The Complete Guide To Understanding WHAT COLORS MAKE BROWN?

The Complete Guide To Understanding WHAT COLORS MAKE BROWN?

If creativity is the inner strength of every painter, it is, therefore, essential to have the ability to create colors out of other colors. It’s very obvious how often you will need this skill as an artist or a painter. Even as a woman, you can always make the brown hue you like with your make-up. 

That said, brown color is one of the most essential colors. For a painter, especially with brown, you can paint the color of many things such as human hair, human skin, represent wooden surfaces and all that.

That’s why in this post, you are going to learn how to make brown paint. You will learn how to make light brown paint and/or darker shades.

Shall we? 

The Primary Colors that make Brown 

Do you remember the primary colors? There are three of them, any of which can be used to make brown paint. Of course, this is the simplest method of making brown. 

As wells other shades of brown. More on that’ll be discussed later but let’s start with the first task at hand. Which is to make the color brown with basic primary colors.

You need red, blue and yellow if you haven’t forgotten the complementary colors. These three colors must be added in equal proportions to achieve a balanced color. 


  • Red, yellow, blue and opaque white acrylic paint
  • A palette knife 
  • A palette
  • A paintbrush 
  • Water (to rinse the brush)
  • A surface (to test colors)
  • Paper towel (to clean the palette knife) 

Now that you have gotten your colors, it would be as simple as saying measure the colors (and a little white) in equal proportion and mixing them. But you can do better by choosing classic colors from the start. 

What are the classic colors? Here: cerulean blue, cadmium red, cadmium yellow and titanium white. You are going to make classic brown. 

Mixing the primary colors 

The process 

  • One a palette, put an equal amount of red, blue and yellow paints, (you can make it dollop size). Let there be a space between them. 
  • Mix the number of paints with the aid of a palette knife. The result will give you muddy brown. 
  • You have already a hive your first goal of making brown paint. Well, this one looks muddy anyway. But then, there is more. 

 How to make light Brown Paint?

  • It’s time to add the white paint but you must use a lesser amount than you use with the other three. 
  • Always, start with a very small amount. Have a size for adding the white paint. When you start with small, mix it into the previous mixture. Notice how lighter it has become. If that doesn’t make for the degree of lightness you desire, add another small amount and mix again. Continue until you have your choice of light brown paint. 
  • In this world of painting objects, you will need to make light paint of various degrees or shades. The trick had been stated. Keep adding white paint until you have all the shades you want. 

How to make Dark Brown Paint? 

There is one thing you should keep in mind about getting different shades of light brown and that has been stated more than once. The trick is to add a white. 

The first result you get when you make the color is an example of dark brown. One of the darkest you can get. You, therefore, make it lighter from there. 

However, you can make dark brown from a set of secondary colors. 

  • If you have bright orange paint, all you need is an equal amount of black paint. 
  • Combine the two mixtures in an equal amount and mix thoroughly. You now have a dark brown shade.  

Perhaps you need to revise your knowledge about colors before you continue. This will let you.

A revision about colors creates a brown color of any shade even when it seems that the colors you have don’t include red or blue or yellow. 

You remember the primary colors will use at the start.  red, blue and yellow — they are primary colors. If you mix two of them, you will have a different color 

  • Red and blue will give you purple 
  • Yellow and red will give orange 
  • Blue and yellow will give you green 

Now if you have green paint (a mixture of blue and yellow) from your basic knowledge on how to create brown, all you need to add to the green paint is red. 

A bit of advice here: you don’t have any idea of the amount of yellow and blue in the green paint, so when you are aiming to add red, add little at first. When you notice the changes, you can add more. Continue that way until you get the brown shade of your choice. 

How to make golden brown Paint?

To make golden brown, the last advice above will produce what you want. People have been using it to solve questions on how to make golden brown.

  • Green and red will give you brown. 
  • But add the red gradually and in small quantity so that you notice how golden brown is before you add another amount of red. 
  • If you just have the primary colors, mix yellow and blue to get green first. Then add a quarter of red first. Check your result. Add redder if you are not satisfied.

What Colors make Brown

How to make Chocolate Brown Paint?

It is the same method you use to make brown in the first part of this article. You have your chocolate brown after mixing the three primary colors in the same proportion.

How to Make Brown Paint Look Like Woods?

This is more of a painting skill rather your mixture of colors. It is more about how you use the different shades of brown available when you apply it over a surface.

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