10 Best Tile Saws Buying Guide: Reviewed 2020

10 Best Tile Saws Buying Guide: Reviewed 2020

As we already know, the marketplace is stocked with so many tile saws of different types. Going into any store to find the best tile saw is just like searching for a coin in a large body of water. Even surviving in there will be very difficult. Even, with all the prices, features, and specs of the tile saws, one can end up picking up the wrong tool.

This is why we’ve taken our time to review the best of them to help you make choose the right tool. Tile saws (either dry or wet) have a special way it operates where the cutting process is followed by cooling (the wet saw). The fact is that the saw grinds the surface, and to make this possible, the saw’s edge is coated with diamonds.

A lot of dust and heat usually results from this operation; therefore water is used in cooling, absorbing, and lubricating the surface.  Let’s quickly take a look at the ten best tile saws which we have reviewed carefully.     Learn how to use a tile saw by watching this YouTube video:

Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall DEWALT D24000S Best Value SKIL 3540-02 Best Budget SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch
Best Tile Saw for the Money Best Tile Saw for Home Owner Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300
  • User-friendly 
  • Can be stored and transported easily
  • The most precise 
  • It is user-friendly
  • Amazing value
  • Great for small jobs in the home
  • Its water containment system is good 
  • Its rip fence is adjustable and it has a miter gauge
  • Has sliding side extensions

10 Best Tile Saws with Reviews

1. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch – Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300

Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300The SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch – Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300 is specially designed for home DIYers. However, this tile saw also works well for private contractors. It is durable and can last through a few jobs. It also drips a little quantity of water.

Surprisingly, the saw makes less mess compared to other table-top wet saws that are usually very messy. This tile saw features a hydro-lock in its water reservoir system that ensures the water is contained close to the blade. This is one good reason why the tile saw dripped very little and worked very well.

  • Its water containment system is good 
  • Its rip fence is adjustable and it has a miter gauge
  • Has sliding side extensions
  • Its bevel is cut at 3 different angles
  • It seems difficult moving the fence

2. DEWALT D24000S – Best Tile Saw for the Money

Best Tile Saw for the MoneyDewalt products are always well-known for quality. The same goes for the DEWALT D24000S – Best Tile Saw for the Money. With this saw, the handyman or contractor gets all its needs, and with its great design, you can achieve precise and quick cutting.  This tile saw has a rail system made of stainless steel that ensures precise cuts.

This is a very important feature for the contractors, and it is one of the major reasons why it is the best professional tile saw out there. It also features a Dewalt Blade (diamond-studded) as well as two water nozzles that let users direct the spray to ensure water reaches its intended destination.

  • User-friendly
  • Comes with a stand and saw
  • Can be stored and transported easily
  • The most precise 
  • Has a plunge that ensures that electrical outlets are cut quickly 
  • High Price

3. Chicago Pneumatics 2.5 Horsepower – Best Professional Tile Saw

Best Professional Tile SawThe Chicago Pneumatics 2.5 Horsepower – Best Professional Tile Saw is another great choice for those in need of a popular and reliable saw.  This tile saw features a rail cart system that is integrated as well as a miter for 22.5 and 45 degrees. Also, its head pivots which permit a 24 inches maximum rip capacity as well as 18 inches diagonal cut capacity.

Its pan was made from ABS plastic, which has a water pump of 3 gallons for every minute. It is also easy to remove and clean the water containment tray. It also features an adjustable cutting head that easily handles industrial bricks and tiles

  • Good value
  • It is powerful
  • High accuracy
  • A handy bevel cut present
  • The pack lacks a blade
  • Cannot be used for commercial purposes
  • Warranty is poor (just ninety days)

4. SKIL 3540-02 – Best Tile Saw for Homeowner

Best Tile Saw for Home OwnerThe SKIL 3540-02 – Best Tile Saw for Homeowner is one of the best tile saws in the market. It is recommended by many professionals as it offers great value. It features a rail cart system, a 2 horsepower motor and a 2 gallons water pan. Every minute, it completes 3600 rotations and has a 14 inches maximum rip capacity and diagonal cut capacity.

Its blade is steel made and changed via a key. It has lightweight, weighing just 17.7 pounds. It works well for cutting pavers, ceramic, and porcelain. Also, the tabletop has no corrosion issues because it is made of stainless steel.

  • It is user-friendly
  • Amazing value
  • Great for small jobs in the home
  • Has a small water reservoir
  • Compared to other powerful tile saws, this is slower to use
  • Not a good choice for professionals 

5. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 – Best Wet Tile Saw for DIY

Best Wet Tile Saw for DIYIf you’re looking for a reliable wet tile saw that has lots of great features, then the SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 – Best Wet Tile Saw for DIY is for you.  It also features a self-aligning fence, an insert plate, a miter gauge, a push stick, a guard system incorporating, blade tipped with carbide, and an anti-kickback device.

Due to the presence of its power and torque, this great unit can cut to a depth of 25 inches and has a rip capability of 25 inches. It also features a dual-field motor as well as a smooth startup which helps it last longer and function effectively. With this compact and portable device, your DIY will be made easier

  • It is compact and portable
  • Has a 25-inch rip capacity
  • Its rip fence self-aligns
  • Some Amazon users complained about the blade and quality of the tile saw.

6. DEWALT D24000 – Best Commercial Tile Saw

Best Commercial Tile SawIf you’ve been searching for a tile saw that has great innovative specifications and features which can be found in any of the tile saws out there, then the DEWALT D24000 – Best Commercial Tile Saw is for you. This tile saw comes with the required sophistication to solve a majority of tiling tasks. If you offer tiling services, then this tool is an incredible changer that guarantees precise and reliable results.

With this tile saw, you can achieve great results with no interruptions. It has a rail system that allows users to carry out diagonal cuts efficiently and quickly.  The tabletop is made of rubber, so you can be sure that tiles being worked on will not slip away.

  • Has a compact build
  • Better precision
  • Mess minimized with its dual water trays
  • Great dealership service and warranty package
  • A removable cutting cart that ensures ease with maintenance and cleaning 
  • Stand absent

7. QEP 10600BR – Best Small Tile Saw

Best Small Tile SawThe QEP 10600BR – Best Small Tile Saw is a bit different from some of the designs out there, buy it works just fine. It can cut different tiles of different materials. It can cut tiles of about an inch thick. It also features an aluminum alloy base that has heavy-duty pads.

It also features a bicycle grip handle that is very large, which makes your tile cutting a lot easier and will be less stressful so you can handle other tasks after you’re done with cutting. It can cut tiles of about 24 inches.

  • Has a unique design
  • Features a large grip handle
  • Can cut through different tile materials
  • It has heavy-duty pads
  • Its aluminum alloy base is wide
  • Some users complained about the poor quality of the product 

8. DEWALT DWC860W – Best Tile Saw Under $500

Best Tile Saw Under $500The DEWALT DWC860W – Best Tile Saw Under $500 has a different appearance compared to most tile saws but it is very portable to use.  It also has a handle, which makes it very easy to transport with you. With its 10.8 amp motor, it is very strong and can cut through different tiles, which includes those made with granite.

Its blade is made of diamond and it is 8 inches long and can cut tiles of about 3 cm thick in either dry or wet conditions.  One great feature of this product is that it has a water line of 13-foot that feeds into the blade which prevents the creation of dust and helps to improve the lifespan of the saw.

  • It is portable and powerful
  • It has lightweight 
  • Can cut through different types of tiles
  • Some Amazon customers complained that the blade was not strong enough

9. QEP 22400Q 3/5 HP – Best Tile Saw for Cutting Rocks

Best Tile Saw for Cutting RocksThe QEP 22400Q 3/5 HP – Best Tile Saw for Cutting Rocks is best for situations where the available space is not enough to house a full-sized model. This tile saw provides you with the needed power while allowing you to maneuver. It has a 4-inch blade which is made of diamond and it is very durable and practical, the reason why it can be used for cutting rocks.

If more space is required, two extension tables are available which helps in providing extra room. This permits an extra 5 inches to the table’s width.   This tile saw does not leak, but it tends to drip; to solve this problem, a drop cloth can be used underneath to hold the water.

  • It is user-friendly
  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • It is not expensive  
  • Cleaning it is difficult
  • Some dripping

10. Amazon Renewed Skil 3540-01-RT – Best Tile Saw Under $200

Best Tile Saw Under $200The Amazon Renewed Skil 3540-01-RT – Best Tile Saw Under $200 is one of the reliable tile saws out there and it goes for an affordable price. It has a tabletop which is made of stainless steel which is very easy to clean and can resist corrosion. It also features a rip fence that can be adjusted as well as a miter gauge to ensure straight, accurate and miter cuts.

This Tile saw can cut between 0 degrees and 45 degrees. Also present is a cooling water reservoir for the blade to ensure it is kept cool and minimizes debris and dust. For smooth and quick cutting, it also features a 7-inch diamond blade.

  • Cooling water reservoir for blade
  • Tabletop made of stainless steel 
  • 7 Inch diamond blade 
  • Some Amazon users complained about the quality of the product

Buying Guide for Tile Saws

Types of Tile Saws

Wet Tile Saws

These saws are said to be the best tools for cutting tiles, and there are many different choices out there. They look like table saws with the only difference being the blades of the wet tile saw located in the water reservoir and it uses water during the cutting process. This is a great tool for professional tilers and can be used in handling bigger jobs. Wet tile saws deliver cuts that are clean and precise.

These saws come in two types: Those having re-circulating pumps and those lacking them. Those with pumps feature a water reservoir, where the water can be recycled. Those lacking a pump are simply joined to a faucet which circulates the clean water.   Here, the water is very important as it prevents the overheating of the blade and tool.

The Nippers

Technically, they are not tile saws, but they are great for tile trimming and smaller jobs. They resemble plyers more, compared to saws, and they are great for clipping and trimming. They are less expensive compared to the bigger models and are great for tasks around the home. 

Masonry Saw

These devices are handheld, and they effectively handle small and medium tasks such as cutting of materials for countertops as well as removing tiles. You get wet and dry varieties and this model performs well when cutting curves.

Tile Grinders

Tile Grinders which is also referred to as angle grinders are great for handling DIY jobs. These saws are one of the smallest out there are user-friendly and less expensive. They handle small jobs perfectly.

Features to Consider before buying a Tile Saw

Motor Power

Most times people make use of tools to perform tasks because they don’t want t use much of their efforts. The quantity of power that can be produced by a machine is determined by the rating of the horsepower: the larger the value, the more torque to be delivered by a tile saw.

Also, the power of a tile saw tells the speed at which it executes cuts. Having this in mind, you have to compare the task’s intensity with the power level of the device will make a perfect match.

Side Extension

This feature is very important especially for smaller machines as it helps you cut wider tiles.

The Blade

Before acquiring a tile saw, you must consider the blade’s versatility. Choosing a tile saw must be based on your cutting capacity needs. You must look into the cut depth and size abilities as well. It is advisable to go for blades that suit the size of the tile you are working with.

Also, check for models having an integrated cart/rail system that positions the blade to ensure better accuracy. Other adaptability features should be considered, such as the tile saw’s ability to utilize blades having different dimensions, how easy it is to replace the blade, as well as the addition of extra blades to the pack.

Protective Casing

This is a very important safety feature that ensures smooth operation and reduces hazards


With a bevel, you can cut awkward corners, rounded edges, shape curved areas, and angles.


When working at a worksite, you might need to move around too often, so the size of the unit plays an important role in transporting it. Having a stand included is also great as it will help you during outdoor work and times where other options for support are absent.

Feed rate

Having a feed rate that is constant ensures clean and precise cuts. A feed rate that can be adjusted ensures that all materials are given clean cuts. Generally speaking, if the material is thicker, the feed rate has to be slower.  

A side guide that can be adjusted

With this feature, the tile is kept firm during cutting to ensure that cuts are straight.

Overheat guard

This is another important safety feature that reduces hazards and ensures the operation is performed smoothly. Anytime the unit overheats, the sensors shut it off to prevent damage to the motor.

Spare parts

No matter how durable the best tile saw is, it could experience wear and tear. Splash guards, cutting heads, and diamond blades are some parts that may require replacement from time to time. Choosing your tile saw from those manufactured by notorious brands usually ensures the availability of spare parts.    

Related Questions

Which of the tile saw brands is best?

While searching for the best, you’ll discover that all models were designed to meet a specific demand. For instance, some were manufactured to handle occasional and light jobs, while some others were designed to handle tougher jobs daily. So the project’s requirements determine which is best for you.

Is it possible to get the best tile saw that fits my tight budget?

It is possible. The pricing of a tile saw has to do with its features, capacity, and built quality. Although, most expensive tile saws usually have high-end features that ensure better results there are affordable alternatives that feature standard components and traits. Therefore, you’ll always get one that fits your budget and will still perform optimally.

Can tile saws cut glass?

Tile saws are also great for cutting glass. All you need to do is to be careful when chipping and ensure you have a safety glass on.

What size of tile saw can I use?

The size of your tile saw depends on what the task is all about. If you just want to trim your bathroom tiles, then all you need is a smaller saw. However, if you want to handle big jobs then you will have to go for a larger tile saw.


Doing a tiling project by yourself is a smart move and every day, people are willing to do this. However, we don’t know if it’s just the natural desire of these people to do things themselves or it’s due to the countless professional tools in the market that people just want to try. Whatever the case is, you need to have detailed thinking and careful planning before embarking on the project.

Before you begin, you have to get everything required ready. You can achieve this with the right tools. It all has to do with knowing the direction you want your project to go as well as the desired result from this project.

For any tiling project, the best tile saw is very important. Whatever experience you have from your first tiling project will tell whether you should continue or not. This is one important reason why a tile saw that is handy, versatile, and has a perfect blade will make a huge difference.     

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