Top 10 Best Room Heater Buying Guide & Reviews in 2019

Top 10 Best Room Heater Buying Guide & Reviews in 2019

Here comes the cold season and everyone knows how uncomfortable life could be having a room that lacks proper heat. It usually costs a lot to fix home heating systems and if this is not achieved during the summer period, then it could become more difficult during the cold weather. Also, only a handful of people check their heating system to ensure its working fine. At the same time, some rooms don’t heat properly due to some other factors. There’s a cheaper alternative here, which is to get the best room heater. The size isn’t that important, it just must work effectively.

A well-placed heater in a room can solve this problem. Because they are movable, you can transport them to wherever you need them. Of course, the energy bill will increase, but they are the best options out there.

There are different types and brands of room heaters in the market, and the process of choosing one can be overwhelming. However, we’ve made this process very easy for you; with our 10 best room heaters, you’ll have no problem making your choice.

 Our Favorite Picks of Best Room Heater

Best Overall Lasko 6435 Ceramic Living Room Heater   Best Value Dr. Infrared Heater DR-968 Best Budget  Lasko 755320
Best Heater for Living Room Best Room Heater Energy Efficient Best Electric Room Heater
  • Operates quietly which makes it suitable for living rooms
  • It is not costly
  • Has a stylish design
  • Delivers more heat and still maintains its efficiency
  • It operates quietly
  • Advanced dual heating system
  • Overheat protection  
  • Cool-touch housing
  • Push-button controls

10 Best Room Heaters with Reviews

1. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower – Best Heater for Small Room

Best Heater for Small RoomThe Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Room Heater is one of the best out there. It has a simple design and goes for a moderate price. This heater has a remote with controls located at the top of the heater. This model offers 1500 watt power. It also features a multiple heat setting as well as a 7-hour timer.

For safety purposes, it features a self-regulating ceramic element and overheating protection. Lastly, it has a compact design and needs very little floor space to perform its functions.

For its size and power, many people will believe that the heater can work well in medium-sized rooms. Unfortunately, its fan isn’t that powerful to push out more hot air. Although its oscillation feature can go a long way, it’s still well-suited to heat small rooms.

  • Small remote available
  • 7-hour timer, programmable thermostat
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Can only work effectively in small rooms

2. Lasko 6435 Ceramic – Best Heater for Living Room

Best Heater for Living RoomThe Lasko 6435 Ceramic Best Heater for Living Room is one of the very few room heaters that have successfully combined a stylish design with a perfect solution for living rooms that lack enough heat. It is a simple heater with a remote aid easy use, and oscillation to offer better coverage.

The heater features an adjustable thermostat and has a maximum power of 1500 watts. The design of this heater resembles a large vase having a metallic stand. As per practicality, this model doesn’t take much space and has a very comfortable setting.

This heater is mostly made from plastic, and due to this, its heating element might release a strange and unpleasant smell (like that of melting plastic). However, the elements of the heater will not melt. After using this heater for a few days, the smell will leave.

  • Operates quietly which makes it suitable for living rooms
  • It is not costly
  • Has a stylish design
  • Strange plastic smell for a few days

3. TRUSTECH Air Circulator Fan 2 in 1 – Best Portable Room Heater

Best Portable Room HeaterThe Trustech Air Circulator Fan 2 in 1 Best Portable Heater is equipped with both heating and cooling features, to ensure you enjoy the comfort of your room.

This device balances the temperature of your home and saves your electricity bills. Its small size also makes it great for use in the home and office. Its specially designed handle makes it very comfortable to carry around. Also, this portable heater makes no noise when running; it keeps you warm without disturbing you with noise. 

For security purposes, there’s an automatic overheat system that shuts down the electric fan when any part of the fan starts overheating. Its tip-over switch also shuts off the device whenever it is tipped backward or forward. Lastly, it is ETL certified.

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  • Has a small size and it’s very quiet
  • Maximized safety
  • 1 year warranty
  • This 1-year warranty is short compared to competitors

4. Vornadobaby Tempa – Best Heater for Baby Room

Best Heater for Baby RoomThe Vornadobaby Tempa Best Heater for Baby Room is specially designed for the bedroom of nurseries and children. It distributes heat gently to ensure a quiet environment for your baby and kids. Two heat settings and fan settings are included as well as advanced safety settings.

This baby room heater also features a cold storage and a child-lock and has a 5-year guarantee. With its great safety features, you are sure of your baby’s warmth and safety. With its multiple temperature settings, quiet airflow and safety on your mind, you and your baby can sleep with much comfort.

  • Cord storage protects your baby from tripping over the cord or pulling it from the wall 
  • Great safety features such as tip-over shut-off, child locks, cool-touch housing, and overheat protection
  • Dual heat settings and fan settings
  • Runs quietly with its gentle circulation
  • Its safety lock could be annoying
  • You must keep a close watch on your baby so he/she doesn’t change the temperature.

5. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-968 – Best Room Heater Energy Efficient

Best Room Heater Energy EfficientThe Dr. Infrared DR-968 Energy Efficient Heater delivers enough heat to warm rooms of 1000 sq ft. For its efficiency coupled with its ability to maintain its great heating production, you can consider this device to be your first in hand room heater.

Its price is affordable compared to other space heaters of similar quality which are priced twice or thrice more. It also delivers more heat than that produced by most heaters’ having 1500 watt heat delivery and doesn’t use up more electricity as well. This is possible due to its high energy efficiency.

To get the right temperature, it has three power settings: High setting (1500 watt), low setting (1000 watt) and an auto setting. If you want, you can set the timer as well.

  • Delivers more heat and still maintains its efficiency
  • It operates quietly
  • Advanced dual heating system
  • Affordable price for its quality
  • Although the heat flow of this heater is great, it takes time to warm rooms that are larger than 500 square feet.

6. Insignia HTRFBK6 – Best Oil Heater for Large Room

Best Oil Heater for Large RoomWinter is here again, you are seriously freezing and all you want is to heat your large room and save costs. You are covered because the Insignia HTRFBK6 Best Oil Heater for Large Room is there for you. This oil heater can heat rooms of about 144 square ft. It is user-friendly and operates very quietly.

Its tip-over switch ensures your safety and it functions effectively just like those expensive heaters out there; it is also not as expensive as the coil heaters.

While operation, you need to be very careful especially around children, because this oil heater could be very hot to touch. Another great feature here is that its wheels are placed on metal brackets and held firmly with metal screws which will be difficult to break. Your comfort is even more guaranteed with the digital thermostat and remote control offered by this unit.

  • Remote control
  • Digital thermostat
  • Tip-over protection
  • Operates quietly
  • Can become too hot to touch

7. Cadet Com-Pak Twin – Best Electric Heater for Large Room

Best Electric Heater for Large RoomThe Cadet Com-Pak Twin Electric Heater is a wall-mounted 4000-watt large room heater that can heat up to 600 sq. ft. For easy installation, it comes with a grill, a wall can, and a thermostat. It also includes a fan to help dissipate the heat.

This heater has automatic overheat feature which shuts down the system in case of overheating. This large room electric heater is very powerful and easy to install. It also heats a room very quickly. If you wish to have your own thermostat, then this heater might not be the best choice.

  • Installation is very easy
  • In less than five minutes, it can heat a room of about 250 sq meters 
  • Designed to heat large rooms and has the required wattage to meet this demand.
  • The thermostat isn’t that precise
  • The internal thermostat is hard to bypass if you intend to install an external one.

8. LifeSmart – Best Infrared Heater for Large Room

Best Infrared Heater for Large RoomSpecially designed to imitate a log fireplace, the LifeSmart Best Infrared Heater for Large Room produces heat via infrared and has two fire glow levels.

It features a beautiful oak cabinet and mantlepiece and can heat large rooms of up to 1000 sq meters. Three heat settings are present, including a 12-hour timer and an eco mode. The flames of this heater can be used whether it is on or off.

This device is a very beautiful addition to the home. Apart from the extremely loud fan, this infrared heater can be fitted into any large room and can be moved around.

  • The air is not dehydrated by its infrared technology.
  • Despite its large size, this heater is portable and can be used for zonal heating
  • Very energy-efficient heater (uses just 1500 watts to heat a room of about 1000 sq meters).
  • Extremely loud fan
  • Automatic shut-off absent  

9. Lasko 760000 Cyclonic Digital – Best Ceramic Heater for Large Room

Best Ceramic Heater for Large RoomThe Lasko Cyclonic Digital Best Ceramic Heater for Large Room looks great and you can be sure of its quality with its well-built metal and plastic casing. You are also covered with its cool to touch safety feature. With the aid of its multifunctional remote, as well as buttons integrated into the heater, you will have total control of this device from wherever you are in your room.

With the thermostat, you can adjust the temperature and can also choose from low and high-temperature controls.  It also features a fresh air ionizer that provides you with the purest air when the heater is running.

It also has to overheat protection to protect the inner parts and to ensure your safety as well.

Its cyclonic heat penetration technology also ensures that it heats up quickly, so you can get warm within a short time.

  • Multifunctional remote
  • Fresh air ionizer
  • Overheat protection
  • Cyclonic heat penetration technology
  • Few customers complained that the heater did not last.

10. Lasko 755320 – Best Electric Room Heater 

Best Electric Room Heater The best thing about the Lasko 755320 is that it is a ceramic space heater. It runs using electricity and has a 6 feet long cord.

When we talk of safety, you have nothing to worry about setting your rug ablaze or carbon monoxide poisoning. When fully assembled, this electric room heater is 23 inches tall. It oscillates at about 180 degrees which is a great feature as it distributes heat evenly in your room. It also features a thermostat, with its setting ranging from 39 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

For user safety, it comes with an auto overheat protection and cool-touch housing to protects users from scalding or burning

It lacks a shut-off feature, but if you make use of its timer, it automatically shuts off upon reaching the desired temperature.

  • Overheat protection  
  • Cool-touch housing
  • Push-button controls
  • Some users complained that the heater was noisy.

Buying Guide for Room Heaters  

Types of Room Heaters

There are five major types of room heaters, which include:

  • Ceramic room heaters
  • Baseboard heaters
  • Electric fireplace heaters
  • Wall heaters
  • Freestanding portable heaters

Ceramic Room Heaters

Ceramic room heaters utilize a blower fan to distribute heat. What they do is take in cold air, heat it over ceramic plates, and then release warm air. Ceramic heaters usually have high performance.

Baseboard Room Heaters

Baseboard heaters are a modern way of heating a room without taking space. These heaters can be placed in the corner of a room. They are of low profile and they operate just like iron radiators.  They first take in cold air, transform it and then release it as warm air. They contain water or oil and have a convection heating system.

Electric Fireplace Room Heaters

The Electric fireplace room heater serves as an alternative to the traditional room heaters. It can warm a room space of about 400 square feet. It is great for your bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Wall Room Heaters

Wall heaters serve as good alternatives to conventional room heaters. In contrast to regular room heaters, these convection heaters require less energy.

Freestanding Portable Room Heaters

Freestanding portable heaters can either be ceramic heaters or oil-filled radiator heaters. These room heaters are the most popular and the most common portable heaters out there. For their operation, they also make use of a convection style.

Type of Room Heaters you will likely find in the Market

Fan Heater:

Fan heaters operate with the help of a fan to pass air over a heat source. This heats the air, making it possible for the room heater to warm surroundings.

Gas Heater:

Gas heaters burn natural gas to heat a room.

Carbon Heater:

Carbon heaters are composed of thin carbon plates and do not utilize glues or plastics.

Infrared Heater:

Infrared heaters deliver radiant heat, similar to the warmth from the sun shining on the face or coal fire heat. These heaters are well-suited for poorly insulated rooms.

Quartz Heater:

Quartz Heaters use radiant heating to provide very efficient performance in the heating amount and direction.

Halogen Heater:

Halogen heaters provide instant heat. They power their halogen heating elements using electricity.

Things to Look for When Buying a Room Heater

The most important thing you must consider when buying a room heater is for the quick, even, and adequate heating of your room. However, there are other factors you should consider which includes:

  • Type of Heater
  • Energy Consumption
  • Noise Levels
  • Safety Settings
  • Additional Features
  • Heating Capacity
  • User-friendly control settings
  • Consistent Heat

Type of Heater

The first thing to consider is the type of heater that will be most appropriate for your household. Choose a heater that will work with your room settings to achieve maximum output. For rooms having limited spaces like your bathroom, it will be better to go for a wall heater. With the help of wall brackets, you can easily fit them, thereby leaving some extra space on the floor.

Energy Consumption

Another important factor to consider before making your decision is the cost of operating the heater. Try to compare the efficiency of different heaters before making your choice. If you desire a heater that favors your low budget, then you can request for room heaters having additional features like programmable timers, energy-saving modes, and adjustable thermostats.

Noise Levels

Generally, portable room heaters make some noise during operation. Some heaters generate more noise than others. For noiseless operation in your quiet surroundings, you can go for non-fan-forced heaters like the baseboard or oil-filled radiator heaters.

Safety Settings

Different room heaters have different safety measures like tip-over sensors and overheat cut-off. Other safety measures that must be considered are: cool to touch heater assembly, the inclusion of tight grills which will prevent kids from gaining access to the heated parts, and lastly no overheating.

Additional Features

To operate a room heater easily, some manufacturers include additional features like automatic oscillation and digital controls.

Heating Capacity

Before picking a room heater, consider the space or area you want to heat and based on this, choose a heater with the right wattage rating. Normally, room heaters require a heating power of 10 watts for each square foot. However, based on the heating application, technology, and indoor environment of some room heaters, they may heatless or more space.

User-friendly control settings

There should be some control over the room heater’s heat output so users can maintain the temperature at the desired level. Some of them allow the setting of the temperature to a specific value, either in degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade or relative temperatures like high, medium, and low. This feature contributes to the heater’s energy conservation.

Consistent Heat

If you’re someone that wants consistent heat all night, then you should go for oil-filled radiator heaters. Although these heaters don’t warm up quickly, they can retain heat for long periods, even after switching them off. Nonetheless, some room heaters have timers that turn them on and off at specific intervals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Room Heater?

A room heater also referred to as a space heater, is an electrical device used for heating an enclosed space or area i.e. a room. This is mostly used during the cold season.

Why should I get a Room Heater?

Room heaters are very important during the winter period when the cold becomes unbearable because they will warm your room by bringing down its cold temperature to one that is comfortable for you.

Can you heat a room with a room heater?

Yes, you can, but this may not be the case in all situations. Using an electric room heater may help you reduce your bills only if you reduce your thermostat on your heating system.


To get the best room heater, you have to weigh all your wants and needs then compare them with the available options. The room heaters reviewed above will perform the task any room heater is intended for. They are of high quality and deserve the spot they occupy in our list of best room heaters. There’s one sure thing: by using a room heater, you are covered during the cold season. Endeavor to follow our buying guide and we are sure you’ll get the best room heater.

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