TOP 10 Best Paint Sprayer to Buy [Reviewed 2019]

TOP 10 Best Paint Sprayer to Buy [Reviewed 2019]

When it comes to painting a wall or a building, our mind creates an image of a painter holding a brush or roller dipped in a paint container. However, painting a wall with brushes or rollers is not only a time-consuming task, but it is not possible to apply the paint evenly. Here is where the best paint sprayer comes into play.

As the name suggests, it is a device that allows you to paint a large surface area efficiently and smoothly in a fraction of the time with the help of a spray pump and a hose. Unlike brushes and rollers, a sprayer atomizes liquid paint into a fine mist and creates a mirror-like finish on the surface. Apart from this, there are many advantages of spray painting such as you can adjust its pressure and use it for different types of surfaces and liquids like lacquer, latex, varnish, paint, etc. Not only it gets you a professional look, but also saves your time and money.

If you’re looking forward to buying the best paint sprayer for your project, then it can turn out to be the best way to finish your project in minimal time along with a high-quality finish. With countless numbers of paint sprayers available in the market, choosing the right one is an overwhelming task. So, to help readers to find the product that meets their needs, here we are going to review the top 10 paint sprayers and a small buying guide at the end of the article.

Top 3 Paint Sprayers

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Best Overall Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Best Value Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer Best Budget HomeRight C800766 Finish Max
Stand Airless Paint Sprayer Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer Power Painter, Home Sprayer Tool Painting, HVLP Spray Gun Projects
  • Fully adjustable pressure to control paint flow
  • Portable and high-speed performance
  • Equipped with long-lasting, stainless steel piston pumps.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable paint flow with 2-nozzles
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable spray control
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use

10 Best Paint Sprayers with Reviews

1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 – Best Airless Paint Sprayer

Best Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 is the best airless paint sprayer that is specially designed for homeowners and light-duty contractors. Equipped with durable, stainless-steel piston pumps, this air sprayer has the ability to finish tough jobs quickly. It comes with a flexible intake tube that can pump from one to five-gallon paint container, depending on the project size. The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 features a metal spray gun, combined with a 515 RAC IV tip, having a flow rate of 0.27 gallons per minute.

Moreover, the sprayer comes with a flexible hose and 1/2 horsepower motor to give outstanding results. The motor has been designed to handle the pressure of 3000 psi, allowing the sprayer to handle a wide range of coating from acrylic paint to latex with ease. The complete sprayer from end-to-end measures a dimension of 18.8*12.8*15 inches and weighs only 23-pounds. With the product, you also get a reliable stand which keeps the unit stay in place during operation. It has a handle that allows you to move it as per your convenience.

Considering the fact that it is difficult to clean a paint sprayer, this Graco Magnum X5 sprayer is equipped with a power flush adapter that makes it easy to clean the sprayer after your project is over. Apart from this, the device can be linked to the garden hose. The Graco Magnum X5 can accommodate a hose of up to 75 feet in length without compromising the efficiency of the machine. However, the machine tends to edge on the expensive side and prone to clogging.

  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Durable and Easy to clean
  • Flexible suction tube
  • Prone to clogging
  • Build quality could be better
  • Better for outdoor use as compared to indoor

2. Wagner 0518050 – Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Whether you want to paint inside drawers, spruce up your kitchen cabinets or retouching an interior wall, this Wagner 0518040 is HVLP paint sprayer that can handle all your painting tasks efficiently. It comes with 3-spraying modes and variable control that allows you to choose different spray patterns from 1-inch to 10-inches. You can also choose different patterns from vertical, horizontal to round shape as per your convenience with the help of its adjustable air cap.

Apart from cabinets, this tool can be used for some interior and exterior jobs as well. Wagner 0518040 uses lock-and-go technology, which makes the cleaning process much easier. This cabinet sprayer is preferred by many people for any housework because it is very lightweight and small in size. It comes with a 20 feet long hose. Hence, you can carry it with one hand and walk around the kitchen, living room, or anywhere in the house. The tool is also equipped with a two-stage turbine that can handle various types of paint, including latex, lacquer, etc.

Wagner 0518040 is easy to set-up, making it the best paint sprayer for cabinets. All you need to pour the paint in the storage cup under the gun, adjust the spraying mode and air cap, and you are ready to renew your cabinet. The efficient and easy-to-go design of the product will save you a lot of time and money. You need not be a professional to operate this paint sprayer. It will amaze you with its professional-looking results. Another reason that anyone would love to purchase this sprayer is its price.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Easy to clean
  • Need to use thinner paint first for its gun to work properly
  • It is not suitable for large projects
  • It weighs 4.2 lbs. Hence, it can cause hand fatigue.

3. HomeRight Finish Max C800766 – Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

The HomeRight Finish Max C800766 is the best paint sprayer for furniture. It makes paint spraying a breeze and gives an unmatchable painting experience, particularly on smaller pieces of furniture. The tool comes with pre-adjusted settings, which are in line with the requirements of most users. Unlike other spraying units in the market, this electric sprayer is simple and easy to operate, making it ideal for beginners and pros alike.

The Finish Max comes with 3-different spray patterns, allowing you to adjust the nozzle as you’re your comfort and switch between horizontal, vertical, and circular painting at the same time. Moreover, its 2.0mm spray tip is made up of brass, which makes it a durable and reliable product. You can adjust its knob to change the spray pattern from 1-inch to 6-inches. The sprayer can hold up to 27 ounces of paint. The HomeRight Finish Max also supports a wide range of paints, including chalk-type paints, cabinet paints, stain, poly, latex, varnish, furniture paint, etc. Apart from this, it does not give any hassle to users for cleaning and maintenance.

Look-wise, HomeRight products are known for their amazing designs and the same is applicable for Max C800766 as well. This furniture sprayer has a simpler appearance in comparison to its power-packed features. Users are likely to use this item for a longer duration of time without tiring out as it weighs only 2.76 lbs. At just a couple of pounds, it is easy to carry from one place to another place. However, the paint sprayer may not work well with the larger pieces of furniture. Additionally, the device might show some inaccuracy in precision at times.

  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Lightweight and Versatile
  • Loud and Low spray volume
  • No lock on the trigger
  • Its body is made up of plastic

4. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max – Best HVLP Paint Sprayer

Best HVLP Paint Sprayer:

Known for its large array of functionalities and price, Wagner 0518080 is one of the best HVLP paint sprayers. The Control Spray Max by Wagner comes with variable air pressure control, ranges from 1.50 psi to 2.63 psi. This helps you to avoid the overspray of paint. The spray gun’s 20 feet long air hose allows you to paint hard to reach corners of your house. The product has a metal spray gun and two filters which offer you high-quality results. Moreover, this paint sprayer is lightweight and very compact making it easy for you to store it even in your cupboard.

Most of the paint sprayers fail when it comes to using liquids of different viscosity. However, thanks to the powerful two-stage turbine used in Wagner 0518080, it can handle both the thin as well as thick liquids. Not only this multi-purpose paint sprayer can paint a large surface area within minutes, but you can also use it to paint windows and other small items. Moreover, the device comes with 3-different spraying patterns, including a horizontal air cap, vertical air cap, and diagonal air cap.

You can adjust its nozzle and air cap as per the pattern you want. Moreover, this versatile tool is easy to use and clean. Wagner 0518080 is suitable for beginners, professionals interiors, and exterior designers.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Choice of patterns
  • Suitable for small to large size projects
  • Noisy
  • Slower on larger areas
  • Short power cord

5. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 –Best Home Paint Sprayer

Best Home Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum X7 is an airless paint sprayer that is the ultimate choice for a professional finish with any piece of woodwork at home. Unlike other alternatives available in the market, this product does not necessitate its owners to spend a long time in knowing how to use it. The tool has a simple design to simplify matters for its users. Therefore, both beginners and pros can use it effortlessly. Cleaning up this electronic sprayer machine also does not take much effort.

The Graco Magnum X7 is ideal for spraying different solid structures of homes. You can also use it for painting fences. This paint sprayer has sturdy piston pumps made of stainless steel for the purpose. It allows its users to adjust the pressure as per the need. The best part about these pumps is that they are durable as well as efficient. From heavy latex to stains, you can use this product for projects relating to a variety of coating.

Though it weighs 26lbs, the tool comes with a set of wheels and a handle, which makes it convenient for the users to move it. This product from Graco supports a hose up to 75 ft, allowing you to reach to the corners. You can directly spray from 1 to 5 gallon bucket with its flexible suction tube and clean up with its PowerFlush adapter. However, its unit size is 19*15*37 inches. Therefore, it is difficult to store.

  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient & High-speed performance
  • Durable
  • Lose its efficiency when operated for long hours
  • Vulnerable to clogging
  • Large in size and bulky

6. Rexbeti Ultimate 750 Paint Gun–Best Paint Sprayer for Walls

Best Paint Sprayer for Walls

Rexbeti Ultimate 750 paint sprayer is a powerful HVLP paint sprayer that boasts a superb design. This tool is made to deliver spray patterns accurately. As a result, one is unlikely to face any issue while applying spray paint on different pieces of furniture as well as a concrete structure. The Rexbeti 750 consists of nozzles of three different sizes.

Additionally, this paint gun comes with a variety of adjustment options. A user can adjust it vertically, horizontally or in a circular manner, depending on their preferences. The size of the needle plus the flexibility of the sprayer makes it a must-have item for spray painting needs of every household. For people who want different levels of output, the sprayer also offers a perfect solution. It allows them to adjust the output level according to the structure of the structure to be painted. The Rexbeti Ultimate 750 paint gun is easy to wash and use, making it suitable for beginners.

This paint piston has a decent size motor that offers 500 watts of power. It can handle thin layers as well as thick layers of paint, making it the best paint sprayer for walls, ceiling, etc. Last but not least, it comes with a long power cord, which means you can operate with ease across a large area.

  • High power
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Flexible and Ease of use
  • Fragile body
  • Causes splattering
  • Low-quality paint gun

7. Graco Magnum 257025 – Best Electric Paint Sprayer

Best Electric Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer is one of the best electric paint sprayers that allow users to control the pain flow in their way. It has a flexible suction tube with which you can spray from a paint bucket of one to five gallons of paint. With a flow rate of 0.24 gallons per minute, its hose can reach up to 25 ft with the use of a 3/8 horsepower motor. However, you can buy a hose that can reach 50 ft. It can handle the pressure of 2800 psi.

Apart from its efficiency, this spray gun makes it a breeze for its users to reach uneven parts of some surfaces that are otherwise difficult to reach.  The equipment is well equipped to handle your painting needs for a maximum of 50 gallons per year. It comes with a decent stainless steel piston pump, which makes it a durable product. Its metal gun comes with a filter that prevents solids from clogging the tip.

You can also adjust its pressure as per your need. Not only it is easy to clean this device after use, but you can also store it conveniently. It has a great design in line with its powerful features. Overall, the product is suitable for DIY owners as well as professionals.

  • Stable performance and high output
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for a wide variety of coating
  • Requires a steady supply of electricity
  • Not ideal for small areas
  • Overspray

8. Critter Spray Siphon Gun – Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

Critter paint sprayer or Siphon Gun weighs only 1.64 pounds and delivers high-quality results, which makes it one of the most affordable and handheld paint sprayers. It is a compressed mounted metal spray gun that comes with a lid. The lid can be mounted on any container filled with paint around your house, but we recommend to use 16-ounce Mason jar.

Siphon Gun boasts a very simple design and easy to operate, making it ideal for someone who is new to the art of painting. It is ideal for small to medium size projects. You can use various types of paints, including stainer, lacquer, thinners, etc. However, it requires an extra air compressor that adds extra cost to the paint sprayer. It is always good to know how to use a siphon feed spray gun.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Lightest paint sprayer
  • Great for beginners
  • An extra air compressor is required
  • Only suitable for small jobs

9. Dusichin Dus-036 – Best Airless Paint Sprayer for the Money

Best Airless Paint Sprayer for the Money

A brand well-known for its high-quality and affordable sprayers, Dusichin is now the parent to yet another wonderful product in Airless Paint Spray Gun category. The DUS-36 has been designed as a spray gun that can be used by connecting your preferred sprayer.

If you are in search of the best airless paint sprayer for money, you can definitely trust this piece for its affordability. The best feature of this paint sprayer is its ease of use with a smooth 4-finger trigger. The gun caters a smooth and consistent spray pattern that results in incredible results. In terms of pressure, the spray gun is fitted with a motor that exerts 3600 PSI of maximum pressure.

The overall built of this Airless Paint Spray Gun is sturdy and rust-resistant given the stainless steel material used. Moreover, the gun is light in weight with 1.05 pounds which makes it easy to hold for a longer duration. The spray gun also comes with ¼ inch thread, inlet fitting, and a swivel joint to aid proper spray pressure.

  • Small, light-weight, and portable
  • Affordable
  • Best for DIY projects
  • Needs to be connected with full sprayer
  • Leaks from fittings
  • Inconsistent splatters

10. Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2 – Best Commercial Paint Sprayer

Best Commercial Paint Sprayer

An exemplary piece straight from the makers of some of the fantastic paint sprayers come the Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2 HVLP Spray System. Fuji’s latest product, the 2202 Semi-Pro 2 stays at par with its signature performance. This device serves as an entry-level machine for someone who just started spray painting. If you are looking for the best commercial paint sprayer, this product is worth a try!

The best thing about this sprayer is the fact that minimal preparation is required to help you get started. Assemble the easy-to-go parts and starting your painting session. It flaunts a 25-feet hose with a weight that ranges somewhere close to 26 pounds. While similar units struggle to cope up with dense materials like acrylic or latex, Fuji’s 2202 Semi-Pro 2 HVLP handles it with ease using its 2-Stage Bypass Motor of 1400 Watts. Instead of picking the classic rotating nozzle, the engineers at Fuji have integrated this piece with a knob for fan control which allows painting pattern change.

  • Cost-Effective and Ease of Use
  • Completely Automatic Spray System
  • Easy Maintenance
  • No volume control
  • Corrosion-prone metal parts
  • Hose attachment loosens with use

While these are the top 10 paint sprayers you can buy in 2019, the review of these paints sprayers are based on the real reviews of the users. Hence, you can buy any paint sprayer without even a single thought. However, if you are not satisfied with the list of options, then don’t worry. There are many more paint sprayers available in the market. Before you step out to shop the best paint sprayer, you need to know how to use a spray paint machine. Check out the following buying guide that will help you to make the right decision.

Buying Guide for Paint Sprayers

Whether you want to retouch your old furniture or give a new look to your room to enhance the appearance of your property, nothing can be better than a paint sprayer. Not only it saves your time and money but also gets you a smooth finish. However, it is not possible to pick the best paint sprayer without knowing the difference between different types of paint sprayers and things to consider when buying a paint sprayer. Hence, check out this buying guide to select the right product. Without wasting much time, let’s get started with types of paint sprayers. 

Basic types of paint sprayers

Paint sprayers are categorized in three categories – Airless, Compressed Air, and the High Volume Low-Pressure paint guns (HVLP). These paint sprayers come with different specifications and work limitations.

Airless paint sprayer

Airless paint sprayer pumps out paint through a small hole, covered with a nozzle, at very high pressure. As a result, the nozzle produces a rapid stream of color to evenly coat the surface and get a smooth finish in a very short time. This type of paint sprayer is suitable for painting walls, ceilings, and exterior surfaces like fences, lattice, shutters, decks, etc.

However, the price of an Airless paint sprayer is high. It is widely used by professionals. You need to operate it very carefully, especially if you’re not a professional as it can inject paint into your skin, which further releases toxins into your bloodstream. Moreover, it consumes more paint as compared to other paint sprayers. Hence, it is not an economical application method. 

Compressed air paint sprayer

A compressed air sprayer uses compressed air to release the paint in the form of mist, comprises of fine paint particles. It results in a wide and thick spray of paint and allows you to achieve a smooth and even finish. This type of sprayer is suitable for small to medium-sized projects such as painting furniture and cabinets. It costs less as compared to other types. They are easy to use, making it suitable for beginners.

However, compressed air machines are noisy. One of the major drawbacks of compressed air paint sprayer is lack of control. It required high power which can lead to back bounce of paint or overspray, leading to wastage of paint and inconsistent patterns.  

High Volume Low-Pressure paint guns (HVLP)

HVLPs use a large volume of air but low pressure. As a result, the paint travels slower & the number of droplets stick to the surface and creates a smooth finish. It is easy to control and suitable for painting cabinets, doors, moldings, etc. It limits the wastage of paint.

However, most HVLP sprayers can handle thinner paints, making them ideal for primer and wood stains. They are not good for gloss paints and latex as they can lead to clogging the sprayer.

What should you know before buying the best paint sprayer?

Know your needs:

There is no doubt that paint sprayers make it easy to paint a surface area & save your time and money, but they don’t follow the one size fits all rule. For instance, painting a bicycle is very much different than painting a chair. Every task will require a different type of machine and paint. Hence, before you go ahead, you need to know why you want to buy a paint sprayer. Knowing your requirements not only narrows down the list of options but also helps you in making the right decision.

Know your budget:

There is a wide range of paint sprayers available in the market. Their price varies with their type and features. Hence, before you explore the number of options for the best paint sprayers, we recommend you to decide how much you want to spend. Knowing your budget will help you to buy the best product as per your needs. However, never set your budget too low or too high. Otherwise, either you have to compromise on quality or end up buying a product that is not suitable for your project.

Know the paint type:

Different paint sprayers are suitable for a particular type of paint. For instance, an airless paint sprayer can handle paint of all thicknesses, including varnishes and lacquers, but this is not the case with HVLP sprayer. Thick paints can clog up an HVLP sprayer. Hence, it is wise to know which type of paint you are going to use for painting before you invest in a sprayer.

Nozzle shape and size:

The size and shape of the paint sprayer nozzle depend on the surface area you are going to cover. For instance, if you want to paint small items like a chair, table, window, etc., you need to pick the nozzle with a small tip. On the other hand, the larger nozzle tip is suitable to spray the large walls. Hence, it is recommended to choose the nozzle as per your project size. However, cover all the items not to be painted. Also, don’t forget to cover your body by wearing proper clothes, gloves, hoods, and boots.

Flow Rate:

It is the value that determines how many gallons of paint the sprayer dispenses per minute. Higher the flow rate is, lesser time is required to finish the job. However, working with a high flow rate sprayer is difficult. Hence, if you’re not a professional, choose a mid-range sprayer. For beginners, a sprayer with a flow rate of 0.075 gallons per minute is the best choice. It is always recommended to buy a sprayer with an adjustable flow rate.

Mode of power:

Paint sprayers make use of electricity or gas to perform their operations. Though gas powered paint sprayers have better performance than electric paint sprayer, the cost of fuel required for the operation can enhance your budget. Hence, decide whether you want to buy an electric paint sprayer or gas paint sprayer.

While these are the factors you should consider when buying a paint sprayer, there are many more such as performance, pressure, paint viscosity, cleaning process, paint finish, etc. Paint sprayers make your painting task easier, but if you choose the wrong paint sprayer, you may end up creating a mess. Hence, it is wise to consider the above-mentioned factors when buying a paint sprayer.

Watch this video to know how to use the paint sprayer:

Final Words

With the advancement in technology, the demand for spray paint guns is increasing day by day. Every other day, there comes a paint sprayer in the market. With so many options and different types of paint sprayers available in the market, choosing the right one is not an easy task. You need to make proper research before finalizing your decision.

We hope that this guide and our product reviews will help you to pick the best paint sprayer that meets your requirements. No matter which paint sprayer you choose, make sure you store them after proper cleaning. Otherwise, it will not last for a long time. Also, don’t forget to read the manual, especially if you’re a beginner.

So what are you waiting for? Explore the wide range of best paint sprayers and choose the one that meets your budget and needs. All the best!

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