Complete Overview of Nike Fuel Band Reviews 2019

Wearable tech always tends to remind of familiar first-person video game scenarios. You can only see your hands most of the time and you are wearing hi-tech stuff. On the side, there is a battery indicator, but it does not show the status of a gadget. It is your lifeline! You spend it cautiously, always keeping the indication on the top of your mind. It is your life after all that you are saving. Imagine the same scenario in real life. You are sporting a Nike+ running shoe, training hard. 

You can still get it 

Time after time, you glance on the wrist-gadget, resembling a digital watch. The nike fuel band clasp is a high-tech wearable device receiving constant feedback from the embedded sensors in the Nike plus products, displaying it in the currency of ‘FUEL’ units. The company launched this wearable tech in 2014. Though there had been rumors about the company pulling it off the shelves and firing the production staff, one can still purchase it from Amazon. So, what on the gym is the nike fuel points used for

Essentially, it is a customized training scheduling system for the Nike Plus ecosystem. If you are a member within the 30 million users of Nike Plus, wearing one of these bands upgrades your training like never before. Turn yourself virtually into a fitness machine, the muscles counting upon the FUEL you burn, and the fire you add. Point to note: you would not get one as nike fuel band red, for Amazon only has the product in white and black. Check out the Black Ice.

Numbers matter

The data is accessible in the units of Nike fuel. It is an in-house universal system analogous with all Nike + products. 

  • It effectively helps you to be in greater control of your training schedule, focusing on the real-time details. 
  • It might take some initial time grasping the concept of fuel points. Most folks conveniently use the fuel points as units. 
  • There is a calorie counter too, but some reviewers note that it is confusing to correlate it with the exact value of calories. 
  • Latest independent data shows it to be somewhat close to 3.9 calories for every fuel point. 

The indicator lights show red in the start. As you keep up with the training, the embedded accelerometer records the figures to get you to the green zone from the red. Experienced athletes can achieve this in one day. As a rookie, just use the data to your motivation and work harder and harder. The nike fuel band features include wireless connectivity with your iPhone.

Cool gadget 

The ambient light sensor detects the surrounding light and adjusts accordingly to give a clear reading. It is water-resistant, but not waterproof. You should not be using it to track your swimming stats. There are more than 30 million users in the Nike Plus community. You can work in a group, share the data on Facebook, and challenge each other for the best. 

  • The nike rubber band has convenient functions like the Daily Goal and the Sessions section.
  • It has some cool graphics to motivate users with a rewards system. In fact, there is a tiny digital dude celebrating and applauding when you achieve your target. Some users report this fellow as somewhat corny though. However, it is but an aesthetic concern and does not hamper with your motivation. Essentially, the product is a highly qualified pedometer, keeping track of every step you take wearing a Nike+ shoe, and translating it into fuel points. 
  • Users should note that nike fuelband sizes vary as small, medium/large, and extra-large. Check out the fit-guide linked with the images in Amazon when you buy for the right one.

Some users report problems such as mismatched analytics, not recording when you are actually training or recording when you are not training. However, these are typically one-off views. Since you train using a Nike Plus product, go ahead and complement it with the fuel band. Note the nike fuelband serial number though, to connect with customer support in case you face any problem using it.

The White Ice is the first generation product. Many folks still use the nike fuelband white. Keep a tab on its availability on Amazon if you want to buy one too.

  • The range of nike fuelband accessories includes a sizing tool and USB charging cable. It also has aspects of Bluetooth pairing with smartphones.
  • The sizing tools are useful for enhancing the diameter of the band to fit on wider wrists. 
  • It works on a single Lithium-ion battery, chargeable with a USB cable on your laptop or Apple phone. 
  • Get the Nike+ fuel band software and sync the product with your computer. It also allows you to customize the settings right from your laptop. 

There you have, the complete nike fuel band reviews, dear trainee. Make the best of your band. Stay motivated.  

Check out the following video to see how to set up your band easily!

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