10 Best Solar Lights Buyer Guide & Reviews in 2019

10 Best Solar Lights Buyer Guide & Reviews in 2019

For years, the electric current has been the main source of power and that monopoly has led to exorbitant electricity bills especially in developing countries with a lower standard of living. Since the advent of solar lights, there has been enough relief. No more exorbitant bills as there is now an alternative- solar light. That is why we are presenting you with this review of the best solar lights.

For one thing, these solar lights are easier to maintain and they add a very attractive feel to the entire beauty of your home when it is placed outdoors. And when it is indoors, they further enhance the beauty of your interior decorations.  These solar lights are more environmentally friendly, with no harm at all. Apart from that, they are also independent of weather conditions. They are always on, regardless of windy or rainy weather.

The make-up of solar light is simple: it consists of a solar panel and a battery. The panel stores the energy coming from the sun, and this, in turn, lights up the surrounding when needed. As long as there is a little sunlight, you can expect to see it charged. This review will expose you to the best solar lights in different categories of examination. You will also learn about the factors you need to consider before you buy one. So, if you are looking to save some energy at home or in your place of work, this review is definitely for you.

Best Solar Lights – Our Top Picks

Best Overall URPOWER Solar Lights Best Value Hallomall solar light Best Budget Dinhard solar flood light
best solar landscape light Best solar string lights Best solar flood light
  • Adjustable lighting direction of up to 90 degrees
  • No need for specialized tools for installation, easy to install
  • Automatically turns on when fully charged
  • Very durable and waterproof
  • Multiple light modes
  • Very long for a large area
  • It is not expensive
  • The installation is very easy
  • Automatic on/off sensor

Top 10 Best Solar Lights with Reviews

1. Urpower solar lights – Best solar landscape lights

best solar landscape lightThe latest technology for beautiful, high-tech landscaping would be the in-ground lights. They are highly retracted during the day time and absorb solar energy. At night, they literally pop up, giving you light along a driveway, pathway, deck or dock that are not in your way during the day. It includes installation hardware, and it’s enabled for wireless connection.

It is made to resist winter weather. It is a 3 sided, wider illumination with LED on both sides of the lights which makes the lightning stronger- an ideal illumination for your landscape. It boasts three working modes- medium light, dim light, and motion sensor. Oit is up to you to choose the lightning mode that you know will work best for you.

  • It is waterproof
  • Highly durable
  • Automatically adjusts with the weather
  • It charges for just five hours
  • The battery runs-off between 6-9 hours
  • It has just 2 lighting modes

2. Moonrays 91381 – Best solar path lights

Best solar path lightIt does not require electricity as it saves money on electricity bills. The hardwired led bulbs also never need to be replaced, thereby saving replacement costs. Solar power is an environmentally-conscious lighten choice. The installation is very easy, with no wiring involved; anyone can easily install this light. Simply insert the stake into your desired location and slide on the assembled lamp. Light work right out of the box.

Measures 15.9 from top to bottom. Above ground height is approximately 12”. Each day, the rays from the sun to recharge the included AA NiCd battery. At night, the battery activates to turn on the included LED bulb inside the unit.

  • It is economical.
  • The LED is 2X lighter.
  • The light beam put out a 120-degree wide-angle to cover more than average.
  • It is somewhat heavy
  • It might not look attractive

3. Dinhard solar flood light – Best solar flood lights

Best solar flood lightThe Dinhard solar power floodlight is a special pick for people that need something simple and very easy to install. Also, it is not that expensive, very affordable. The system is somehow different from a regular floodlight. It basically comes along with a large solar panel and the light attached right beneath it. This model was made to be attached to walls or pillars and uses 54 led lights which provide luminosity of 400 lumens. 

Also, the floodlight has a light sensor that turns it on during the dusk and off during the day. It is durable as it offers 3 years warranty on purchase and it is very much affordable for families on a tight budget. The bulb is equipped with light and motion sensors and has a button to control the available models.

  • It is not expensive
  • The installation is very easy
  • Automatic on/off sensor
  • The battery pack is small
  • Best solar garden light

4. GardenBliss – Best solar garden lights

Best solar garden lightsGarden bliss was created with a passion for nature gardens, and a love of spending quality time with friends and family. Some of these are too small and dim, why others just stopped working after a few days outside after a rainstorm. After harsh weather, others just look unattractive and flimsy. Thousands of delighted customers are enjoying the pleasure of having a beautifully light yard where friends and family can come together for garden parties and lots more.

These beautiful garden bliss solar garden lights are the perfect tools to lighten up your yard to make the overall look and feel of your home a bright, safe, and attractive beacon in the night. When you think of how tasteful, elegant, and smart a garden light should be, just remember that GardeBliss outshines all of the rest on the market.

  • Brightest solar light
  • No unattractive wires
  • Save your electricity bill
  • Double sealed water protection
  • It requires time for maintenance

5. Magictec Solar Spotlight – Best Outdoor solar spot lights

Best Outdoor solar spot lightsThe Magictec solar spotlight is one of the best solar spot outdoor lights in the market. It comes as two in a pack and it is pretty affordable too. It gives off a warm and inviting white light with just a hint of yellow and automatically turns on at once the sun is set.

If you are searching for something that is absolutely easy on the eyes, yet, still bright enough to showcase the home, garden, or landscape, this one is suggested not only is it a strong piece, it has super sleek and modern design that is sure to complement any type of outdoor décor you might have around or in your home.

  • It is wall mountable
  • It last long
  • Two brightness setting
  • Inviting glow
  • The automatic sensor may stop working after a while

6. Inngree Snowflake – Best solar Christmas lights

Best solar Christmas lightsEveryone likes a white Christmas because it is a colorful celebration. So, why can’t everybody decorate their home a 20-foot string led snowflakes to help spread Christmas cheers. The light can flash or be a solid display in your garden. If you would prefer or like more authentic snowflakes, this strand of light can be purchased in white and warm white as well.

When these lights are fully charged, they will easily last for 10 hours. It is designed to create a special lightening effect, especially green lights to light up a festival or an event. The solar panel and lights have also been tested as IP65. this is what makes it waterproof and sunscreen.


  • The durability is good to reckon with
  • High environment suitability
  • Waterproof high performance
  • Need a professional for installation
  • Its needs long hours for charging

7. Hallomall solar light – Best solar string lights

Best solar string lightsThe hallomall solar powered string light looks very nice. They featured a soft yellow glow that can easily illuminate a specific area, aside from that they are perfect for decorative purposes. The copper wire that is used is encased in plastic, it makes it very durable. It is waterproof. Even a heavy rainstorm cannot easily spoil it. Apart from that, the wire is also very thin a quite durable, making it easy to wrap these things around signs, banisters, trees and lots more.

It comes with a year warranty. Its sensors makes it come on automatically at night and the same sensor will make it automatically go off during the day. It is a 360 degrees rotatable solar light that can illuminate any direction.

  • Very durable and waterproof
  • Multiple light modes
  • Very long for a large area
  • For outdoor use only
  • It requires strong and direct sunlight for at least 6 hours

8. Leeyarlam solar gutter lights – Best solar gutter lights

Best solar gutter lightsIt is brighter with its 9 led chips and an enlarged solar panel. It cast away darkness from your corridor, doorway, garden, deck, gate, fences, patio around the house. It is not expensive like the motion light or other wired spotlight and fluid lights. It automatically illuminates after sunset. Recharge and store the solar power in the direct sunlight.

It can last 6-8hours at night. With the two sets of brackets and bolt in the package, our solar outdoor can be fixed on platen places the thickness range from 0-50mm, like a fence, railing, gutter, deck edge without the damage of your facilities. If you want a better output, this solar light can be upgraded. The LED can be upgraded to 9 chips while the solar panel can also be expanded. All you have to do with this solar light is to mount it such that the top is directly exposed to sunlight during the daytime.

  • It is versatile for different surfaces
  • It is waterproof
  • It has a unique appearance
  • No extra battery
  • The light faces down

9. Rivet Mid-Century – Best solar deck lights

Best solar deck lightsFeatures a durable metal construction with a 2 LED 40-watt bulbs that can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Its 2 white LEDs will provide enough illumination for the entire room. It is stylishly designed with a special gold finish both at the top and bottom. This  cab double as either a light or an art because of its stylish design.

The unit comes pre-assembled with pre-charge. AA NiCd battery ( includes (600 mah)AA NiCd Rechargeable battery).

While illuminating this deck, you can also install this outdoor wall sconce on steps, pathways and fence post to guide visitors and prevent burglars from breaking in as they will be deterred by the brightly lit premises.

  • It has versatile outdoor wall sconce
  • It is a smart energy-saving deck solar light
  • It has a long-lasting led solar deck light
  • The material is plastic
  • It has rough electrical cords
  • Just one year warranty

10. TEALP Solar 26 – Best solar post cap lights

Best solar post cap lightsOutdoors lightings are perfect for you if you always enjoy strolling by  your fence. The post cap lights are good and perfect for that. powered by solar panels and equipped with 26 Lumen SMD LED bulbs.

It comes with a 400MAH Li-Fe rechargeable batteries  that powers the solar light, meaning you don’t have to worry about changing it any time soon. And one suitable thing is that it does not require any wiring, in short, it won’t dig your pocket.

  • The cap light offers versatility as it can be used for decorations
  • Very easy to install
  • Led light is fully present
  • Gives your home a good design
  • In an environment where sunlight cannot really penetrate may cause low efficiency

Buying Guide for Solar Lights

What to look for when buying a Solar Light

Solar lights can be the best thing that ever happened to your home or office space. They save energy, they are easy to install and maintain, they pose no threat to the environment at all and guess what? You don’t have to pay any monthly bill. The solar light market is growing daily with many people now joining the bandwagon.

A lot of customers are buying what they have little or no knowledge of, just because a friend introduced them. Well, we don’t want you to go through that disappointing quest. Kindly pay attention to the things you need to look out for when buying your solar lights. Ask the right questions and use this review as a safety checklist for what you want to buy. This will stop you from spending money on non-performing solar lights.

Battery Capacity

The general idea of solar lights is that it charges its battery with energy coming from the sun during the day, and lights up your environment at night using the energy stored in the battery. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the lights will stay on and the brighter. On most packs, the specifications will be written on it, including the battery capacity. It all depends on what you want it for, where you want it to light up, and for how long you plan to be using it.

Power Storage

To have a good battery is one thing, to have a better power storage capacity is another thing. It is a measure of how efficient a solar panel is in the conversion of sunlight energy to power for the battery. If the power storage of a solar panel is very good, it does not take much time for the battery to charge up from a depleted state. On the other hand, if the power storage is bad, it usually takes a longer time for it to charge up from a depleted state. That rate is in the specs most time, so you can do yourself some good by checking it before making that purchase.

It is important to note that power storage isn’t the same as charging time. Even though charging time can be used to determine a solar panel’s power storage, power storage can only be gotten when the battery is in a depleted state.


Technology is ever on the rise, and in this age of smartphones, everything is now getting an upgrade. The same is true of solar lights, as we now have those that can be preset to auto-light up at certain times of the day. An advantage of smarter solar lights is that it makes it easier to use and operate from anywhere. You can put them on, shut them down, dim the lights, or change the direction of lights at ease.

There’s more- they can even sense when its dawn and shut down. They can also sense when darkness falls and automatically comes on. They can adjust to changing weather conditions, maximize the energy stored in the battery and make you enjoy your purchase.

Working Temperature

Depending on the climate, not all solar lights can last long. A very hot climate can damage a solar light while an extremely cold one too can damage a solar light. The batteries and the solar panel too are exposed and can feel the effect of the weather. If you live in areas like this, the lower commodity or cheaper batteries might not serve you well. Go for a stronger battery that can withstand such conditions. If the temperature is extreme, that battery is always the first to fall prey.

Six quick tips

  • Step one.

Determine in case you require decorative accent, road or maybe task solar lighting.

  • Step two.

Find out if the electric battery requires full sunlight to charge. Several lighting fixtures charge with partial sunshine as well as work effectively under trees or perhaps in places with very low sunlight. This particular kind of solar light could additionally be charged on a cloudy day.

  • Step three.

Think about working time. Generally, sun lighting performs all year round as well as charge the battery to offer operation throughout long winter nights. Some sun lighting fixtures glow for a handful of days before having to relax.

  • Step four.

Examine the kind of light bulb the solar light uses. LED lamps to provide probably the brightest as well as the most effective light with regards to efficiency, sizing, cost as well as power use. Several accessory sun lights make use of amber LED lighting to develop a softer radiance.

  • Step five.

Compare additional products as timers or even an on/off switch to the price. Colored lenses alter the appearance of the sun’s lights without compromising the brightness. A few sun lighting mount to the home of yours, hang from trees or perhaps may be mounted to the terrace rail of yours.

  • Step six.

Match the lighting to the landscape theme of yours. Decorative sunlight (figurines) can produce a fascinating design for a landscape or maybe yard, or perhaps while positioned next to shrubbery trimmed to the taste of yours. Country design solar lanterns are going to add that special countryside appeal to the backyard of yours.


Lights are very important for us to enjoy our lives. Solar lights were once considered as a mere luxury but now we are all convinced that it is a necessity. They are in demand now more than at any time in history because they are cheaper to maintain and they are more efficient in providing a safer means of illumination to dark parts. They come in different sizes and modes. Some are wireless while others are designed with special sensors to automatically start work when they sense darkness.

Another thing you have learned from this review is that they are environmentally friendly and they run without any extra charges. Little wonder why most families go for solar lights. Some of the benefits we have considered include:

  • They’re not hard to set up as well as make use of because they usually operate automatically
  • Eco-friendly energy source
  • Inexpensive exterior lights which do not need electricity
  • Safe and sound to set up as absolutely no energy chords are required

Solar-powered lights can offer excellent lighting, safety measures, as well as brightness to a bunch of outside areas.

Several of the lighting features may even run as excellent as electrically operated lamps, so long as they’re set up properly.

Sun-powered lighting fixtures are starting to be ever more popular because of just how renewable they’re and just how inexpensive they’re to run. This review has no doubt equipped to help you to choose the best solar lights.

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