How to Make Frozen Chicken Wings in Air Fryer – A Simple Guide for Everyone

How to Make Frozen Chicken Wings in Air Fryer – A Simple Guide for Everyone

You’ve probably had a long day at school or your place, then you go straight home trying to treat yourself with some chicken. But there’s a problem. You forgot to take out the chicken. So your next step is to give up and try to cook something else.

In this post, we are going to inform you of how to make frozen chicken Wings in an Air fryer. And carefully answer the question “Can you try frozen chicken wings without thawing”. By the time you’re done with this post, you’d see that you can fry frozen chicken wings without thawing.

Is it possible to cook frozen meat in an Air fryer?

What’s an Air fryer?

This is a usually compact contraption that makes use of an intense heating element and a powerful fan that circulates hot air throughout, within the air fryer. Its purpose is to mimic the result of a deep fryer. 

Another fact about this contraption is its multi-function kitchen appliance–it can broil, fry, bake, grill, and rotisserie. Given it deals with very intense heat, the air fryer is a defroster as well.

Can you cook frozen meat with an air fryer? How long would it take?

Yes! Cooking frozen meat will take a lot of time. Especially when you’re in a rush. Now, that’s no longer an issue, thanks to one of the most effective cooking appliances known as the air fryer.

The contraption cooks frozen meals easily. Once you put a piece of frozen meat into a preheated air fryer, it will thaw almost immediately, due to the intense circulating without escape. One should be able to cook frozen meat for at most 15 minutes using an air fryer.

How to Make Frozen Chicken Wings in Air Fryer

Yes! It is possible to cook frozen chicken in an air fryer. Now you know. Even if you forgot to take out the chicken from the freezer before going to work, you should be able to save the evening.

What you need:

  • A good quality electric fryer
  •  Buffalo sauce
  • Frozen chicken wings
  • Garlic powder
  • Olive oil (spray)
  • Brown sugar
  • Salt & pepper

You can dry rub the frozen chicken or dip it in the sauce. Teriyaki Sauce to be specific.

Can one defrost frozen chicken wings with an air fryer?

Yes. You don’t have to defrost or take out the frozen chicken wings from the freezer before they’re air fried. Air fryers would cook a frozen chicken wing as if it’s a defrosted chicken wing in an special treatment, what-so-ever.

You put the frozen chicken into the fryer rock-hard and it comes out very tender, tasty, and crispy on the outside. The air fried chicken wing would even come out crispier than the result of an oven.

Basics steps for air-frying frozen chicken wings

First step

Place the frozen chicken wings into the basket of your electric air fryer. Make sure to avoid overcrowding the basket. If you do so, the air fryer won’t be able to cook your frozen chicken evenly and quickly. This is why the frozen chicken wing has to be placed in the basket/drawer in such they cover only one layer.

Second step

Shut the air fryer’s drawer, basket or lid and set the temperature via the thermoset to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then set the timer for 15 minutes to cook. You can monitor the wings from time to time, to see if it’s crispy enough.

Third step

Once the 15 minutes of cooking expires, open-up the air fryer and flip over the chicken wings. Close the air fryer once again and the time to cook for 10 minutes.

Fourth step

Once the 10 minutes is over, open the fryer once again to flip the wings, just like before. While doing that, spray the wings with olive oil and let fry for another 5 minutes. Make sure not to hold as you marinate the wings. Don’t worry… the excess oil will drain out naturally.

Fifth step

Spray once again with olive oil, add another 5 minutes or less. After five minutes, the frozen chicken should be crispy and ready to eat. Take the wings out, put it on a plate or paper towels and sauce it up. Bon Appetite! 

So… here’s how long to cook frozen chicken wings in air fryers: just 30 minutes or a bit more.

Frozen chicken wings

Can you deep fry frozen chicken wings?

Yes. You put a piece of the frozen chicken wing into a deep fryer filled with boiling oil. But, you should. Because it’s a safety kitchen hazard. Especially if you’re trying to deep fry frozen chicken in a home kitchen, which is usually cramped up.

Why? …Have you ever heard the saying “oil doesn’t mix with water”? This is so because water happens to be much heavier than oil. And frozen meals such as chicken wings from the store contains a lot of water. Once you throw in a frozen chicken wing, the water released will sink into the oil and boil. Until it turns into steam.

The steam then expands and rises till it makes air bubbles with the oil. Thereby causing a splatter of hot oil all over the kitchen.

How To Thaw Chicken Wings

The safest way to deep fry frozen chicken wings is to defrost it first and then fry. The best way to defrost the chicken is to microwave it.


So there you have it… how to make frozen chicken wings in an air fryer without thawing. Now you also understand why deep frying frozen wings aren’t such a good idea. The air fryers have the advantage when it comes to frying frozen meals, which is the excess heat used to cook.

And also, the air fryers make use of at least 80 percent of less oil. Finally, a fact to look is, air fryers cook frozen meals as fast as defrosted ones are cooked.

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