Buyer’s Guide: TOP 10 Best Pedometer & Reviews in 2019

Buyer’s Guide: TOP 10 Best Pedometer & Reviews in 2019

Looking to shed some weight? But you don’t seem to find the right encouragement? Maybe while doing cardio. Or are you looking for other functions such as tracking your heart rate? Well…what you need is a Pedometer. What’s a pedometer? This a portable small-sized device that’s wearable around your waist. It used to help track the number of steps you’ve taken whilst measuring the approximate number of calories you’ve burned.

In this post, I’m going to review for you the top 10 pedometers in 2019. Faulty Pedometer? Over here we offer reviews of nothing short of the best. And each of the products will be tagged according to the demographic in which they’re suitable. We have for kids, adults and even seniors. Even the best ones that work well with devices such as Android and iPhone.

After the review, you’ll find a guide that is to help you make a well-detailed choice for the right pedometer that suits your requirements. Along with the guide, you’re also given several Frequently Asked Questions about the device in general.

Before Reading, Check out here to know why you need a pedometer:

3 Best Pedometer – Top picks

Best Overall 3D FitBud’s pedometer Best Value Realalt 3D pedometer Best Budget ACCUSPLIT pedometer
 Best pocket pedometer Best pedometer for walking Best cheap pedometer
  • Easy to use
  • Tracks perfectly & give accurate readings
  • Very large display screen
  • Large & easy to read display
  • Smart sensors are present for an accurate reading
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read
  • Maximum of 100,000 steps
  • Durable

10 Best Pedometer with Reviews

1. ACCUSPLIT pedometer – Best cheap pedometer

Best cheap pedometerNow you’ve decided to get in to shape. But you’re low on cash and you need something to get you started on your workout plan, this pedometer will be a great tool for your plans. It’s a flip case pedometer, so it’ll be difficult to touch the reset button. Unlike the open-faced ones that take only a simple lean-to ruin to delete all your records.

It’s very easy to use. No external connection needed. It has a large screen which makes the pedometer easy to read. It can count up a 100,000 of your jogs steps walked. The same goes for the jog you’ve made. There’re no annoying bells or whistles, it silently counts your steps.

There’s a belt clip present so you can easily wear and keep from damage. Don’t worry too much about its tracking ability, as it features a tri-axis sensor that enables the pedometer to track your movement while the pedometer is vertically, horizontally or at an angle.

  • Easy to read
  • Maximum of 100,000 steps
  • Durable
  • Counts only steps

2. Realalt 3D Pedometer – Best pedometer for walking

Best pedometer for walkingThe reason why this is considered the best pedometer for walking is that it has a special feature which is a 10-step error prevention system. This system helps to prevent non-walking movement from being counted as steps. This system also makes the device accurate at differentiating between walking and running.

There are other important features such as the latest Tri-Axis sensor technology that enables the device to track irrespective of how it’s worn. The device can track your steps, distance covered, exercise time, and the number of calories burned.

In terms of memory capacity, the device can store and accumulate records of up 30 days of activity. Looking at the display screen, its large one which is excellent for reading digit. The battery power is great, as it lasts for a maximum of 12-months. Don’t worry turning of the device. There is a stand-by mode which will help conserve your power when it’s not in use.

  • Lightweight and small
  • Features tri-axis sensor technology
  • The ability to track up to four activities
  • Excellent support team
  • Up to the 18-month warranty
  • Reset button is too exposed

3. Letsfit’s pedometer watch – Best pedometer watch 

Best pedometer watch This device is your fitness assistance for when you are both active and inactive (asleep). While active, it can track your exercises accurately as it features over 14 exercising modes. Along with your steps, distance, and calories burned. To enjoy more accuracy, you can connect to your smartphone to access GPRS.

While at sleep the device can track your sleep and help analyze its quality. it makes use of light sleep, deep sleep and awake time to do so. The device also has the features to monitor your heart rate. That way you’ll be alerted to rest your heart rate, thereby improving your health and heart rate as you exercise. You are sure to get better results.

Don’t worry about your wrist getting sweaty, or the rain pouring down…the device is water resistant not waterproof. You could wear it while washing your hands. Just don’t wear it while showering or swimming. It’s a watch, not a submarine.

  • Can track your sleep & heart rate
  • Charges cordlessly
  • Water & sweat proof
  • GPRS compatible
  • Heartrate monitor prevents proper charging 
  • Heartrate monitor isn’t so accurate

4. 3D active Ftibud 3D pedometer – Best pocket pedometer

Best pocket pedometerThe build of this device is simple and user-friendly, all you need to is push a button and you’re set. Ready to track your steps. By the way, it tracks only the steps you’ve taken, nothing more nothing less. The reading will be accurate as it features a more advanced Tri-axis sensor technology. Therefore it provides superior accuracy compared to most pedometers in the market.

It’s a simple pocketable motivator that’ll keep you up till you reach your fitness goal. Don’t worry about the battery-life as the device auto sleeps when not in use and auto wakes when in motion. The display is on the screen is very large. Easy for reading the numbers.

  • Features an Advanced Tri-axis sensor
  • Pocket-sized
  • Up to 18 months warranty
  • Reset button isn’t exposed
  • Tracks only one activity

5. Letscom’s watch pedometer – Best android pedometer

Best android pedometerThis pedometer watch is very compatible with android devices. It possesses features that make it like your phone is on your wrist. It has call alerts, alarm alerts, SNS alerts, reminders, and even SMS alerts. You can even take pictures with the device.

The device can all-day activities. Steps, distance covered, active minutes, burned calories, over 14 exercise modes, and even your sleep status. It can as well your heart rate. You can enjoy better accuracy by connecting the device with your android’s GPRS.

This pedometer tracker requires an android of 4.4 and above. The Bluetooth has to be of version 4.0 to synchronize with the watch. The screen is OLED with a reasonable size of 0.96 inches.

  • Smart connectivity
  • Track both sleep & heart rate
  • Tracks all-daily activities & up to 14 workouts
  • Features a built-in USB for charging
  • Battery last for 7 days when fully charged
  • Screen may not be large enough

6. Apple watch series 3 – Best pedometer for apple watch

Best pedometer for apple watchThis watch features a system that can track heart rates with its optical heart sensor. Track your Workout sessions (like yoga & hiking workouts) are also on the list and it detects it automatically. It even has special apps for runners such as pace alerts and cadence.

The device some smart services such as the built cellular which enables you to use walkie-talkie, send SMS and make phone calls. If you need music to motivate your workout, apple music can be streamed, also podcasts.

If the music isn’t enough to motivate you, there other features such as personalized coaching, achievement awards to make you feel good when succeed, and monthly challenges to keep you interested. You can share your activity records with friends and then compare. The new head to head competition mode is also available to make exercise with friends a lot of fun.

  • It’s swim-proof
  • Excellent tracking system
  • Good for communication
  • Great apps for your motivation
  • Good battery life
  • Quite fraglie 
  • Doesn’t track your sleep

7. Trendy pro’s kid’s watch pedometer – Best pedometer for kids

Best pedometer for kidsThis pedometer watch is designed to ensure your kid has a healthy lifestyle, given it’s a hard task to do as a parent or guardian. It has all the necessary features that a regular pedometer possesses. The only difference is how appealing it is to kids.

As said before, it has all the necessary features a regular pedometer would have, such as a day’s activity tracker along with a sleep tracker. It measures your kid’s sleep with stats such as light sleep, deep sleep & awake time. The app wakes your kid with its silent alarm system that vibrates.

If your kid is the type to lose objects, there are features such as anti-lost and find a phone that will help you curb this problem. Your kid can receive calls, text, and use social apps with the watch. He watches also can record up to 7-day of information, so you get to know how well he/she has done in a week.

Note: this model is meant for kids from age 9-12

  • Features activity tracker
  • Stores up to 7-days of activity
  • It can make calls and text
  • Anti-lost and find phone features are present
  • Water proof
  • Wrist band could be too loose or too tight

8. YAHMAY smartwatch pedometer – Best pedometer for iPhone

Best pedometer for iPhoneThis is a great compatible iPhone fitness tracker that’s capable of tracking most of your daily activities. Even if you’re a hiker, camper or rock climber. It can track walking, cycling, swimming, running, workouts, even your sleep and so on. Only walking, running and cycling is what the pedometer can itself. The other features are only available once you download the app from the apple store.

Apart from activities, the tracker can also do heart rates. This will better improve your workouts and monitor your health. While synched with your phone, you can never miss a call text or reminder. Don’t worry too much about the battery as it lasts pretty long. It requires only 1 or 2 hours to charge fully and it takes 5-8 days to rundown while on stand-by.

  • Fast charge
  • Long battery life
  • Tracks lots of activities
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Provides smart notifications
  • The sleep tracking function is not so good
  • Some modes will not function if the battery is low

9. Fitbit Flex 2 fitness band – Best wrist pedometer

Best wrist pedometerJust like a normal pedometer, the watch has a tracker that reads your steps, distance covered, burned calories, and other hourly activities. Sleep is another thing that can be tracked. The tracker is removed and it’s hidden with the wristband. It displays digits via LEDs.

The Fitbit flex 2 skin-friendly material is designed to ensure you enjoy maximum comfort on your wrist. It has an adjustable band length range between 22cm-25cm to make it fit right with your wrists. If you’re worried about it getting it wet, don’t be.

The device is waterproof. After a long day of workouts, you can head straight to showers with the device still on your wrist. If you wish to measure your speed while swimming, go ahead!

The battery power is ok. When fully charged, it lasts for 2-4hours.

  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable for your wrist
  • LED indicators
  • Tracks up to 4 daily activities
  • Battery power may not be that good

10. Ozo fitness Pedometer – Best pedometer for seniors

Best pedometer for seniorsTired of complicated setups? Are you looking for a pedometer that’s very easy to use? Ozo fitness pedometer will offer you simplicity. No Bluetooth or any other seamless connection. Just a regular and very effective pedometer.

By very effective, I’m talking about its smart activity tracker. It consists of a Tri-Axis sensor that can measure your steps irrespective of how it’s placed on your body. For convenience, you can simply place it in your pocket, as it is small enough.  It tracks your steps, distance, exercise and amount of calories burned.

The device has a very large LCD screen which is a lot easier to read with your glasses. The buttons are also large. This will enable you to see and interact with the device conveniently as a senior.

  • Senior-friendly
  • No need for external connection
  • Pocket-sized
  • Features Advanced 3D Tri-axis sensor for accurate measurement
  • Stores up to 7-days of log
  • Lose power plug
  • Must be only one dedicated power outlet

Types of pedometer designs

There are various designs of a pedometer in the market. Each design concept depends solely on how it’s worn and how frequently you check you step count.  

The flip case

This design is to protect the pedometer’s controls. It ensures you don’t accidentally reset the device or bump the buttons so it could change the readings. There’s a clip at the back of the device which is for attaching it to your waistband.

You can easily check the readings while wearing your waistband by flip it open from the top to the bottom. If you are lucky to have a flip case pedometer with a window in front, it would be a lot easier.


This design of pedometers has its reading exposed on the front. There no cover like the flip case design. This the most common type of pedometer and it’s because the device is inexpensive. This design is known to be very problematic, as it’s easier to bump its control and change the settings. You could even reset the log of the day, thereby ruining your daily workout routine.

The plus side is that there are some designs of this open-faced pedometer which makes use of a delayed reset button. This means you’d have to hold the reset button for a few seconds. It fitted around your waist with a waistband.

Pocket pedometers

The design of this type of pedometer is as the name states. There is no need for clipping it to your waist, just put it directly in your pocket. This is the most convenient way to wear a pedometer because you don’t have to worry about dropping and damaging the device.

The major issue you have to worry about is if the device is tracking your step. The device will successfully track your step if placed in a good position. It will stop if tilted too forward or backward. Another fact to know is that pocket pedometers are open-faced ones. This means their buttons are exposed. Don’t worry, as the buttons are usually delayed.  

App linked pedometers

These devices (smartwatches) enable you to view your daily activity on your computer dives via an online connection. This design in0turn has various designs of its own. The difference depends on the type of data it can display. There are app-linked pedometers with no screen, wired, wireless, GPS, & phone call applications.  

Pedometer watches

These types of pedometer designs come in three varieties which include: motion sensors, separate sensors, and GPS.

Motion sensor pedometer watches will make use of your arm movements and accelerations into the steps you’ve taken and the amount of distance you’ve covered.

Separate sensors: such pedometer watches have their sensors separate from them. For instance, the smartwatch will be fitted on your waist via, while the sensor will be fitted into your shoe. The sensor will detect the steps you’ve taken and then transmit the data wirelessly to your pedometer watch.

GPS: this type of pedometer watch requires connection to your phone’s GPS, that way it can measure speed and distance you’ve traveled via your phone’s GPS satellite.  

Factors to consider before buying a pedometer


This is the most important factor to consider because it’s how the device tracks your steps or should I say, movement. The better the accuracy the better the pedometer. There two types of systems in which pedometers use to measure movement.

  • Use of a pendulum to detect swing-in your motion
  • Tri-axis accelerometers

The newest system is more accurate as it consists of microchips that can detect the change in force that occurs when you move your limbs. This system is also found in mobile phones, where it works with GPS. The tri-axis system plus the GPS can measure accurately you’re the distance you’ve traveled.

Where you wear it

The way you wear your pedometer has to be determined before making a purchase. It has to be the one that is most convenient for you or the activity you are planning to do. Do you wear it on your waist via waistbands? In your pocket? Or on your wrist?


If you are not too keen on monitoring your progress, the pedometers that display 7 days of activity is a great choice. But if you have a long term goal then pedometers that display a 30-day log is the best for you. The range falls between 7 – 30 days of memory log.

How susceptible is it to damage

For instance, there are pedometers designs which are open-faced. Such a design can be easily damaged if not worn firmly. Just on knock on the ground can ruin it. However, the flip covered ones have more protection. It would take a much harder knock to completely damage it.

Its additional functionality

There are models of pedometers that offer more functionality than just tracking your activities. Additional functionality could be speech, heart rate monitor, smartwatch, and computer links.

How to Wear a pedometer

  • You can wear it on your hip-bone
  • You can clip it to your pocket or put it in your pocket
  • Behind the waist of your pants


Q: How can I save my workouts (smartwatches)?

A: Once you’re done working out, tap on the finished workout. After that, ‘finish and save’ will pop out. Select it.

Q: Is it possible to set both my weight and length of a step in different measurement units?

A: Yes. It’s possible. You are free to select the parameters that are best for you.

Q: If I walk 10,000 steps per day, how much calories will I burn?

It will fall between 300-400 calories, as long as you’re walking on flat ground. If it’s indoors, it’s very likely to be less. If it’s in the outdoors, then it’s going to be much.  In the end, the type of walk is the key factor.


So there you have it…10 best pedometers in 2019 that can help you reach your goal. With each of the reviewed products tagged with a specific demographic then you should be able to find what suits your needs. In terms of function, build, and capacity. All the reviewed products can be found on where they’re highly-rated and appreciated.

With the guide available, you should be able to make a well-detailed choice. You’ve been provided with information about the several types of pedometers we can in today’s market. And the major difference is in the design/build. Some of them are risk-free and some are easily susceptible to heavy damage. For instance, open-faced pedometers are more susceptible to damage than flip-case, pocket-sized, and pedometer watches.  Also, in the guide, there’s information on factors you should consider before buying them. That way, you will get the best pedometer and enjoy the value. After the guide, there’s some frequently asked question to help answer some of your specific problems. 

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