Complete Guide: 10 Best Table Saws Reviews 2020

Complete Guide: 10 Best Table Saws Reviews 2020

A table saw can be defined as a woodworking tool that is composed of a saw blade that is placed on an arbor. This device functions through an electric motor made possible either by gears, belts or directly.

The blade extends beyond the table’s surface, thereby offering support for the intended material which is wood in most cases. Also, since the best table saws have a large size, the tool is less portable compared to a circular saw or compound miter saw.  

The deepness of the cut varies by the up and down movement of the blade. If the blade protrudes high above the table, the cut made in the material becomes deeper. Also, the cut angle can be controlled by adjusting the blade’s angle.   

Normally, Table saws are used to quickly rip large wood pieces, in contrast to a band saw or scroll saw which handles smaller and detailed cuts.

The table saws below are one of the best out there designed to meet your needs and ensure your work is properly done. 

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Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall Dewalt DWE7480 Best Value Shop Fox W1837 Best Budget SKIL 3410-02
Best Portable Table Saw Best Hybrid Table Saw Best Table Saw for the Money
  • It is efficient and convenient
  • It is very portable and is transported easily 
  • It has an impressive cutting depth
  • It is very powerful
  • Great quality fence
  • Runs quietly
  • Easy storage and setup
  • Very durable
  • It has an aligning fence to ensure accurate cutting

10 Best Table Saws with Reviews

1. Grizzly Industrial G0690 – Best Cabinet Table Saw

Best Cabinet Table SawSome major factors people dealing with woodwork is to ensure accuracy and should get the best performance from the saw. All these will be achieved with the Grizzly Industrial G0690 – Best Cabinet Table Saw.

This table saw features a riving knife that switches to action automatically following the tilting of the same blade for better performance.

The table saw has high quality and is a heavy-duty material that can last a lifetime. The tool also features a 4” dust port that ensures this cabinet table saw keeps the work surroundings clean and great for work.

It also has a massive table as well as wings that ensues freedom of work even when there are large materials to cut. 

  • Its table and wings are massive
  • Has a 4” dust port
  • This construction material handles heavy-duty
  • Great accuracy and cuts precisely   
  • Understanding and setting the saw takes time 

2. SKIL 3410-02 – Best Table Saw for the Money

Best Table Saw for the MoneySearching for a reliable way to handle wood cutting and still get a professional result working you’re your home? Then the SKIL 3410-02 – Best Table Saw for the Money is for you. 

 With its foldable stand, it can be used anywhere and stored conveniently. When not in use, the table saw can be folded, and then space taken used for other activities. This tool is therefore great for users having a small space and still has an interest in professional cutting.

Asides these features, it can handle materials 4x the normal size. Its fence also guides and balances your material for great results. The saw also has a huge blade to make the job easier and fun for users.   

  • Easy storage and setup
  • Very durable
  • It has an aligning fence to ensure accurate cutting
  • Can handle materials 4x the normal size  
  • The miter gauge is too short to handle the long material 

3. Dewalt DWE7480 – Best Portable Table Saw

Best Portable Table SawThe Dewalt DWE7480 – Best Portable Table Saw is a very impressive tool, and from our belief, it’s the top choice out there. This is why we’ve ranked it as our best overall product among the list.

The table saw has a great design with the users having nothing to worry about the device breaking down while working on a job or fails to meet demands. 

This table saw has a lightweight (just 53 pounds), and is powered with an impressive 15 Amp motor having a rip capacity of 20 inches.

One of its great favorites is its maximum cutting depths and load speed; it revolutionizes the way the users handle their jobs.   

  • It is efficient and convenient 
  • It is very portable and is transported easily 
  • It has an impressive cutting depth
  • Its safety features are convenient 
  • The blade of this table saw is cheaply made 

4. DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch – Best Contractor Table Saw

Best Contractor Table SawThe DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch – Best Contractor Table Saw is very versatile and efficient and has a lot of safety features. Generally, they have a general user experience and it is very safe and hassle-free.

Concerning reliability, it is fairly dependable at least in the world of the small table saws. This device comes with a rolling stand which offers more convenience to the saw. It has a strong 15 amp motor which provides the power that drives the device. It handles both small and large chunks of wood effectively

This device is also lightweight so it can be moved around easily. For us, its greatest feature is its ability to trap dust above and below the blade. This ensures your device is kept clean.  

  • It has a solid construction
  • It is very stable
  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • Reliable safety features
  • It lacks accessories

5. Bosch 4100-09 – Best Table Saw Under 1000

Best Table Saw Under 1000The Bosch 4100-09 – Best Table Saw Under 1000 is a great tool that will impress users with its great design as well as its set-up system that is easy to use.

One important feature here is the gravity rise design that allows the device to be pushed around very easily and put your mind on accomplishing the task rather than wasting so much time assembling the device.

The longevity of this device is also ensured with a powdery coat that has a collapsible design that folds up and down easily immediately you get to the site.  This also makes things easy finding a storage space for it.

  • Handles heavy-duty
  • Its fence rip design is adjustable
  • Its set up is easy 
  • Additional tabletop handles available for portability
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other products out there 

6. DEWALT DWE7480XA – Best Table Saw Under 500

Best Table Saw Under 500The DEWALT DWE7480XA – Best Table Saw Under 500 is another portable device that has a long warranty. This model becomes very important when there’s a need to work outside. 

This saw can both be carried to and around your site as well as using it with or without the stand. Some of the major features of this table saw include a dust port of 2.5 inches that works fine with telescoping fence rails and vacuum systems. 

These rails ensure the wood moves smoothly through the saw’s blade and ensure quick adjustments as well. It features a motor of 15 amps and it has a total output of 4,800 revolutions every minute. 

  • Telescoping fence rails
  • Dust port of 2.5 inch
  • Rip capacity of 24 inch
  • It has an optional stand
  • The infeed table seems to look too short
  • It has a bit of kickback

7. Bosch GTS1031 – Best Home Table Saw

Best Home Table SawThe Bosch GTS1031 – Best Home Table Saw is another portable tool that weighs just 50 pounds. It also features a handle that makes it easy to carry. When stored, the saw can be tipped over on its side to ensure the footprint is reduced.

This is great for most workshops because it features a dust port that works fine with vacuum systems as well. Many users love the riving knife of this tool because it allows users to make different cuts and ensures you stop before you end up cutting through the board.  

This tool also has onboard storage that allows users to take all the supplies and tools needed to the site.

  • It is portable
  • A rip capacity of 18-inches
  • It has a no-load output rating of 5000 RPM
  • It has onboard storage for the added accessories
  • The dado nut is difficult to use and store
  • Some parts are not lined up properly

8. Craftsman Evolv 28461 – Best Table Saw Blade

Best Table Saw BladeThe Craftsman Evolv 28461 – Best Table Saw Blade is a great tool for craftsmen and has a special way of transforming the way you work.

The device weighs just fifty pounds and of course fairly easy to carry and set up once you reach your desired destination. The saw also features a starter tool kit that has a push stick, a miter gauge, a blade guard fence, a riving knife, and a stand.

Its table offers lots of working space which helps users become versatile when handling projects. It also features a great working carbide-tipped blade (24 tooth) which works fine with almost all materials as well as hex keys, blade wrenches, and anti-kickback pawls.  

  • It features a Riving Knife as well as a blade guard fence
  • It has a stand and a push stick
  • It has a motor of 15 amp as well as a miter gauge
  • Some Amazon users complained about the product’s blade

9. Makita 2705 – Best Small Table Saw

Best Small Table SawThe Makita 2705 – Best Small Table Saw is a great saw for niche buyers, especially one that requires a lot of power. 

Some believe this table saw isn’t as portable as it looks because it has most of the standard features of table saws and it is not as portable as other options in the marketer. However, it is still portable and can handle greater tasks compared to other table saws in this category.

Its main feature is its power. It has a powerful motor that delivers 4,800 RPM. If what you desire for your project is pure power then it is a very good option. Also, all its standard features are present and are safe.

  • It is powerful (about 4800 RPM)
  • Guard design present
  • Easy blade guard assembly 
  • It is Bulky
  • The fence fails to do its job

10. Shop Fox W1837 – Best Hybrid Table Saw

Best Hybrid Table SawIf you need of a hybrid table saw that is worth the money and also has good quality, then the Shop Fox W1837 – Best Hybrid Table Saw is for you. 

This device has a single-phase motor with a 30 inches maximum rip to the right and then 12 inches to the left. The tilting of the blade can go 45 degrees which is a factor that can improve the accuracy.  

Its speed is 3850 RPM with a 5/8 inches arbor size. Its fence’s operational quality and feel are great as it slides easily and has great accuracy. Safety is also improved via its lockdown feature    

  • It is very powerful
  • Great quality fence
  • Great value for your money
  • Runs quietly
  • Sturdy quality and construction
  • Assembling this device takes time
  • The miter gauge is of low quality and might need a replacement

Buying Guide

Types of Table Saws

Table saws are broadly categorized into two:

  • Portable Table Saws
  • Stationary Table Saws

Portable table saws

These come in three main types: compact, Jobsite, and Benchtop table saws. Since they have a portable design, they are usually lighter and smaller. 

The manufacturers of this product reduced the use of sturdy and heavier materials during the design, to ensure the weight is kept at a low.

The majority of the portable table saws out there have a 15-amp direct drive, 120V motors that generate at most 2hp. Portable saws come in different types too: Benchtop saws, compact table saws, and Jobsite saws. 

Stationary Table Saws

Here, there are three main types: cabinet, contractor, and hybrid table saws. These table saws are usually heavier, more powerful, and more accurate when compared to the portable table saws. They are not portable as such but can be placed on a mobile base to aid transportation around your worksite.

To get their power they use belt-drive motors, and they feature tables that are heavy and made from cast iron. There are aluminum and granite table tops as well. These tables usually measure 27 by 20 inches, and the extension tables measure 10 by 12 inches. 

Stationary table saws that are more advanced can have router tables, extended fence rails, and outfeed tables, etc. 

Features to consider before buying a Table Saw

Cutting depth, cutting capacity, and bevels

A saw’s cutting depth should be tested whenever it does not cut a bevel. With this, one can determine maximum and accurate cutting at zero degrees. When we talk of bevel cutting, the base plate must be adjustable. 

Watch out for the adjustment allowance offered by your saw like 45 or 90 degrees. Any table saw ought to have a flush housing to help the table saw cut close to the wall’s edge. This feature is very important as it allows users to easily cut the flooring to size. 


When buying a table saw, one of the major features to consider is the blades; this is because they determine its performance. These blades will perform best if only it is set at the right cut depth and the right blade is fitted for the cut because you can only achieve a smooth and precise cut with the proper blade.

When buying a blade, choose one that has the right settings. Also, check the cutting depth as this plays a role in how suitable the job will be. Make sure the table saw has a splinter guard that reduces the splintering of the top surface of the board. Accuracy is also enhanced by splinter guards because it ensures precise cuts. A good table saw should have an arbor of 20mm as this ensures the blade’s stability as well as safety at work.

 Speed and control

The table saw speed has to do with the motor. This tells us that the motor’s rating is very important when buying a table saw. One whose motor rating is very high confirms that the blade of the table saw will be spun faster and as a result, a high RPM, which yields better cuts.

With more power comes more control. With more control, tougher materials can be cut. Also, with more control, users can use bigger blades easily. Blades having high RPM give users the opportunity of achieving precise and accurate cuts. So when buying a table saw, go for one having a high motor rating.

The comfort level and physical strength   

The ability of a user to hold a table saw, control as well as manipulate it has to do with the strength of the user. Small table saws are usually lightweight, so it is advisable to go for powerful table saws to prevent fatigue while handling small jobs.

When looking for chainsaws to buy, make sure the saw feels balanced when held. Also, ensure that the saw’s grip can be easily shifted between your hands without a loss in balance

Dust extraction

When cutting wood, much sawdust will be produced for sure. Some saws have a feature, allowing them to extract and pull away dust from the user.


You have to know the exact amount you are willing to spend on a table saw. Price varies concerning a location where the saw is being bought, its features, as well as the brand. However, if you have a good budget, your options can be narrowed down easily. 

Related Questions

A miter saw and a table saw: which is better?

While using a table saw, the wood is pushed across the blade. Miter saws usually come with extensions for its sides while table saws do not need a larger blade to achieve longer cuts. Some miter and table saws utilize overlap. You can achieve straight and short cuts using the two machines

Can I use a 7-inch blade with a table saw of 10 inches?

Normally, this is possible. However, the main con of using a smaller blade with a table saw of larger size is that there’ll be a reduction in maximum cut depth. Also, there will be reduced speed concerning the meeting of the teeth to the wood as well as an increase in torque.

Can a table saw cut at an angle 45 degrees? 

Yes, this is very possible. First, set the miter gauge of this device to 45 degrees, then an extension fence should be mounted and then move it close to the blade to cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Then using the table saw, hold the material tightly and then the saw blade will make efforts to pull it off the line.


Here is the end of our product reviews and buying guide, now it’s left to you to choose the table saw that suits your needs. 

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of table saws out there and so making your choice could be confusing. Our reviews are reliable and you can trust us because, before making our pick, several factors were considered such as cutting depth, cutting capacity, bevels, blade, speed and control, and dust extraction. Also, we conducted some online research and considering online reviews as well.

The best table saw can handle your task perfectly; no matter how large the wood is, it will quickly rip it off. It’s high time you made a decision.  

While picking the best table saw for your project could pose a problem, doing some research on the products reviewed above and then going through our buying guide, as well as weighing the pros and cons of the products will help you choose the best.

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