10 Best Tower Fan Buyer’s Guide & Reviews in 2019

10 Best Tower Fan Buyer’s Guide & Reviews in 2019

Heat can make life unbearable and hard especially if you have to deal with the heat of the sun. If heat is left unattended to, it can bring much discomfort as well as lead to fatigue. To meet this need, people in various places turn to electric fans. This particular review will dwell much on one such fan – the tower fan. You will be presented with a well-researched guide on the Best Tower Fan in 2019.

Tower fans are quite different from the conventional types many people are familiar with. They are long and narrow, oscillate from east to west, and the way they cool your house is amazing. Most of them also come with very stylish designs and they are not too expensive for the average person. The reason there is so much heat is that there is so much hot air in your room, so these tower fans cool the room by pushing out the hot air already present.  They now work to allow the flow of fresher air from the environment.

In a few minutes, the wonderful appliance will change your room from hot to cool. One thing though is that they don’t assume the roles of the air conditioners. They do not generate cool air; they only circuit fresh air, allowing it to flow to the corners of your room. As you go through this review, kindly not how we have made you work easier; no need to be speculating whether you are buying a good one or not.

Enjoy this guide and choose wisely.

Best Tower Fan – Our Top Picks

Best Overall Dyson – AM07 Best Value Lasko – 2554 Best Budget Alen T500
Best quiet tower fan Best oscillating tower fan Best tower fan for the money
  • Works with very low noise
  • Can cover an entire room comfortably
  • Lasts longer than most tower fans in the market
  • This device is E.T.L listed
  • Electronic controls enhance its ease of use
  • Comes with a warranty
  • It is very cheap
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Can cool a large room

10 Best Tower Fans with Reviews

1. Dyson Pure Cool TP04 – Best tower fan for bedroom

Best tower fan for bedroomWhen you talk about ease of use, convenience, and effectiveness, think about this particular brand. We strongly recommend this for use in the bedroom because of its bladeless design. Even though it doesn’t feature a physical blade, its oscillation is fantastic, allowing for a consistent airflow in your bedroom all day long.

It has about 10 different speed levels, controllable from a remote control or from the unit itself. You will expect your room to be silent especially when you sleeping at night and this fan offer that exactly. Since there is no physical blade present, you don’t have to worry about dusting its blade every now and then.

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Very little sound when at work
  • The bladeless design makes it stylish and classy
  • It is quite expensive
  • the remote must be in a line of sight before it can work with the fan
  • Some customers complained of its unstable base

2. Dyson cool AM07 – Best quiet tower fan

Best quiet tower fanAgain, Dyson comes out on top with this bladeless tower fan. You won’t see the fan blades at all and that makes it very ideal for many looking for quiet tower fans. Its specially designed streamlined air conduit ensures that it makes no noise at all, especially those parts of the room where you want no noise at all when sleeping.

It saves power too with its self-timer feature. It means that you can program it to go off at some point or come on at a particular time that you need it the most. It also comes with a remote control which means you can control it while you lay in bed. Its air multiplier technology ensures that no matter how hot the temperature is, the room will still be very cool. Of the entire quiet tower fans in the market, this is highly recommended.

  • Makes no sound at all
  • Oscillation controls guarantees circulation of cool air
  • The remote control makes it easy to use
  • Can be transported from one place to another as it is lightweight
  • It is a little expensive

3. Lasko 2554 – Best oscillating tower fan

Best oscillating tower fanThis tower fan was designed to last longer than all its other contemporaries. It oscillates from side to side at a range of 45 degrees. It not only cools your home but also helps defuse air pollution via its fresh air ionizer. This it does by releasing negative ions that trap air pollutants in your home. This will pave the way for the proper circulation of air in the area in question. If you have an allergy or some other breathing condition, this feature makes this tower fan the best for you.

Its design features a wood-grain accent that makes it a silent worker, quietly cooling down your room when needed. It has three-speed levels, all quiet. It comes with electronic remote control with a widespread oscillating power.

It also comes with a bonus of being quiet when working. It is ideal for every room in your house. It comes with remote control and its selling points its widespread oscillation.

  • This device is E.T.L listed
  • Electronic controls enhance its ease of use
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Its height cannot be extended
  • The fan is prone to make some noise at a higher setting

4. Honeywell HYF290B – Best ac tower fan

Best ac tower fanThis tower fan ranks top of tower fans that cools the room like an air conditioner. The way it circulates fresh air is nothing short of amazing. You can even personalize how much air you want cool. It features 8 different speed levels that enable you to set it according to your preferred comfort level. Its sides are streamlined to give it a very slim feel.

When you purchase it, you don’t need any special set of tools to assemble and install it. It also comes with a programmable self-timer that gives you total control. Its quiet set technology is affording buyers the luxury of controlling the sound and cooling options to their preferred state, making it perfect for homes and offices alike. Take a break from your air conditioner and avoid paying bills by using this fan to reduce your energy consumption and bills.

  • Features a lightning technology that allows you to make your room darker when you sleep at night
  • Its QuietSet technology allows you to control its sound, cooling your room with little or no sound.
  • Energy-saving tower fan
  • A low rumble sound which could be irritating to those who don’t like any noise at night

5. Ozeri 3X – Best tower fan for living room

Best tower fan for living roomThe living room is a very important place at home especially for relaxation after a long day.  The design of this tower fan makes it ideal for a person who wants to enjoy staying in their living room. It utilizes the specially designed 3 independent fans to circulate the fresh breeze around the room.  And guess what? The fans can also be controlled independently.

It also ranks top because its performance level is top-notch. You can even customize the flow of air in your living room because of its 9 different cooling levels. There is also 3 pre-installed airflow pattern. These ones can be used in case you are in a hurry.

  • The design gives your living room a nicer look
  • Its 9 different levels make it efficient for cooling your living room
  • It may not be too powerful when compared with other tower fans

6. Honeywell HY-280 – Best tower fan for sleeping

Best tower fan for sleepingThis product is highly recommended when it comes to a tower fan that is most suitable for sleeping. It isn’t only in the bedroom that we sleep as some can sleep in a guest house or even in the living room. As expected, the best fan for sleeping must be able to cool the room without making much noise. That is what this tower fan does. It is designed to silently cool your room so you can enjoy your night rest or siesta.

It also comes with an 8-speed level, giving you control of the airflow pattern. Its oscillating power makes it better equipped to cover a large range with its cooling effect. Say bye-bye  to heat and enjoy the comforts of your living room

  • Makes little or no noise
  • Can cool a large room capacity
  • The LED light from the fan may disturb those who enjoy sleeping in the dark

7. Honeywell HYF290B – Best tower fan for large room

Best tower fan for large roomIf you check this review well, you will notice that this same brand and model came out on top when discussing the best tower fan with the best cooling capacity. It is still coming out top in the ranking of tower fans with the largest coverage. What makes it suitable for such purpose is its large 8-speed level, gives it a whole-room function. It can cover your room at an angle of 90 degrees.

That is awesome and not all tower fans can do that. It means that no matter where you are in the room, you will feel the effect of this tower fan.

Air circulation needs to be improved for the cooling effect to be felt, that is exactly what this tower fan does. This will help reduce costs as it has proved to be a good alternative to air conditioners.

  • Its 8-speed levels and oscillating angle of 90 degrees makes it the best for large rooms.
  • It’s an auto timer of up to 8 hours sets it apart from the rest.
  • Little or no noise
  • It could be pretty expensive for those on a budget

8. Lasko 2511 – Best tower fan with remote

Best tower fan with remoteThere are many tower fans but this one ranks top in this list. The remote control makes it convenient to use from anywhere in the room. But there is more… its remote control is wireless enabled. It can be synced with your mobile devices as well. From your remote, you can control virtually every function of the tower fan from power to speed and some other self-timer functions.

It also has 3 whisper/quiet speeds and a wide oscillating angle. It is built to deliver about 30% more air than other trending tower fans. It has a handle that is built-in, so you can easily transport it from one room to another when needed. It features a streamlined body that that compensates for its slim look with more air delivery.

  • Slim and has a built-in handle
  • The remote control is Wi-Fi enabled
  • Built-in Nightlight
  • Expensive

 9. Alen T500 – Best tower fan for the money

Best tower fan for the moneyEven though this tower fan is one of the least expensive in the market, its functions make it top our list of recommended tower fan for those on a budget. Its warranty of about 10 years keeps it in high demand among customers. Its oscillating pattern is dual, can go forward and reverse. Also, its oscillating angle of some 90 degrees makes its cooling power very strong. So it is cheap, and also does its job.

This tower fan is not heavy and so can be transported from one place to another. With its coverage at about 500 square feet, it is perfect for bedrooms and offices. It has a nearly silent sound when working, so you can be sure you are getting the value for your money.

  • It is very cheap
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Can cool a large room
  • No remote control

10. Lasko 2551 – Best mini tower fan

Best mini tower fanPortability is what most customers say they want in a tower fan and in this brand, they get that and even more. It is made of plastic material and it is just about 42 inches tall making it very portable and movable. It oscillates just from side to side as its oscillating angle is just 45 degrees.

It also comes with an air ionizer that defuses a polluted room so fast. It has a built-in handle that makes transporting it from one room to another very easy. It is E.T.L listed, so you can be sure you are getting a mini fan that is internationally recognized.

If you want something very portable and moveable, this is your best bet. It features Blue Plug™ Patented safety fuse technology and does not require any extra effort to assemble.

  • Compact and moveable
  • Saves space
  • Cheap to buy and maintain
  • Some customers complained that they didn’t get the remote control

Buying Guide for Best Tower Fans

Types of tower fans

There are different types of tower fans. Let us take a look at some of them

  • Axial Fan

These types of fans cool the homes with their fast-moving blades. There are certain parameters that contribute to its performance level in terms of cooling a room. They include the number of blades making up the tower fan, the angle of oscillation, the speed at which it rotates as well as the length of the blades.  It is now a common trend for modern fans to consist of multiple axial blades to increase their cooling power.

  • Bladeless Fans

You might be thinking that as the name suggests, these fans do not have blades rotating to cool the air. Contrary to what you may be thinking, these fans do have blades; it is just their position that makes them invisible. Unlike axial fans, their blades are not positioned on top where they can be seen.

Rather the blades are positioned in the base of the fan. As they blow the air they circulate are passed through a special valve and then circulates to the top where the room gets it. One advantage of these types of fans is the low noise compared to the ones that have their blades on top. If you have a family with kids, these are the best tower fans you could get.

  • Centrifugal Fans

In these types of fans, the blades are positioned such that they are perpendicular to the direction of airflow. They are different from axial fans in which their blades are positioned directly in the direction of airflow. Centrifugal fans build pressure that makes the blades roll faster and cools the room better than other types.

 Features to Lookout for before Buying

As you search for the type of tower fan that will serve your home or office better, I’m sure you will want to search and pick the best. You don’t need to stress further. Before you buy one, kindly go through this review and check the features we will point out to you. That way you can make the best decision.

  • Noise

It all depends on what you want and where you want to place it. Generally, people prefer tower fans that do not make much noise. Now let us break them down into three parts: the very quiet ones, the Quiet ones, and the mildly loud ones. New technologies now make it easy for bladeless fans to work and still be very effective without making too much noise. One such technology is the whisper-quiet technology. Remember, if you want a tower fan that does not make noise, it is good to go for the bladeless tower fans.

  • Simplicity

You will want a tower fan that is very easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to maintain. Consider some features that will make it easy to use. The LCD will always display what mode it is currently in and which mode you are switching to. This way you won’t waste valuable time operating it. Another feature is the Remote control. You can stay in your room lying in bed and be controlling the fan from your bed. It will save you time and stress. Another feature is the preprogrammed feature which allows you to choose from default modes. Kindly check if the tower fans you are getting has these features.

  • The Blades and the Speed level

Remember, it all depends on what you want. The longer the blade the more efficient its cooling power. Check for the length of the blades, and kindly test run its oscillating degree. The higher the oscillating degree, the wider its coverage. You may also want to check out the different speed levels. Some tower fans will give you as much as 9 different speed levels.

  • Self-timer

This feature is something you should not forget to check. Sometimes, it saves you the time to spend on moving to and fro the tower fan. You can set it to come on and of at specific times during the day or night. So before making that purchase, put the timer on and off, test whether it is working before you leave with the product. And if you are buying online, if you notice that it is not working, kindly return the product. You deserve value for your money.

  • Base Stability

Before we leave this section, we won’t do a good job if we don’t inform you to check this. Generally, most tower fans tend to be unstable. Maybe it has to do with the way they are designed. So, place it on the surface you want to put it and watch if it stands comfortably. As a useful tip, go for the tower fans with a wider base rather than those with a thin base. The ones with wide bases are guaranteed to stand well.


Having considered tower fans in this review, you have come to see their importance especially when the weather is hot. Now you see that it is a necessity instead of a luxury for every home. This review has been thoroughly researched to help you choose the best tower fan.  So you should have every trust in this review and its recommendations.

We don’t want you to be moving from store to store and from one online marketplace to another.  As a reminder, do not forget the features you need to look out for, the types of tower fans for different locations and if you are on a budget, kindly go for the cheaper ones.

Learn how to clean and quiet your tower fan:

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