I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the DIY Blogger House as the landscape design professional for the home and I managed to slip a few “DIY” style projects in as well.  I’ve had an amazing summer filled with wonderful projects but haven’t had much time to spare blogging here on my personal blog.  I WILL get back to it- been too busy doing fun projects to find time to blog about said projects! Here at least- I’ve been blogging quite a bit at work for the new “Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club”.  Until I catch my breath long enough to be bi-blogal again, there’s plenty of excitement over at the Club Blog- including tutorials on how to make the fun DIY Landscape Projects I made for the Parade of Homes.

Hanging Daybed Swing Tutorial

Turn old doors into a new garden arbor

Recycled Vintage Door Arbor Tutorial

Succulent Living Wreath Tutorial

Oh- and did I mention that we won “Best Design” and a bunch of other awards? They no longer have a category for landscape design on its own (such a shame) but we were told that the innovative features of the landscape as well as it’s waterwise design helped the team win the overall award so I’ll have to be happy with that!  What a fun experience!  If you came to my blog looking for information and tutorials about the Blogger House, you can find that here (for now):

Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club

This has been a crazy summer for me filled with achieving some long-time goals.  It has NOT been a great gardening season in my OWN space which I’ll blog about in the future when I get over the shame of it!  Suffice it to say, I’ll start off with how to “reclaim” a yard that hasn’t been weeded in 2 months! (See? I said there was shame involved!)

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