HOW TO MAKE GOLD PAINT?: Is Not That Difficult As You Think

HOW TO MAKE GOLD PAINT?: Is Not That Difficult As You Think

Are you looking to improve the appeal of your furniture? Or do you need some gold coloring for a cake? Whichever reason it may be, gold is one of the most sought after colors in the market. Gold is a color that signifies wealth, Glamour, magic, and happiness.

Depending on where you are, the price for gold color paints, or gold food coloring could be costly. did you know you could make any shade of gold yourself?

In this post, you are going to be taught how to make gold paint. You’ll also be taught how to make metallic gold paint. Along with other shades of gold.

All it takes is just a good mix of some colors.

What colors make gold?

As said before, gold is a color of wealth and glamour. Which is why it’s a popular hue for paintings, crafts, furniture, and even food.  Gold is a very hard color to mix. Getting the perfect shade is even harder, given it consists of both warm and cool undertones.

On the color spectrum, gold is a hue somewhere between orange and yellow. If the color appears lighter, it becomes more yellow. And if it gets dull, the color then appears more orange. 

How to make gold paint?

Here are several color combinations you could use to make gold paint:

Brown and yellow

Get yourself two equal parts of brown and yellow. For instance, two same-sized tubes: one for brown and one for yellow. Simply stir it until you get a mustard-gold color. It comes out bland or beige, just add a drop or two of blue or red to get the precise gold undertone.

Red, blue, and yellow

First, you mix equal parts of red and blue to form a green color. Then pour an equal amount of yellow paint into the green paint. Stir until a brown-based gold color is formed. In other words, a warm-toned, dark gold color.

If you wish to brighten the color, you can add more drops of yellow. Until you reach the desired bright gold color.

In case the shade is too yellow toned for you, add a drop of blue followed by a drop of red. That way, you can balance the yellow out with purple tones. 

Black, red, and yellow

Put into a cup, two equal parts of black and red paint. Mix it until it forms a warm maroon shade. Then you add yellow of equal part, into the mix. Stir it up until it forms a true gold shade.

To get a warmer gold color, just add a drop of orange or brown and magenta. If it’s a cooler shade you’re after, a drop or two of blue will give you a much cooler good hue. 

How to make rose gold paint?

 Here’s how to make rose gold paint:

  • Mix two equal parts of gold and silver paint until it forms a metallic hue. Then get an equal part of red into the mix. The result should be rose gold paint.
  • Another way to about making rose gold is to mix two equal parts of white and red. The result should be something close to rose gold but dull.

How to make edible gold paint?

Ingredients: liquid or gel food coloring, one tablespoon of lemon extract or vodka will do. Half a tablespoon of edible gold luster, and a paintbrush used specifically for food. 

Instructions on how to make edible gold paint for food:

Firstly, yourself a stain-resistant container, such as a bowl. Make sure to add enough gold luster to it as you would add vodka. You stir up the mixture until the color appears quite concentrated.

The best way to get that concentrated gold color out of the mixture is to dab the brush where the liquid touches the bowl. Use that same paintbrush and press it on its sides so the excess liquid (vodka) is removed.

Note: you’ll have to keep mixing the gold luster and the vodka so the color wouldn’t eventually separate.

How to make gold paint

 How to make gold acrylic paint?

 There are several color combinations you can mix to form a gold acrylic shade or something close to it: 

  • You get the perfect gold acrylic hues by mixing two equal parts of black and white paint, so it can for grey. The result should then be combined with yellow so it can form a golf acrylic color.
  • Another way to go about this is to mix equal parts of red blue and yellow to form a brownish color. Add the same quantity of white to the brown color and then yellow. The result should be a good acrylic color.
  •  You can also make a gold acrylic color by combining equal parts of yellowish gold color and some gold sparkles. You stir the combo up until it forms a sheen of gold hue that appears acrylic.
  • Lastly, the final method that you can utilize is to mix equal parts of yellow, orange, and brown paint. Then add equal amounts of gold sparkles so it can form a Metallic sheen of gold.

How to Make Gold Spray Paint Shiny?

To make a spray paint finish appear shiny, you start by priming the piece you wish to spray paint with one or two coats of high glossy gold.

  • Keep your piece in a well-ventilated space so that the paint on the piece dries overnight. While you are at, then look out for some spots on the piece that you may have missed while spray painting. Paint those spots once again.
  • Once the paint dries up, you should spray paint the piece once again. But this the with one coat of clear glossy finishing spray. The result is a significant boost in the shine of the gold paint.


With constant and enough practice, you should be able to make gold paint for anything you need. Be it a Metallic contraption, gadgets, furniture, and even food.

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