10 Best Paint for Plastic: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews Updated in 2019

10 Best Paint for Plastic: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews Updated in 2019

Plastic paints are not too popular today. When we talk about paints, people only think about the paints used in painting houses and other edifices. However, if you are in the field of engineering, be it fabrication or manufacturing, crafts, or you are involved in other activities that require you to work with plastics daily, you will understand the use of paint while working with these materials. That is exactly why we thought about providing you with this list of the best plastic paints available today.

When these paints are used right, they can add to the beauty of your finished products. Apart from that, they can also act as a protection against unfavorable external conditions, making your materials last longer than expected. For example, paint is known to prevent the deterioration of some plastic materials.

But you have to choose right if ever you will make a good decision about buying the best paints for painting your plastic materials. Searching the markets can be indeed a stressful job with a variety of products in the market. To help you with this, we have carefully prepared an accurate and well-researched list for you to help you make the right choice. You can now relax as the best paint is here for you to identify.  

Best Paint for Plastic – Our Top 3 Picks

Best Overall Krylon 2444 Best Value Rust-Oleum 276116
Best Budget ARTarlei medium point
Best paint for abs plastic Best spray paint for plastic Best paint for plastic toys
  • Dries up quite fast
  • Can also be used for any kind of material
  • Ideal for protecting plastics from extreme weather
  • Features a gloss finishing
  • Can be used either on the exterior or interior surfaces
  • Can be sprayed from any angle
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Its paintings are permanent
  • Safe for kids

10 Best Paint For Plastic with Reviews

1. Rust-Oleum 276116 – Best spray paint for plastic

Best spray paint for plasticThere are many spray paints in the market but in this category, this one gets the nod as the best. On seeing this spray paint, its vibrant color is the first thing that will grab your attention. It can be sprayed directly in plastic without having to worry about getting a primer. It was designed to stick straight up.  As long as you have washed or cleaned the surface, and it is smooth enough for you, you are good to go.

It also features a gloss finish which enhances its very bright and classy color. This spray can be used on any material. Engineers rush it as it is presently in high demand.  It is multi functional as it is also ideal for woods, wicker, metals, plastics, shelves and other pieces of furniture you might have at home. Its finish is sure to be smooth and long lasting. It is regarded as a superior quality paint when compared with others in the market. It sticks well with plastics and won’t even drip.

  • Features a gloss finishing
  • Can be used either on the exterior or interior surfaces
  • Can be sprayed from any angle and you can expect the same result.
  • May not work well on canvas

2. Autotek AT00BTB500 – Best paint for plastic bumpers

Best paint for plastic bumpersNot just any paint will be ideal for painting your vehicle bumper, you need a paint that will offer you the highest quality of finishing. Jeopardizing on the quality can even cost you more as you may need to replace the paint more often than necessary. This paint is ideal for bumpers because of its high adhesion and flexibility. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and also comes in a 500ml pressure container that makes it easy to spray.

Can be used on any type of vehicle and it is long-lasting. Its effects are reliable because the formula used contains what makes it resistant to either sunlight or any other form of extreme weather. It is not susceptible to fading off. It has a higher covering power as well and that is why car owners go for this when painting their car bumpers. It comes in various colors to choose from.

  • Comes in different colors
  • It can do cover-ups after over-spraying
  • Easy to use without any special manual
  • Irritating to the eyes

3. ARTarlei medium point – Best paint for plastic toys

Best paint for plastic toysThis paint marker is ideal for kids who love changing the color of their toys every now and now. It has a permanent effect on various toy materials: leather, plastic, metal, and so on. It is waterproof, fade-proof and has the ability to last long. You don’t have to fear if your kids ingest it as it has been confirmed that it contains no toxic substance.

These markers are cheap, but they don’t look the money because  of its effectiveness. The colors are beautiful, the paining is smooth and very consistent. They can be used for multiple art projects. Are you an artist looking to add paint markers to your studio/collection of mediums? These art markers got you covered.

  • Can be used on any surface
  • Its paintings are permanent
  • Safe for kids
  • Customers complained of stuck marbles

4. Vallejo Basic – Best paint for plastic models

Best paint for plastic modelsFor plastic models, the best paint for them is the Vallejo basic because it offers more than 200 colors to choose from. Its available colors and their specialized pigments which are highly pigmented makes them a great choice for any model type. They paint so uniformly in the airbrush system, so you have no need to buy more paints.

These models are specifically produced with permanent pigments that are useful for different types of art. They are lightfast in drying up and are completely opaque. Its finish is sure to be smooth while maintaining the same uniformity. It has a strong adhesive force on different surfaces. They even stick to very unusual surfaces like wood and metal.

  • It is very affordable
  • Strong adhesion with the ability to stick with any type of surface
  • Can be harmful to children’s health

5. CANBRUSH – Best paint for plastic shutters

Best paint for plastic shuttersThe best paint for painting plastic shutter is a spray paint and of them all, this brand comes out top of the list. It covers a whole lot of areas, plastic inclusive. It is made with high resistance to grease and petrol. This could help to determine if it is going to last long or not. When you buy this paint, it is like buying one and getting the value of the two paints.

Its finishing does not drip, it covers well even after the first coating is applied, and swiftly dries to give a lustrous, glossy look that enhances the beauty of your surface. As long as there is a good ventilation in the environment, you are sure to get the job done in no time. It is easy to use or spray and the tip of the spray does not cause any injury to your finger even after an extended period of use.

  • Resistant to grease, oils, and fuel
  • You get real value for money
  • Keep away from children

6. Krylon K04293000 – Best paint for abs plastic

Best paint for abs plasticThis acrylic-based paint ranks best in its category because all you have to ensure is that the surface is free of oil and grease. If the surface is molded, just allow it dry off and you are good to go. It is also coming with a guarantee of drying off on a surface so fast- approximately 15-20 minutes. When it is dry, it becomes permanent. It provides full coverage and does not peel off on the surface used. It can be used in any type of plastic.

One good thing about this paint is that it doesn’t need either priming or sanding. As long as you have wiped off the surface, just apply the paint and expect the same classy, lustrous finish. It is fully chip resistant after 7 days of application. Camouflage Paint with Fusion Technology is ultra-flat and non-reflective to provide the ultimate camouflage.

  • Comes in 6 colors
  • Does not need a primer or much sanding
  • You might need to buy more cans depending on what you painting

7. Rust-Oleum 1910830 – Best gold spray paint for plastic

Best gold spray paint for plasticThis is one of the highest quality of paint out there with its smooth, strong adhesive, and high-quality gloss finish. It is estimated that within 15 minutes of application, this metallic paint will dry off. This is a good thing for any project that you need to finish on time. It is metallic in the sense that your plastic will look like actual metal, gold plating after using this paint on it. It has real metal flakes mixed with the formula which makes it comes out shining and classy.

As it is best for plastics, it can also be used on wood, actual metals, glass, and ceramic. If what you want is a clean looking decoration with plastics, a gold spray paint is your best bet.

  • 18 karat gold plating gives it class
  • High gloss finishing
  • Can be used for other high-end accessories at home
  • May require 2 coats for painting a metal surface

8. Colorbond 258 BMW – Best paint for ATV plastics

Best paint for ATV plasticsAuto enthusiasts will be happy to find out that this product is just for them. Though it may come with the stress of cleaning, sanding, cleaning again, adding a primer, before the actual painting, once this paint touches on your motor, its effect is long-lasting.

It is not very easy for this paint to fade off as testified to by many customers nor will it crack or peel after application. It is of good quality, it is affordable, and does the job with ease.

A big advantage of ColorBond over other products available online is that it is not water-soluble so you can comfortably apply water-based leather conditioning products to your car seats without the ColorBond dissolving.

  • Dries to touch within 10 minutes
  • Its effect is long-lasting
  • Even though it is labeled as ‘non-toxic’ it can still be harmful to your kids if not stored properly

9. Rust-Oleum 327874 – Best paint for plastic garbage cans

Best paint for plastic garbage cansThe best type of paints for garbage cans is spray paints. In this category, the Rust-Oleum comes out on top because of how versatile they are. As soon as you apply the coating, you will start seeing the difference as early as 20 minutes. It is formulated with an advanced Double Cover Technology provides an absolute solution for ultimate hiding power.

You can confidently complete your projects faster than before and easier. Comfort grip trigger eliminates finger fatigue caused by continuous spraying.You can also spray at any angle, horizontally or vertically, and expect the same cover all through. Some people complain of stress or fatigue to their fingers after applying spray paint, but with this particular model, there is never going to that complaint. Its specially made tip cancels out this effect. It is very durable as well.

  • Durable spray paint for your garbage can
  • Boasts a 20-minute dry time
  • Can be a little high on the pricing

10. Colorbond 258 BMW -Best paint for motorcycle plastic

Best paint for motorcycle plasticThe best type of paints on a motorcycle plastic as expected will be one that is long-lasting, that can withstand extreme weather, a glossy finishing enhancing the beauty of the motorcycle, and one that is not necessarily expensive. All those you get from this model. It’s drying up time is approximately 10 minutes which makes it very ideal.

It is of good quality, it is affordable, and does the job with ease.

A big advantage of ColorBond over other products available online is that it is not water-soluble so you can comfortably apply water-based leather conditioning products to your automobile seats without the ColorBond dissolving.

  • A gloss finish enhances the beauty of your bike
  • Dries up within 10 minutes
  • It may be harmful to kids when not stored properly

One delicate part of buying pieces of stuff is choosing which one to buy. This review cannot make the purchase for you. You are the one tasked with that responsibility. Yet, we will help you become aware of the factors you need to consider before buying a plastic paint. Carefully check out the features we will point out because buying a substandard paint will only result in a waste of money for you. We will also check out some questions people have asked about plastic paints. Finally, we will mention some tips on getting the best result while you use your paints.

What to look for when buying paints for plastic

The Brand

While the best paints do not represent all the brands in the, it is important to buy a well-known or commonly known brand than going for newer products in the market. The reason is simple: there are a lot of fake products in the market. They will look real, feel nice after painting but will fade off easily as time goes on. You will want something long-lasting, so do yourself some good and buy good paint.

The Specs

Each product is a list of what makes it a good buy. Some paints dry up- as fast as 20 minutes- when used. Some don’t dry up fast, and this fact is spelled out in the specs. Some paints are meant to be mixed with some other solvents while others don’t need to be mixed.


Everyone who wants to build a house will need to count the cost before venturing into it. The same is true of buying paints. There are cheap paints as well as expensive ones. Only you know the size of your pockets, so check the prices of what you are buying and get something that fits your pockets.

Size of the painting

The number of paints you will get depends on how much material you want to paint. You can do some research to know how much of the paint you will need to complete the painting you have at hand. It definitely won’t be nice if you were working and all of a sudden the paints finish when you are half-way through. Take a look at all the plastic paints they have in the market, or online in case you want to make your purchase online. It will help get an idea of the different types available. Before you buy anyone, consider the following factors.

Your Finishing

Nothing looks better to the human eyes than a gloss finish on plastic material. However, it can also expose the flaws of a beat-up material. You want a color that can cover up for any mistakes on the part of the material. Remember that a dark color can do the job of minimizing the scratches and dents that may be present. So think about this for a while before buying that paint for your kid’s toys and other Plastic material you might have in mind.

The Material to be painted

Even though you are painting a plastic material, remember that there are many variations of plastics. If it is a plastic bottle, you can’t expect it to give some feel as would a plastic toy. On the paint, there is always a recommendation section that itemizes the best plastic that paint can be used with. Some paints can be used on different materials. The best paints for your plastics are the versatile ones.


Should you clean the surface before applying the paints?

Well, the simple answer is yes. You will want the finished job to be of the best quality, so don’t just rush over the painting. Take a piece of clothing and wipe clean the surface. Ensure that there is no particle left. Also be mindful of any moisture, mist, or mildew. Some will even go the extra mile by washing the surface just so they can be sure that they are making the surface to be painted clean. If the plastic you are painting is a container, you can scrub the plastic with a hand brush before trying to paint it.

If you live in a place where there is heavy mildew, there may be some stubborn stains on the surface. These can be removed with bleach and water. If it is a plastic that has never been painted, a mild spirit might just be sufficient in keeping the surface clean. If there are oil stains or greases, make sure you rinse these out too thoroughly. After all the cleaning, let the surface dry up before starting your job.

Do I need to sandpaper the surface?

In some cases, yes! Using grit sandpaper is a good way to smoothing any protruding surface. Apply a little force when you are using the sandpaper. Some people will wash it up after using sandpaper because this will surely leave some dust particles on the surface. Make sure all the scratches disappear totally. Remember, if the scratches are there, your finishing will never be smooth.

For larger painting projects, professionals make use of lint-free cloth to ensure that all the dust particles on the surfaces are all gone.

Do I need a primer?

Well, that all depends on you. A primer is simply alcohol that is mixed with glue. Because alcohol is volatile, it evaporates and leaves the glue on the surface. When the paint touches the glue, it makes the paint stick. It should be noted that not all surfaces need a primer. Some more advanced surfaces are already laced with glue which makes your job easier.

We, however, recommend that you can use just a single layer of primer. The lighter there better. This can do the job. But if you are doubtful and you are concerned about the durability, then be on the safe side and use two layers. It will not harm.

Do I need to read the instructions on the paint before using them?

Yes. Before using any new tool or appliance, it is important to read the manual on it. The same is true of plastic paints. On some paints, clear instructions are written on whether to mix it or not with other solvents for better finishing. Some instructions will ask you to mix or shake very well before use why others will not carry such. If you want to get the best result, read the instructions and follow them very closely. You may also want to test it on something first before using it on the plastic material

How to remove the paints off any plastic material

With time, it is expected that the paint will fade off. Plastic material is very delicate as it does not have any pores for the paints to stick, unlike wooden surfaces or the walls of your house. So you may eventually decide to give it a new coat or even change the entire color altogether.  It is a must to remove the old paint first if you want to achieve the best results. You do not need any special equipment at all. All you need do is follow these steps below. When done right, the result is always good.

  1. Get very strong vinegar
  2. Get hot water
  3. Get a bowl
  4. And a towel or rag

Take the bowl and pour the pine cleaner inside. Add hot water to the cleaner inside the bowl. Mix the combination the bowl very well. Pick the plastic material that you want to be repainted, dip it inside the mixture and leave it there for some 15 minutes. Make sure the plastic is submerged totally. Then on removing it, get a towel to dry off the plastic and use your knife to peel the old painting off slowly. It should be an easy process because of the action of the vinegar and hot water on it.


Even though getting a perfect painting is hard, especially on plastic materials, the type of paint you choose is also very important. As this review has shown, there are a lot of them in the market. What you just need to do is choose the best one for yourself and get down to working.

This best plastic paint review has carefully done all the research you need. Just check them out and make your decision. This review has also shared useful tips on how to do certain things like how to identify good paints, what to look out for before buying and how to remove old paint before applying another one.  You have all you need to make the best buying decision.

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