10 Best Turkey Fryer Reviewed in 2019 with In-depth Buying Guide

10 Best Turkey Fryer Reviewed in 2019 with In-depth Buying Guide

Turkey fryers are like “time bombs” of fryers. If use them properly, then you’ve just cut the right wire. This means you get to enjoy a tasty meal. But if don’t cook well and take certain safety precautions…well you’re on your own. All Fryers have similar designs but with a couple of differences such as a larger frying pot, stronger heating ability and some other features which are mentioned the guide later on.

In this article you’ve been given 10 reviews of the best turkey fryer, you can get your hands on this 2019. Both indoors and outdoors. All of which is nothing short of quality. Each turkey fryer model mentioned in the review section has its unique specialty or Label. For instance, there are electric turkey fryers, propane turkey fryers and so on.

The reason for all these labels is to make your selection process a lot faster. After the guide, you’ve also been provided with FAQs which are from Amazon. They should help answer one or some of your specific issues concerning turkey fryers.

Top 3 electric turkey fryer

Best Overall Masterbuilt MB23010618 Fryer Best Value Masterbuilt’s 20100809 butterball oil-less fryer Best Budget Presto’s 05487 ProFry electric turkey fryer
Best electric turkey fryer Best oil less turkey fryer Best price turkey fryer
  • Magnetic breakaway cord available
  • Can fry turkey that weighs up to 20lbs
  • Good draining system
  • Saves your money on oil
  • Powerful heating element
  • Oil-less
  • Oil heats up fast
  • Uses less oil
  • 1800-watts

10 best turkey fryer with reviews

1. Bayou classic 1118 – Best stainless steel turkey fryer

Best stainless steel turkey fryerThis 32quart stainless monster is perfect for frying turkey in the outdoors and sometimes indoors (if convenient). It can contain and comfortably cook birds of up to 20lbs.

Apart from its large stainless pot, Bayou’s classic 1118 turkey fryer features accessories such as a rack, skewers, removal hook, basket, and a thermometer for measuring the temperature of the oil. The fryer possesses a burner with a capacity of 50,000 BTU which is more than enough to preheat oil fast and recover the heat after the meal has been poured in.

All of which are high-quality 304 stainless steel.

The build of the pot is sturdy and pretty much impressive. With only a required oil capacity of 3 gallons, bayou’s classic 1118 turkey fryer allows for effective cooking of a full-sized turkey.

Although, the fryer is built Specifically to cook turkeys effective, it can as well be used to cook other meals. Like chicken for instance. You can deep fry loads of chicken with this bad boy and it will take less time than it would take a turkey to cook.

  • Stainless frying pot
  • Burner capacity is 50,000 BTU
  • Large pot capacity
  • Oil heats up fast
  • No automatic shutoff
  • The pot can’t fit on most propane cookers

2. Masterbuilt 20100809 – Best oil less turkey fryer

Best oil less turkey fryerSave your money on both oil and gas with this electrical oil-less fryer which is designed to ensure you eat healthily. Don’t worry too much about how it would taste, because the operation of the device is foolproof and the result is excellent. It does feel like you’re using an electric turkey fryer except with no oil nor threat of oil splatter.

This electric turkey fryer offers a powerful 1650 watt heating element which can fry a full-turkey(s) with a weight of up to 18lbs. Apart from frying, the turkey can as well perform other functions like boiling and steaming. The fryer features other accessories such as a removable drip pan and a built-in wood chip box. The build of the fryer is quite impressive with its double-wall which uses the radiant heat to seal the turkey’s outside skin.

  • Save you money on both oil and propane gas
  • Very safe to use
  • Powerful heating element
  • Impressive Double-walled design
  • The skin of the turkey may not come out crisp
  • Not as authentic as propane fryers

3. Masterbuilt 23011114 – Best indoor turkey fryer reviews

Best indoor turkey fryer reviewsThis is one of masterbuilt’s crowd favorite products. It offers convenience will frying turkey in your home. The result is delicious and will be delicious as long as it’s operated properly, this indoor electric turkey fryer is very safe. It’s so safe the device is recommended to be used indoors, on your kitchen’s table. This is because this fryer possesses a one-of-a-kind design that’s created to keep users safe from harm.

Its safe design consists of a stainless steel pot with a porcelain-coated inner part that’s meant to ensure your cooking oil change is safely contained from boiling over and thereby hurting you. The pot is also designed in such a way that it uses 33% less than what a conventional turkey fryer would utilize.

The frying pot has a capacity large enough to cook turkey of up 20lbs in a short time. The deep fryer consists of a thermostat for temperature control, cooking baskets for removing cooked turkey and a drain pan.

  • Presence of thermostat
  • Large frying pot capacity
  • Safe to use on your kitchen’s countertops
  • Uses less oil
  • Auto switch of feature is not available
  • It can be very dangerous if not used properly

4. Char-broil – Best infrared turkey fryer

Best infrared turkey fryerThis appliance that makes frying a turkey seam  effortless. This is because the fryer requires no oil and it possesses TRU Infrared technology. Frying without oil is a breeze, as you don’t need to watch out for oil splatter. There is also no need to clean the oil nor dispose of it. Yet, the result of this fryer is delicious.

The TRU Infrared technology in which the fryer features plays a much bigger role in why it’s so easy to use. Infrared heat of 16,000 BTU is generated around the fryer in circles with it in the double-walled cylinder cooking chamber to penetrate and fry the turkey evenly.  This helps to eliminate all hot and cold spots of the turkey. The result is a juicy crisp and flavorful bird ready to eat.

The capacity if the frying pot is large enough to fit turkeys that weigh 16 pounds comfortably. It takes 8-10 mins for one pound of the turkey to fry. This means it’ll take between 2-3 hours to effectively cook a turkey. This fryer comes with other accessories which will enhance your cooking experience. A thermometer, a stackable oven, rib, hooks, leg racks, and kabob knits.

  • Oil-less
  • Large pot capacity
  • Uses propane burner
  • Special designed TRU infrared technology
  • Saves your money
  • Pot Size may not be big enough

5. King Kooker 5012 – Best propane turkey fryer

Best propane turkey fryerThis is a heavy-duty propane deep fryer that’ll go great with your backyard or an event such as thanksgiving. It has a large pot capacity that can contain about 12.5 gallons of cooking oil. It can fry several turkeys at once with both its pot size and the burner capacity which is 54,000 BTU. That’s enough heat to withstand the outdoors and ensure fast heating of oil.

The deep fryer has a sturdy build with its strong and stable 4 legs. It stands at a comfortable height of 12”. The fryer is also good for both boiling and steaming. You can see it in the design, as vend lids and heavy-duty riveted handles are present. The fryer possesses a perforated aluminum basket so you can drain and carry out the cooked turkey.

  • It has a sturdy build
  • Good for frying, boiling and steaming
  • It has a very large pot capacity
  • Burner capacity is 54,000 BTU
  • Great for cooking whole birds
  • You can adjust the oil temperature
  • The height of the fryer is too short
  • No automatic shutoff feature to prevent overheating

6. Bayou classic oversized turkey deep fryer – Best outdoor turkey fryer

Best outdoor turkey fryerThis is one of the best outdoor deep fryer money can buy. It’s a rigid, safe and very effective fryer that can grossly improve your turkey cooking experience. It consists of a large stainless steel pot with a capacity big enough to contain 11 gallons of cooking oil. This means the fryer can handle turkeys of 18-20lbs. and probably above. The makers of the fryer stated that it is the largest pot they’ve ever made.

Another great feature about the deep fryer is the accessories which it possesses. It has racks and hooks made of aluminum, a pair of insulated gloves for safer cooking, a thermometer for checking oil temperature, and a stainless seasoning injector.

The deep fryer is also good for boiling and steaming meals. The burner is very powerful. Enough to preheat oil and heat oil after the meal has been poured in.

More reviews for outdoor fryer

  • This has a sturdy build
  • Several safety accessories
  • Stainless seasoning injector is present
  • Powerful burner
  • 11 of pot capacity
  • The flames get easily interrupted by the breeze
  • The brackets are too low

7. Presto 05487 ProFry electric turkey fryer – Best price turkey fryer

Best price turkey fryerNow you get to cook a moist and flavorful turkey under 60 minutes with the presto’s rotisserie turkey fryer. Its motorized rotisserie is behind the fast cooking of meals. It works like this: as the rotisserie rotates continually, the turkey then goes in and out of 4 quarts of boiling oil. This method ensures a pound of turkey fries up after just four minutes. So a 15-pound turkey will take approximately an hour.

Unlike other deep fryers that use a lot of oil, this deep fryer enables you to save up on oil as its uses on 1/6 of what a regular deep fryer would require. Apart from frying, the deep fryer can as well be used for steaming and boiling meals. The oil heats up early and recovers pretty fast with its 1800-watts heating immersion element.

This deep fryer consists of other features and accessories that’ll improve your cooking experience. Such as a lid to prevent oil splatter, an adjustable thermostat, and an indicator light to show that the fryer is on.

  • Oil heats up fast
  • Uses less oil
  • 1800-watts
  • Several safety features
  • Tank capacity may be too small

8. Masterbuilt MB23010618 fryer – Best electric turkey fryer

Best electric turkey fryerFry, steaming, and boiling your favorite has never been better with the butterball XL electric fryer. It’s the fryer equipped with several features that keep you and itself safe. It also allows you to do more with less. Evidence of this is the fact that it uses 1/3 less oil compared to what regular deep fryer uses. This saves you lots of money if you look at it in the long run.

The fryer can accommodate up to 20lbs of turkey and 5lbs of chicken wings. There’re several safety features on this fryer such as a lid to prevent oil splatter, thermostat to control the oil temperature, easy draining mechanism, and a breakaway cord to prevent tipping over the fryer.

  • Magnetic breakaway cord available
  • Uses less oil
  • Can fry turkey that weighs up to 20lbs
  • Good draining system
  • Takes a long time to heat up
  • No automatic turnoff feature

9. Masterbuilt Butterball XXL 1650W Electric Turkey Fryer

Best electric turkey fryerFry your turkey along with other veggies quick with the butterball XXL turkey fryer. It has a capacity great enough to contain and effectively cook turkeys that weigh 22lbs or a little above. The fryer makes use of less oil compared to what regular fryers use.

It has an effective heating element with 1650watts of power. This is good enough to preheat oil fast and recover the heat quickly after the meal has been poured in. apart from frying, the appliance can be used to steam up veggies.

There’s a control panel on the fryer which consists of a timer. It gives you the power to cook up meals for the designated time you set. The max is an hour of cooking. Another great feature is the easy draining system.

  • Saves money on oil
  • Oil heats up fast
  • Timer available
  • Can accommodate a large turkey
  • No thermostat for controlling the temperature
  • The meal may come out soggy

10. Cuisinart’s XL rotisserie Deep fryer

Best deep fryerThis electric deep fryer makes use of a rotisserie which enables the deep fryer to fry up to 14lbs turkey in an hour or so. This shows that the fryer has a very powerful heating element, so be rest assured cooking oil will heat up fast. The best part is the 120-minute timer. That’s two hours of cooking, or should I say 28lbs of turkey you can fry.

Surprisingly, this little beast uses less oil than regular deep fryers use. This means you get to save a lot of money on oil, especially if you’re using the deep fryer for commercial purposes. The fryer has several safety features to help keep your indoor cooking experience safe. The features include a thermostat, timer, frying basket with insulated handles, and a safe draining system.

  • Decent heating ability
  • Can fry up to 14lbs of turkey
  • Stainless mesh baskets are available
  • The temperature of the oil can be adjusted
  • Durable 
  • Pot capacity may not be what you’re looking for 

Buying guide of Turkey Fryer

Indoor vs outdoor turkey fryers

These are the two major types of turkey fryers and the most important thing to consider when buying a turkey fryer. The reason why your choice matters so much is because it has a lot to do with safety, budget, and type of heating source, along with other factors that’ll be mentioned below.

Indoor turkey fryer

This type of turkey fryers is mainly electric. It requires just a simple plug to an electric outlet then it starts heating. Theoretically, indoor turkey fryers are deemed the safest out of the two. This is because there is less need for cooking oil, the flames aren’t exposed (therefore fire hazards are less likely to occur), there are varieties of safety features available, and there are controls to help keep the temperature of the oil at a suitable level (great feature for cooking).

Unlike the outdoor turkey fryers, indoor ones don’t need much babysitting. After all, it has no burner which requires manual regulation. Indoor turkey fryers can as well be used outdoors. As long as a very long extension cord is available.

Cons of using an indoor turkey fryer

Despite its varieties of perfect features, the indoor turkey does have its flaws. After all, nothing is perfect.

It takes a longer time to cook with: Cooking with an electric fryer is quite slow, this is because it takes a while for the oil to heat up to the right temperature. It not as fast as gas turkey fryers. But if the electric turkey fryer has enough power output, it’ll heat the oil a lot quicker. The downside is, such electric turkey fryers are most likely to be expensive. Make sure to have enough in your budget.

The smell of turkey takes longer to go away: another regret for using a turkey fryer is fired-turkey smell. It won’t just go away! It would take long hours, at worst days before the smell is fully neutralized. If possible try to use the turkey fryer outside. It’s the best way to avoid the smell of deep fried-turkey smell lingering in the home.

…unless you want your home to smell like fast food restaurant?

It may not feel natural: honestly, there’s not like throwing a turkey into boiling oil and then relaxing out of the kitchen for a few. Know it’ll be ready in a few. With the electric turkey fryer, you treat your turkey like it’s your baby. Constantly checking to if it’s ok.

It may come out oil-soaked or soggy: although, this could just be as a result of the authenticity factor experienced by former users of gas turkey fryers. But many users claim that the skin of the turkey tends to become oil-soaked or soggy, unlike outdoor/gas turkey fryers that come out crisp. Despite that being true, it does not reduce its delicious taste.

Outdoor turkey fryers

This type of turkey fryers is mainly propane fryers. Propane turkey fryers were the first and only fryer that was used worldwide. Until the issue of certain factors such as safety of use and environment issues. Propane deep fryers are heats up the oil a lot faster, so therefore turkeys are more likely to get fried quicker.

Also, the skin will be a lot crisper, that’s compared to what an electric turkey would produce. The smell as well will not stay as its outdoors. The cooking takes place outdoors. All these positives are what makes the propane turkey fryer so authentic.

Cons of using an outdoor/propane turkey fryer

The wrong weather: if it happens to be raining or snowing, it’s not a good time to fry the turkey. Frying in cold weather can be very stressful. The burner is less likely to stay on or even come on. If you’re living in a cold region it’s a lot better to get yourself an indoor turkey fryer.

Regulation is manual: unlike the indoor turkey fryers which have lots of features for controlling heat, with the outdoor turkey fryer you can do nothing but manually control it. If you’re not so good at that, your meal is more likely to over-cook. The plus-side is that you can get outdoor turkey fryers with some automatic functions for controlling it. The set back is that such an outdoor turkey fryer is quite expensive.

Lots of oil: Outdoor turkey fryers or propane turkey fryers requires lots of oil to effectively fry a meal. Due to the absence of a lid, the oil is mostly going to splatter on to you if care is not properly taken.

Propane cost and refilling: The effect of the propane cost depends on your region/nation. Propane gas could be cheaper or expensive. Apart from cost, refilling your gas can also be a very stressful task. And another thing is that the person in charge of refilling it could easily forget about it which could cause issues, especially for a restaurant business.  

What to consider before buying a turkey fryer


this is the most obvious factor to consider when buying any turkey fryer. The frying oil tank should be large enough to fit between 14lbs and above of turkey(s). An indoor turkey fryer is made to contain and comfortably cook turkeys of 14 pounds or less while the oil tank is filled with a few gallons of oil. Outdoor turkey fryers can handle 20pounds or more as they tend to be larger. They’ll also have to contain large amounts of oil. I’m talking 3 to 5 gallons of cooking oil.

The type of lifter

the lifter is an accessory which is used to raise the cooked turkey directly from the pot. You must look for the one that’s very convenient for you. The lifter should be designed in such a way you don’t get harmed by the fryer while lifting your male out of the pot filled to the brim with boiling oil.

Safety features

This is yet another important factor to consider when buying. As said earlier, a turkey fryer is like the “time bomb” compared to all other kinds of fryers. If you don’t handle it properly you are most likely to hurt. Which is why it’s best to snag the turkey fryer with the best safety features.

Safety features to look out for

Automatic shutoff feature: this is common to indoor turkey fryers and a few high-end outdoor turkey fryers. It meant to shut down the fryer completely once it detects overheating. Thermostat: This is used to control the temperature of the fryer’s heat. It allows users to have more control, thereby making it safe to use. Lid: this helps to prevent oil splatter.  

Indoors or outdoors?

This was explained earlier as a very important thing to consider when buying a deep fryer. It’s even supposed to be the first to consider before any other factor. Their differences were explained earlier in this guide section.

Must-know tips for frying turkey with an electric turkey fryer

Make sure to thaw your turkey properly. That way you get to cook it properly. Make sure to remove excess fat from turkey before frying If you’re looking to add stuffing and then cook the turkey while the stuffing is within. This will do no good. The right thing to do will be to fry the stuffing alone


Q: Which is the best oil to fry a turkey?

A: for turkey fryers, it’s best to use cooking oil which is low in saturated fat. Peanut oil is the most appropriate type of oil for frying turkey.

Q: How long will it take to deep fry a turkey?

A: it takes about three minutes to effectively cook one pound of turkey. If the total weight of the turkey is 15lbs then the turkey fryer should take around 50-60 mins.  The nits are likely to take 40lbs or more.

Q: how many times can you use peanut oil?

A: You can use it only for 3-5 times.


So there you have it…top 10 best turkey fryers you should get your hands on this 2019. Turkey frying is one of the challenges faced by users of deep fryers, both professionals and novices. The best you can do is choose the one that best suits you, in terms of safety, budget and other requirements which are mentioned in the guide above.

Once you’ve chosen the one that suits you, then you’ll realize that turkey frying isn’t a suicide mission and you can do anytime you wish. Not only on thanksgiving. The guide provides for above should help make you a detailed buyer, if the tags by the size of each review item’s title are not enough for you.

Lastly, there’s the FAQS, it should be able to answer one or some of your questions concerning turkey fryers or fryers generally. Try as much as possible to get the right one for you, to prevent disasters and issues. Remember to handle turkey fryers with care.   

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