once the oil overheats and could combust.     


Q: Why did my food turn out soggy?

A: there’re three reasons for this:

  • You fried too much food
  • Food was left sitting in the fryer for a long time
  • Oil did not reach the appropriate for proper cooking

Q: Which is the best oil for frying?

A: there are three best you can choose from:

  • Olive oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Vegetable oil

Q: How much BTU rating is appropriate for outdoor deep fryers?

A: outside is expected to be so windy it’ll put out a kitchen burner which gives off about 10,000 BTU. For an outdoor dee fryer or turkey fryer, the appropriate BTU rating should range from 30,000 to 60,000BTU.

Q: Which power output is enough to ensure oil is preheated quickly and the heat is recovered fast after a batch?

A: 1200watts and above.


So there you have it…10 best outdoor deep fryers you can get your hands on this 2019.  Our top three picks should make your decision process a lot easier. But if you think otherwise, you’re welcome to check out the remaining reviewed products. Each of them is tagged with a specific demographic in which they’re good for.

The guide provided you be of good help as well, because it contains useful information about choosing the best outdoor deep fryer which meets your requirements. Information such as types of outdoor deep fryers you can find in the market, factors to consider before buying and some frequently asked questions to help answer your specific questions. All of which are concerned with outdoor deep fryers. The sources of the FAQs are from amazon where all the products are reviewed as well. Once you’re done with the guide everything should be a lot clearer.

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