HOW TO CLEAN A DEEP FRYER? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart.

HOW TO CLEAN A DEEP FRYER? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart.

Mouthwatering meals are the products of deep fryers, but these crispy goodness come at a cost. They leave behind hard to remove baked-on grease, food particles and cooking oil stains. Apart from causing the fryer to develop an odor, look darker than when it was purchased new or feel sticky, the stains can also affect the taste.

For instance, if you use a deep fryer to mainly fry fish. The day you decide to cook fries with the same unclean fryer will be the day you regret it. To avoid that catastrophe, you need to know how to clean a deep fryer. And trust me, it’s much more complicated than soap and water. It’ll be worse if the interior of the deep fryer isn’t non-stick.

We will start with how to generally clean a deep fryer, followed by other alternative methods to cleaning them. Also, there will be instructions for cleaning stubborn stains such as how to clean baked on grease and how to clean cooking oil stains.

Here we go…

How to Clean a Home Deep Fryer

Given most deep fryers of nowadays are electric, these set instructions are specific to them. it also explains how to clean a commercial deep fryer.

Before we start you need to know that you can’t just throw in the deep fryer into your sink filled with water. It’s just like a toaster. It’ll cause an electric short and damage it.

Step one: Unplug and Drain

Once you finish frying your meal, turn off the deep fryer and unplug it from the outlet. Wait for the oil to cool down and then drain out the oil via its oil filtration, system or drain valve (if it has one). If the deep fryer doesn’t have one, it should at least have a removable oil pot with an oil-pour spout.

Note: prevent adding water to the hot oil as it will explode and cause a hot oil splatter, that’ll burn your skin.

Step Two: Cleaning the Frying Pot

Once you’ve taken out the frying basket, wipe of the frying pot and the lid with a slightly damp cloth, paper towel or sponge that isn’t dripping. Use it to completely wipe away the oil residue and the bits of meals. Scrape the hard ones that refuse to wash off with a pan scraper or spatula. Plastic to be specific.

Step Three: Clean the Heating Element

Deep fryers most make use of a metal heating element. They (heating element) usually consists of two metal rods. It’s bound to be covered in grease oil and probably some food scraps. Wipe it down with paper towels. Try your best not to break or bend the deep fryer’s metal rods. Also, make sure you don’t cut the wires attached to it.

If your model makes use of a removable heating element, cleaning it will be a lot easier. You can simply just pick it aside carefully and clean.

Step Four: Scrub the Fryer and Fill it with Hot Water

Get yourself a soft damp sponge, pour about four drops of very good dishwasher soap. Scrub the deep fryer evenly and carefully. You can start from is base by scrubbing in a circular motion. Do it till lather build-up. Continue up to the sides and then the top.

Once you’re done, fill up the deep fryer’s pot with warm water in such a way it doesn’t affect your deep fryer’s electrical components. This means you should use the same quantity of water as you would use oil. Make sure not to overfill it pass the oil limit. Let the hot water sit in the fryer for up to 30 minutes. If your deep fryer has other removable parts to clean, this is the perfect time to do so.

Note: you can use the deep fryer to boil the water. If you do this, then you have to wait while it boils–don’t leave it unattended. It must boil dry. Boil for only a few minutes and then unplug so you can leave the deep fryer to sit for 30 minutes. 

Step Five: Clean the Frying Basket

Here’s how to clean deep fryer baskets: run or pour hot water into the basket. Get a scrubbing-brush or toothbrush and soap. Scrub the basket hard enough to remove food particles that got stuck. Once it’s clean, rinse off the basket. Dry off the basket with a paper towel and then hang it on your dish rack or place it out to dry.   

Step six: Clean the Filter Lid

Before you go right ahead, make sure to check your appliance manual to see if it’s detachable or not. If so, take the filter out of the lid. There are two types of filters. Grease-foam filters and charcoal filters for handling odor.

The charcoal ones can’t be reused. You have replaced them once they get grimy and clogged by grease. It is the grease-foam filters that can be reused. You can clean the grease foam filter by immersing in soapy water and wiping it.

Note if the filter can’t be removed then it’s better to wipe it off with a damp cloth than immersing it and risking damage. Make use of a damp cloth with a little detergent to remove the grease.

Step Seven: Rinse the Cooking Pot

Rinse the frying pot once again with water. This time, without soap.

How to Clean a Deep Fryer

How to Clean a Deep Fryer with Vinegar

If the stains are just too hard to clean, it too sticky, or some caked-on residue is giving you trouble, baking soda/vinegar is all you need. Mix hot water with baking soda until it forms-up thick and pasty. 

Get a sponge, put some of the baking soda solutions and use it to scrub off the stubborn stains on the deep fryer. Make sure you scrub carefully in a circular motion and repeat the process until all stains are removed.


So there you have it… Now you know how to clean a deep fryer. Try your best to practice how to maintain it so that routine cleaning will be a lot easier and take less time.

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